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German Finish
by Basara Kubikiri

His fist glows red,
And then blasts fire,
"Vulcan Weinan!" he yells,
And all that is left are empty bullet shells.
"Oh Yeah!"

Basara's Promise
by Mark Patraw

Just another day
No different than the others
As always
The sun shone brightly
And the birds sang her name

Darkness it fell
Lying together
The wind whistled shrilly
And our small house
It was pelted with rain

Thunder crashed
And lightning flashed
In came the wind
Brown leaves dancing
Killing the candles

A red and black shadow
White locks of snow
Raised its long blade
Growling like an animal
The Destroyer, he came

I tried to protect her
But I was nothing
Worthless before him
My broken and torn body
Fell useless to the ground

Kagaribi, my love
She rushed to my side
Through bloody lips
I begged her to flee
Why didn’t she run?

Her mouth opened
To say something
But no sound ever came
Just a fountain of crimson
And the end of his blade

His laughter
Chased me into oblivion
As I watched the light
Fade from her eyes
My sun setting forever…

With my last breath
I swore revenge
The demon would never
Escape my vengeance
Not even in death

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