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Another Day Under the Sea
by Ophelia

      Once upon a time there was a kingdom located deep under the sea. The kingdom was ruled by Old King Haohmaru King Haohmaru was the ruler of the ocean and he had four children whose names were Sogetsu, Kazuki, Hazuki, and Shizumaru. All of his children were good and obedient, until one days when things seemed to go wrong. Sogetsu was the oldest and he was an extremely attractive young merman. He had long flowing blue hair and an extremely handsome face. All the mermaids wanted Sogetsu but he just wasn't interested. Sogetsu had one dream and that dream was to see what was outside of the ocean. "I'm warning you young man"said King Haohmaru "If you disobey me and try to go to the surface then you'll be grounded for life". Sogetsu smirked and pretended to obey but he knew what he had in mind. "Tonight I'm going to swim to the surface"thought Sogetsu "It'll be dark and no one will see me". Several hours passed and the sky became dark so Sogetsu swam to the surface and began to look around. "It's cold up here"said Sogetsu "How can anyone live up here?". Sogetsu shivered and climbed onto a nearby rock in order to get a better view. At that moment he heard some strange music and he saw some lights approaching him. When the lights close enough it turned out to be a large wooden ship. "Happy birthday Prince Galford"yelled the people on board the ship before they started singing. The ship floated by so Sogetsu grabbed on to a rope that was hanging off the side and he climbed up to get a better view. Sogetsu quietly observed what was going on the ship. "Happy birthday Galford"cried a young girl at the top of her lungs as she hugged the prince. "Thanks Rimururu"smiled Prince Galford as he tried to pull the girl off since she was hurting him. "That's a pretty girl"thought Sogetsu as he saw Rimururu "Human women are very pretty". "That's enough Rimu"said another young woman "I think Galford needs some air". Sogetsu's eyes opened wide and he just sat there mesmerized by this girl. She had long shiny black hair with a pink ribbon on her hair. "She.....she's beautiful"whispered Sogetsu "I've never seen such a beautiful girl before". "Aren't you going to give me a hug too?"smiled Prince Galford "It's not my birthday everyday". Nakoruru smiled and hugged Prince Galford while Sogetsu looked at them jealously. "What she see in him?"thought Sogetsu "He looks like a dirty sailor". Some of the sailors began to burn some fireworks but one sailor named Tohma accidently lit a firecracker and it hit the main sail. The sail quickly caught fire and everyone began to scream and no one remembered to steer the ship. The ship suddenly hit a rock and Sogetsu fell off and landed back in the ocean. The impact of the crash also sent Galford and Nakoruru flying into the water. The sailors and other people on board quickly got into lifeboats. "Where Prince Galford?"yelled Sir Hanzo who was like a father to the prince "He's not on any of the ships". "My sister is missing too!"screamed Rimururu "She doesn't know how to swim!!!". Sogetsu frantically followed Nakoruru as she sunk in the water and he quickly pulled her to the surface before she drowned. He didn't bother to rescue Prince Galford though since he had no reason to. "Oh my what do we have here?"smiled a mermaid named Saya as Prince Galford swam by trying to get to the surface "He'll be perfect for my collection of human men". Saya grabbed Galford by the legs and dragged him under the waves once again. "Galford! Nakoruru!!"yelled everyone "Where are you!?". Hours passed but there was no sign of them. Sogetsu took Nakoruru to the nearby beach and just sat there in the sand staring at her. She was so beautiful and he would give anything to be with her. Nakoruru unexpectedly opened her eyes and saw Sogetsu sitting there. Nakoruru blinked before dismissing the merman in front of her as nothing more than a hallucination. "Wait a second"thought Nakoruru "Last thing I remember was falling in the ocean and almost drowning". Nakoruru opened her eyes again but this time Sogetsu wasn't there. "I'd better get home before Rimururu worries about me"said Nakoruru "I just hope she's alright too". "I think I'm in love"said Sogetsu as he swam back home to the castle "I've got to find a way to be with her somehow"

      "Hey Soggy"said Shizumaru"What's up with you? You look like you're drunk or something". Several days had passed and it was more than obvious that something was up with Sogetsu. Sogetsu just sighed and proceeded to brush out his long hair. Kazuki, Hazuki, and Shizumaru just laughed at their brother since he was really acting strange. "I think he's in love"whispered Hazuki "Maybe he met someone". "Hey Soggy who's the lucky girl"said Kazuki as tried to hold back laughter "Is he..I mean she anyone we know?". Sogetsu threw his comb at Kazuki and simply said "It's none of your business". He then pulled back a strand of his hair and simply swam off with a look of annoyance on his face. The three siblings burst out laughing as soon as Sogetsu was gone and they tried to guess who Sogetsu was in love with. "I think he's in love with Amakusa"said Kazuki "Amakusa is the only merman who's just as girly as Soggy". "No I think he's in love with Ukyo"said Shizumaru "They both have the same haircolor and they're both girly looking". "That's wrong"said Hazuki as she rubbed her aching ribs "Besides I think he's in love with a girl". This made Kazuki and Shizumaru double over with laughter once again. "How can I become human?"wondered Sogetsu "Is there anyone who can help me?". A pink fish with something written on it swam by so Sogetsu followed it in order to read the writing. "Trouble with Money, Success, and Love? If so come see Madam Kibagami for your free reading"said Sogetsu as he read the writing on the fish "Madam Kibagami?". Sogetsu knew that he father had warned him and everyone else to stay away from Kibagami Madonna the seawitch, but he wasn't sure if it was the same person. "I guess it won't hurt to go in for a free reading"thought Sogetsu as he swam off to the darkest part of the ocean where Madam Kibagami's lair was located. Surely enough he reached a gigantic pink coral reef with neon pink electric eels spelling out the words "Madam Kibagami". "So what can I do now Madam Kibagami?"sobbed Saya "That's the tenth human man who's escaped from me this month!". Sogetsu peeked inside and saw the tacky pink interior with even tackier furniture and decorations. "You need something that'll attract men to you like a magnet"said Madam Kibagami "Love Potion Aquarius might be the answer". Madam Kibagami had bright pink hair and she wore a fluffy pink boa and her tail was the same shade of pink as her hair. Saya happily swam out of the coral reef with her bottle of love potion and headed off to find another human man. "Next customer please"said Madam Kibagami "I can see you hiding there". Sogetsu slowly made his way inside and tried hard not to laugh at Madam Kibagami. "So you have problems with love?"said Madam Kibagami "After all I know everything". "Huh?"said Sogetsu "Oh yeah I have a problem with love and I wanted to know if you could help me". Sogetsu explained the whole situation to Madam Kibagami who just sat there listening. "I can make you a human"said Madam Kibagami "That way you can go up to land in order to find this girl". "How much will it cost?"asked Sogetsu "I don't have any money with me right now". "Just get me some salmon and we'll call it even"said Madam Kibagami "I've been craving sushi all day long". So Sogetsu simply swam back home, swiped Hazuki's pet salmon, and took it back to Madam Kibagami who gobbled it down like a greedy pig. "Drink this"said Madam Kibagami as she pulled out a pale blue vial "This is the answer to all of your problems". Sogetsu opened the bottle and drank it completely. He suddenly felt as if though his chest would explode since he was no longer able to breathe. He panicked and flinched wildly before Madam Kibagami threw him out of her coral reef and onto the ocean floor. Some stingrays were passing by so Sogetsu grabbed on to one and it took him to the surface. He screamed, choked, coughed, and wildly kicked his new legs as he tried to made it to the surface. Suddenly he closed his eyes and everything went dark.

      "So you saw a mermaid?"laughed Rimururu "You really must have been out of it". Nakoruru frowned at her sister and said "I know it sounds stupid but it was probably just a hallucination". "It was a very pretty looking mermaid too"said Nakoruru "She had very long blue hair and a shiny blue tail to match". Nakoruru at that moment was worried about Prince Galford since no one knew anything about him. "I hope Galford's alright"thought Nakoruru "I'd feel terrible if anything happened to him". "Where am I?"groaned Sogetsu as he opened his eyes. Sogetsu looked around and realized that he was laying on the very beach where he had taken Nakoruru when he rescued her. Sogetsu realized that he was now a human just like Madam Kibagami had promised him. "I'd better go find that girl"said Sogetsu "Now I'm human and there's nothing that can stop me". "Who is it?"asked Rimururu as she heard a knock on the door. "It's me Miss Rimururu, Ran Po the messenger boy"replied the voice on the other side of the door. Rimururu opened the door and tipped Ran Po before opening up the letter and reading it. "He's alive!!"yelled Rimururu "Nakoruru!! Prince Galford is alive!!". "What!?"exclaimed Nakoruru "Galford is alive!? Oh thank heaven!". They both danced around but when Nakoruru took the letter she realized that there was a wedding invitation included as well. "You are cordially invited to the wedding of Duke Weiler this Saturday"read Nakoruru "You may bring two guests". "HOLY SMOKES!"screamed Kyoshiro the street mime "What's this world coming to!?". There was a huge commotion on the street along with lots of cheers, jeers, and catcalls. Everyone just stood there with their eyes fixed on Sogetsu as he walked down the street looking for Nakoruru. Madam Kibagami had turned Sogetsu into a human but she forgot to provide him with clothes. "What's all that commotion outside?"said Rimururu as she heard all the noise on the street "What's going on?". Nakoruru and Rimururu ran to the door and quickly opened it up. Nakoruru and Rimururu gasped before Nakoruru covered up Rimururu's eyes. Sogetsu saw Nakoruru so he smiled and walked right up to her. "Put some pants on you nudist!"yelled Old Nicotine who lived next door to Nakoruru "This isn't a nudist colony!". Nakoruru realized that Sogetsu looked almost exactly like the mermaid she had seen....but he was a guy! "Lets get you inside"said Nakoruru as she quickly pushed him into the house before the neighbors lynched him. Sogetsu was so happy that he had found Nakoruru and that was all that mattered to him at that moment. Nakoruru and Rimururu got him bathed and dressed in some of their late father's old clothes. "He would have made a more convincing girl"said Rimururu "We should have dressed him as one". Before long Nakoruru and Rimururu grew to like Sogetsu very much. He was a very polite and well mannered houseguest. "Sogetsu do you want to go with us to a wedding tomorrow?"asked Rimururu "We're allowed to bring another guest". Sogetsu was more than happy to go with them to the wedding so he accepted. "This is going to be sweet"said Prince Galford "I'm just lucky that I got away from that crazy mermaid though".

      The next day Nakoruru, Rimururu, and Sogetsu went down to the dock to the wedding ship. "This is so exciting"said Rimururu "I just love weddings!". Duke Patsurabu and Lady Momoko were the best man and maid of honor at the wedding. The ship set sail and went out very far from the shore before dropping it's anchor. "We're all here"said Prince Galford "Now all we need is the bride". At that moment a big bald man took a hold of Nakoruru. "Neinhalt"said Prince Galford "Bring my bride over here". "Your bride?"yelled Nakoruru "I thought your uncle was getting married!!". Prince Galford laughed and said "That was just a lie to get you here my sweet Nakoruru". Nakoruru cried and screamed for help as they were about to start the wedding. Sogetsu ran up and was about to punch Prince Galford when something horrible happened. Madam Kibagami's spell had worn off and at that moment Sogetsu turned back into a merman. "So you're one of them"frowned Prince Galford "I'll send you back where you belong". Prince Galford snapped his fingers and Neinhalt grabbed Sogetsu and threw him overboard. "Sogetsu!"screamed Nakoruru as she broke free and ran towards the edge of the ship. "COME BACK HERE!"yelled Prince Galford "You're going to be my bride now". "No!"yelled Nakoruru "You're not the person I thought you were". Meanwhile Rimururu just stood there in shock now that she realized that Nakoruru had been right about seeing a mermaid, who was in reality a merman. "Take me with you!"yelled Nakoruru as she jumped into the ocean despite the fact that she couldn't swim. "Nakoruru!"said Sogetsu as he swam up and pulled Nakoruru back to the surface so she wouldn't drown. "Hey get you hands off of my woman!"screamed Prince Galford as he jumped off of the boat"She's mine!". Sogetsu frowned at him and swam away as quickly as he could with Nakoruru. Galford was struggling to catch up with them when Saya suddenly popped out of the water and said "I knew you'd be back!". Prince Galford screamed and tried to swim back to the boat, but Saya grabbed him and once again dragged him under the water. "Madam Kibagami's potion worked"said Saya "Now I'm going to see if she can turn you into a merman". Prince Galford struggled but in vain since Saya had a very firm grasp on his arm. Sogetsu took Nakoruru back to the beach and he looked at her sadly. "So you saved my life the first time"said Nakoruru "Now you saved my life again". Sogetsu gave her a slight smile but he looked sad once again. The spell was broken and now he'd have to return to the ocean. "I can't believe it"said Kazuki as he, Hazuki, and Shizumaru watched their oldest brother from a distance"He really is in love with a girl". "Not just any girl"said Hazuki "A human girl". "Now he'll never stop moping"said Shizumaru "He's going to be depressed for the rest of his life". They shuddered at the thought since Sogetsu's behavior got even stranger when he was moody and depressed. "Oh it's kind of sad"said Hazuki "He found true love but now they're going to be seperated. "Not yet"said a voice which startled the three of them. They turned around and saw King Haohmaru behind them. "Dad!"cried the three at the same time as they stammered and tried to think of a good excuse for they were on the surface. "I think you're right"said King Haohmaru "We should find a keep your brother happy". King Haohmaru raised his sword which began to glow and he aimed it straight at his son. Sogetsu was once again turned into a human much to his own and Nakoruru's delight. "HELP!!!!"screamed Prince Galford as he swam past King Haohmaru and his children "Help me get away from her!". Prince Galford was now a merman and Saya was chasing after him before he could get away. So now everyone was happy once again. Sogetsu and Nakoruru were happy since they were together, Saya was happy since Galford was now hers, and King Haohmaru's children were just happy since they'd never have to see Sogetsu ever again.

The End

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