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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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March 3, 1790 - 13:02:47

       "Oh sister! Sister! He's awake!"
       "Oh thank goodness! Ukyo!"
       He sat straight up and looked around. He is in a small hut. He was covered with bandages. In front of him, the Ruru sisters stared with concern. He touched his forehead, trying to remember what happened yesterday. He was going to the castle. He clutched his chest and felt Asura's necklace. He was trying to remember something Asura said…it was about puppets. Then he went and met the dark lord. They fought. He won but fainted. That was it…and yet, something felt like clouding his memory.
       "Ukyo-sama! Are you alright?"
"Huh?! Oh, yes…"
       "We found you lying in the castle. It was empty. The Dark Lord…did you kill him?!"
"Y-yes…I guess I did."
       "Oh Ukyo-sama!"
       Nakoruru hugged him suddenly that he was brought back to reality. He was thinking of something he was suppose to say to them, something UTTERLY important…yet, he could not remember a word. Finally, he dismissed the thought.
       "Now the forest is safe again. Thank you, Ukyo-sama."
"It-it was nothing. I had to…"
       Later that day, though Nakoruru insisted he should rest, he left. He walked on and on, enjoying the warm, noontime breeze. No evil filled it. Wonderful. And so he walked on, not really knowing where to go. It doesn't matter anyway. In the end, Fate will bring him where he should be.

The End

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