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Your Samurai Shodown Horoscope
by Fragraham Lincon

Your samurai shodown character may very well reflect your personality. Let's see who you are. I'm a Ukyo myself.

You're a good man at heart but easilly manipulated. You are a man of strong faith who will deffend his beliefs with great passion. In order to succeed you must throw off those who twist God's word in an attempt to controll you and find your own way.

At one time all you cared about was yourself and your own success but through the help of good friends you've come to see there is more to life than yourself. Now you are much happier but still of strong will and determined to succeed.

You care about winning. Winning is everything and by any means necessary. You'll lie cheat and steal to get ahead and you don't care who you hurt along the way. You appreciate a good challenge but only as long as you win. Failure to you though is not discouraging. You're the hard headed type who tries over and over again untill he succeeds.

You're a raging inferno of emotion (no pun intended). Woe unto those who piss you off because they'll soon find themselves on the wrong end of your fists. You can be confused by complicated matters and usually preffer to take the direct forceful aproach. Once you've grown up you'll be a very strong person but for now someone could use your energy against you.

You're like a grown up Kazuki. You've learned to harness your energy and direct it as needed. You feel responsible for others and will use your strenght to protect them. You obviously have younger siblings or a sibling like relationship with someone. While this person annoys you somewhat you'll still fight to protect them.

You're the immovable object. Once you put your foot down on a subject nothing will change your mind. This can be good when you're in the right but when you're wrong it can be disasterous. You may also be a man of faith.

You love the beuty of nature. You're a passionate protector of the environment. You'll do your part to help the greater good even if it's at your own loss. You care for others even above yourself. When confronted with a seemingly impossible task you do your best and put your trust in the fates for the rest.

You're young energetic and defy convention. Nothing can take away your smile. You have a habit of running away from your problems though but when you have others on your side you stand strong. Your energy attracts others to your cause.

If you are female then you are very much fed up with being seen as weak. You'll go out of your way to prove yourself. You have an independant mind and tend to ignore the the attempts of others to help you. If you are male many of these may still apply to you. Most certainly you hate being told what to do.

You have a strong resolve. When things don't seem to be going your way you get back up and keep fighting. Often good friends can add to your strength and inspire you. Over all things you hate being lonely.

Whatever you do you do with style. Not because you are boastful but because you know you're that damn good. You preffer to be independant and are seen as a loner but certain people can open your heart. You understand the importance of living each day as it comes because you know how short life is. You have an apreciacion for beutiful things whether it be art or nature or a beutiful woman. Poetry is your language and love is your strength.

You've long since withdrew from the world. You wish not to come into contact with anyone else because you fear you'll only lose them too. You've turned your sadness inward and become self destructive.

You want to be a hero. You hate injustice and will fight for any cause you see as worthy. You're spirit is unbreakable and nothing can corrupt your pure heart. The world won't change you, you'll change it.

You're a person full of sadness and anger. You feel as if you've let all you ever cared about slip away. Unlike Hanzo however you turn your destructive side outward and make the world suffer like you do. Knowing other people feel your sadness is the only thing that brings you fullfillment now. In this day and age you may share your sadness through the arts.

No one understands you. You have raging creativity inside you that's screaming to get out. But no one is good enough to understand it. You're the classic tragic artist figure who's mind gradually slips away. You'd do well to express yourself as loudly as possible. While your artistic abillities earn you fame and fortune you care little for these things and are absorbed in your own creativity.

Strong and disciplined. You fit in well and can rapidly climb the ladder of success. Although you may feel frustrated at times when things become mundane. You look for new ways to channel your energy. Perhaps meeting a Ukyo persona could help you.

three words describe you. BIG NASTY BASTARD! Honor means jack shit to you. You'll take what you want and screw anyone who gets in your way. Trechery is an every day event for you.

Gen An-
You're a greedy little SOB. You'll lie cheat and steal to get ahead. Human suffering means little when there's a profit to be made. However your own greed may prove to be your undoing. In short your real name is most likely Bill Gates.

Wan Fu-
you are wise beyond your years. You have your eyes on the future and have planed ahead. If things don't go your way then it's nothing a little brute force can't fix. You're well suited to a position of leadership.

You're a strong believer in God. You believe that so long as God supports you then nothing can beat you. But be sure to make up your own mind about God and not let someone else tell you. If you're not careful though you could end up as one big stereotype.

Big tasks seem daunting to you but you'll try your best and hope it's enough. Some people don't apreciate you and this too can put a damper on your confidence. Just remember that you're stronger than people know.

You're an absolute badass. You don't care about gathering people to your cause because your a one man army as it is. A real loner in the world. Unfortunately you've gathered many enemies and they may be strong enough together to overcome you. Remember to never turn your power against the weak or it will be your undoing.

The best way to describe you is as a gentle giant. You have fists that can crush nations yet you wouldn't harm a fly. Never would you rais your hand against another living thing. You belive in the sanctity of life and despise that which would threaten it.

Caffine Nicotine-
You've learned all you can in life and now feel it's tiem to start teaching. You enjoy seeing others excell as did you at one time. Your eccentricities make you easy to learn from and a relatable person. You have the abillity to be both a mentor and a friend at the same time. A rare abillity indeed.

You are a person who enjoys the feeling of empowerment. Perhaps this is because you feel powerles in your own life. But power can corrupt so keep in mind that you should not seek power for it's own sake. With great power comes great responsibillity. Be careful not to take shortcuts and learn to controll yourself before you try to controll others. That is where true power lies.

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