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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 9

March 2, 1790 - 11:33:40

       Trees, rocks, dust and more darkness-that pretty much wraps up what I've seen as I continued my journey. But I have succesfully reached the evil's stronghold...well, not YET, but soon enough. It's-huh?
       Ahead of me, I heard some sort of commotion. I rushed to see what it was. As I got to the area, I saw a blurry figure dash out of sight.
       I ran towards whoever it was. Then I stopped dead on my tracks as I noticed the deep casm in front of me. I manage to stop myself before I fell down to the casm of infinite darkness (thank God!). Whew! That was close...maybe a little too close...but still, that must be the one who's trying to kill me! If ONLY I had been a little earlier, I might have seen whoever it was! Wait...maybe I can be...
       I can finally see the evil castle beyond the horizon. It's the closest I have been to my the truth...and to my destiny. But...I have...I have to find out and stop whoever's doing this!

March 2, 1790 - 09:15:45

       Yup! That's me over there...eating. *Sigh* I am such a handsome young man am I not? Well, anyway, I better not linger long, I'm just a few feet away from myself. I don't know how we would react if we both see each other, or what terrible outcome if we come in contact with each other. I looked around and saw the waitress. Hiding my face with my hood, I carefully approached her, making sure my other self would not suspect a thing.
"Excuse me?"
       "Yes? What can I do for you?"
"Can you kindly tell that handsome young man over there to please hurry?"
       "Oh, that sounds awfully rude-"
"Tell him it's an emergency. If he asks who told you this, tell him it's the man with a...uh...Digipad!"
       "Excuse me, I didn't get that last word-"
       Whoops! My voice was a little loud. I looked around. I feared "I" might have noticed. No, "I'm" still pondering about last night. I guess pondering during this time wasn't such a bad idea afterall. I should be a little more careful with my execution of words though...
"Yes! A Digipad. And tell him the matter is concerned witht...uh...The planned death of a very skilled swordsman. Please tell him that. I have to leave."
       "Killings?! Death?! Wait!"
       It seems rude but I don't have time to explain it to her...I have no time to lose...I have no time at all...
March 2, 1790 - 11:33:40

       I found myself runing towards the sandy road. Curiosity serged within me. A strange will swept over my body as adrenaline rushed excitedly with anticipation. This must be the effect of that action. I felt my body merge with the other. It first felt like a swirl of utter confusion, for the other Ukyo didn't know what was going on. Then the time ironed us out and combined us back and realization suddenly popped out of nowhere. Whatever happened to my past counterpart, the baffled, confused Ukyo, I could never know. It was a complete mystery. But I have no time to ponder on it. I must find out who my killer is...
       I heard the commotion. I stopped a few steps from the area and soundlessly krept towards it. The commotion suddenly stopped, I felt the silence in the air. I feared the culprit might get away again. I rushed to find one person kneeling down, her two fingers pressing the earth. She noticed me and looked at me with surprise.
       She flipped over and stood a few paces away from me. She immediately held out her blades out. She must've realized it was no used running away from me. But just as I was about to make my move, she stepped back a little and smiled.
       "I see you have made it this far...welcome to your destiny...The master awaits your return to him"
"Excuse me?"
       She kicked the earth and it cracked open. I almost lost my balance as the black casm appeared. I coughed as dust filled the air. When it cleared, she was gone...
       I finally found the answer to one question, but now two others replaced it! What did she mean about "me returning to the master"? What does she know about my destiny? One answer to one question was worth two new ones! Oh, this just keeps getting better and better...
       All the answers lie in the castle. I hardened my resolve to get there.

Chapter 10

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