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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 4

June 05, 1810 - 17:45:33

       Before I went to meet Nakoruru, I found myself yet another hooded cloak. It was a BAD thought, a HORRIBLE thought, but what if...what if I'm dead at this time already? I might scare the hell out of her. I didn't want to take chances. Besides, I doubt the Homunculus is telling me the whole story. So anyway, I did find one and went to find their abode.
       I FINALLY found Nakoruru and Galford's home deep in the forest (IT WASN'T EASY). I small hut by the river. It was a quiet peaceful home, yet I felt something dreadful, something sad. It was like the whole forest was mourning. I walked towards it. I found Nakoruru kneeling down before a tomb. Funny, the base of the tomb was covered with ice. She didn't notice me and continued...weeping. I looked at the name inscribed at the tomb and read it.
       We were both taken by surprise. Her by my presence and me by the truth. Rimururu...young girl, a huge block of ice following her around...Koru? Konhu? Something like that. She, on the other hand, turned and posed for action, holding her sword tightly, her eyes in rage even with tears flowing. I merely stood still, watching her agony. Her hands...they were dirty with mud. She must have dug her sister's grave alone with her own bear hands. I was moved by her. Her love is strong. Such a waste for her to die tomorrow!
       "Who goes there?!"
"Please, please, calm down. I mean no harm."
       Now that it was quite safe, I say, she hasn't aged that much. Yes, she looks more mature, but not like the women in the city who age so fast by now you'd see wrinkles on their faces. Healthy, natural living does work! Her voice was now a woman's, not that babyish cry she use to give to command her animals.
       "Are you a foreigner?!"
       "What is your business here?"
"I seek your blessing..."
       At this she calmed down. She wiped the tears on her face and gave me a weak smile.
       "I'm...I'm sorry. I..."
"No need to explain. I understand. I'm sorry, I hope I'm not disturbing-"
       "Oh, not at all...It's just...well, come one inside, please."
       We were in the house, sitting down on the floor, having tea and a little conversation (Or investigation. I must have made her feel uneasy with my cloak on, but only for a while...I think). Galford and their daughter along with Poppy were out in the woods collecting firewood so she said.
       "So, you came all this way to find me to ask for my blessing to save your forest?"
"YYYYes..." (Oh come now! You'd say the same thing to her!)
       "Such are men like you! I wish men would be more like us! We owe our very life to mother earth, but men have become greedy, drunk with power...and so demons were made..."
       " Your wish will be granted later. For now we rest. You seem weary from your journey."
"Indeed I am"
       I was drinking when I noticed her looking at me strangely.
       "Oh nothing!"
       It seem she just realized that she WAS staring at me too!
"Then...why were you looking at me like that?"
       "Oh's just that...your sound like a man I knew."
"What...happened to him?"
       "I...I really don't know! Last time I saw him was when I saved him. He...he almost died..."
       "And...oh, never mind it couldn't be! I feel so silly!"
"NO no! I'm VERY interested!"
       "I'm sorry, but I promised myself not to let the past bother me. Ever since my daughter was born, I swore never to deal with the past...with demons. I want...I want to give my daughter a normal life. I want her to enjoy being alive...something...something I was never allowed to do..."
       She bowed her head down, her eyes fixed on the floor. Then she slowly stood up and walked towards the window, looking at the beautiful scenery before her.
       "I had 20 happy years. The happiest years of my life. No evil, complete peace. I finally got to enjoy life. Being a Nature Guardian...they repaid my service by letting me and my loved ones age slowly as long was we serve our mother earth. I finally married ten years ago and our daughter was born. My heart was full of joy, I was at peace at last...until a week ago..."
"Why...What happened?...A demon...A demon came?"
       Though staring away, I saw tears flow down her cheeks.
       "That...THAT demon...he was so powerful. I couldn't believe his power. He was...different. He was so young and strong, filled with hunger for flesh...he killed so many warriors, destroyed so many villages in just 10 days. All the other warriors...died...not one successful even to slow him down. Not even us...He was so powerful...."
       At this, Nakoruru began to cry. I watched her in her agony. It seems she's kept this for so long.
       "All I ever wanted was to live happily with my family! I wanted to live in peace and see my daughter grow into a beautiful woman. I didn't even want to talk about demons! But I had no choice! We had to fight him or else chaos will spread. Earth's call...I couldn't resist! A week ago...we finally met him. Three of us...THREE OF US!!! One of him, three of us! Yet we unable to even damage him severely enough to stop him even for just a while. And then he...he killed my sister."
       She buried her face in her hands. I pitied her and felt saddened, even more so when I remembered the incident that will take place tomorrow.
       "My sister tried to save me, pushing me away from his attack. She had deep wounds on her back. But I had hope. We retreated...I was hoping for some miracle. She was bleeding to death and the wound was so deep and damaged some vital parts. She fought to live, agonizing each day, but...she was tired. She finally...finally gave up yesterday."
       I stood up and walked towards her. Now I know why they were so determined to kill the demon. But I can't let it happen, it will be a pity to see such determined warriors die for nothing! No, they must to fight another day!
       I put my hands on her shoulder as she stared outside the window. Then she wiped her tears off and turned to me, giving me a weak smile.
       "Oh what am I saying! I should stop! I'm s-sorry-"
"It's alright. I understand your pain...and I understand that your soul will not rest unless that demon dies by your very hands. But I...I do not know how to say this…but it is best you leave this forest and stay away from the demon."
       She stared at me as I ended my statement. Then she backed away, looking at me with anger, her eyes furious.
       "WHAT?! What did you say? You don't have any idea how much pain I am in! I saw my sister died-no-killed before my very eyes and YOU want ME to just leave?! As if nothing happened?! How dare you command me like this!!!"
"It would not matter if both of you are DEAD!"
       I was struck with the strength of my voice and what I just said. Nakoruru looked horrified, her eyes twitching, provoking me away. I tried to calm her down, but she only held her sword more tightly.
       "Who ARE you?! What do you want from me?! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"
"No, please, I beg you, I didn't mean to-"
       "You have no business here! I suggest you leave, NOW!!!"
       She took out a crystal flask from her robe. It looked magnificent as it glistened merrily even though there wasn't much light in the room. She tossed it to me.
       "Here is my blessing. Now go! Please I beg you to leave or else I will FORCE you to! Your business here is done! Good luck on your journey, may the Gods be merciful! NOW GO!!!"
       Every word was stern and cold, her whole arm stiff as she pointed at the door. I sighed and turned to leave. Before I did, I glanced back at her one last time.
"Take this from a friend: Leave, live and fight another day. If not for yourself, do it for your daughter Lucia..."
       I walked away. Nakoruru slowly calmed down and reflected on my words. Then she realized something.
       "I never told him Lucia's name!"
       She tried to call me back, but I have gone back to the see if she took my advice.

Chapter 5

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