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Samurai Shodown ! 2 Characters (Playable)

Characters' Name


Character Ending
Vengeance is Asra's "I depart for eternity...Shiki, I entrust you with my mission..." His soul spent, Asra closes his eyes gently. They will never gaze upon this world again.

Character Quotes

1. You were no match for me!
2. I knew you'd lose from the start.
3. Why do you even bother to fight?
4. Here I come!

1. You were all I thought, and less.
2. Despicable...
3. You were lucky to come so far.
4. You were lucky to come so far.


Character Ending
Charlotte lays a rose on the slain Yuga. "Now, I can return home." But before leaving for France, one duel awaits. Yet one more encounter. Where is he? Haohmaru...

Character Quotes
1. Hah, hah. You stink!
2. Hmph. C'est La Vie.
3. Very well, I'll indulge you.
4. Here your journey ends.

1. I am not worthy. Forgive me.
2. Know this: all roses bear torns.
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
"Don't go!" But Nakoruru walks toward the beckoning Rimnerel. "I'll always love you! Go, Poppy!" Galford runs after his canine pal.

Character Quotes
1. Thank you, buddy!
2. Justice wins!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. Oh, I'm sorry!
2. Good night!
3. Hey, be my disciple, baby!
4. Let's start this crazy thang!


Character Ending
"You killed my father!" The boy stabs Genjuro. The duel is finished. Genjuro whispers. "More sake!" "Tonight we drink!" "...Fool..."

Character Quotes
1. Die, punk!
2. Who do you think you are?
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. Miserable cretin!
2. This pinhead amuses me!
3. I'll make it easy. Let's play!
4. You disgust me.


Character Ending
Behind Hanzo, Gandara rises from the maw of the earth. "To Hades's bowels, you!" A fountain of blood spurts and Gandara collapses. The shrieks of crows drown out all sounds.

Character Quotes
1. Forgive me...
2. May you reach Buddha's land.
3. Trouble me no longer!
4. Resign yourself to total destruction!

1. Sad fool...
2. Descend into the darkness!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
After parting with Shiki, Haohmaru feels aware of an unknown presence. "A baby? oh well..." "Come with me, buddy." He scoops up the baby. "You'll learn how to hold your sake, you scamp!"

Character Quotes
1. Rest in peace.
2. You ain't no big deal.
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. You can't win if that's your best.
2. What? That's all?
3. You have no right to pass!
4. You have no right to pass!


Character Ending
Imperial secret: Mission, complete. The nation is safe. On the way home, a feast of dumplings awaits him. However..."Do you lack commitment?"

Character Quotes
1. You fight well, sire.
2. That's it. Quite the wimp, Huh?
3. All youngsters finish here!
4. Keep your eye on the Yagyu Blade!

1. Devote yourself to the sword.
2. A bamboo sword is just right on you!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
Yuga is back in darkness. The voice of his forebears brings Kazuki to awareness. "Your power is superior." "We are one with you." Kazuki draws the hand of his treasured sister near.

Character Quotes
1. Hah, hah, hah! Eat flame, fool!
2. You can't quench my fearful flame!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. Grrrr Gyah!
2. Dwaaah!
3. Buuuurn!
4. Diiiiiie!


Character Ending
"It's done..." Thanks to this foul weapon, a priceless entity has been sacrificed. "Now, I must return home." Home, where the souls of his wife and child seek his needed presence.

Character Quotes
1. I cannot lose.
2. Foolish Twit.
3. Back off! Only I can defeat him!
4. Are you resolved?

1. Not too pathetic...
2. Justice is with me!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
Galford takes Nakoruru's small hand. "Be with me. Forever..." "I can't. I'm a maiden of the Ainu". Galford shouts to his beloved Nakoruru, "I'll never give up!"

Character Quotes
1. I just can't lose!
2. Feel nature's punishment!
3. You underestimate my power!
4. Know nature's awesome rage!

1. Huh? Is that all?
2. Nature's wrath! Got the message?
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
"I won! Now Nakoruru can finally find happiness!" Galford and Nakoruru have been watching over the girl. Nakoruru, who wrapped her sister with a protective gaze, smiles with relief.

Character Quotes
1. That's nature's wrath...I think.
2. Feel nature's punishment!
3. I will defeat the evil Yuga!
4. Watch me Nakoruru. I will surely win!

1. Wah hah hah! You really stink!
2. I'm too much today!
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)


Character Ending
"Please..." Shiki leaves her dear child to the trusty Nikochin. "Goodbye" The baby looks at Nikochin and wails. "Doh! babies!"

Character Quotes
1. That was awesome!
2. Whoops! Did you die?
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. Wow, that was quick!
2. Over so soon?
3. Your life terminates here
4. Your life terminates here


Character Ending
"Kazuki! Look what I've planned for the future!" Sogetsu soon took action. In no time, he became leader of the Fuma Ninja. And finally seized reign of all ninja regions...

Character Quotes
1. Bet that feels good...
2. Over so soon?
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

1. You...cannot...stop me...
2. Well, did you feel that?
3. Drown!
4. Die!


Character Ending
Osaki wakes, fully cured. She is given a pinwheel by Haohmaru. "It was this man who saved you." "Ukyo?!..." Blood stains the spinning pinwhell.

Character Quotes
1. Hmph...
2. (Ugh. Argh. Argh.)
3. Pathetic fool...
4. En Garde...

1. Hmph. 
2. (Ahem. Hack, hack.)
3. (N/A)
4. (N/A)

Samurai Shodown ! 2 Sub-Boss (Non-Playable)


Character Ending

Character Quotes

Samurai Shodown ! 2 Boss


Character Ending
A swarm of fiends gather in the rank, rotting dark. Asra, Shiki hover above the foul mob. Yuga appears between his two vassals. He declares completion of Utopia. A Utopia of pure evil!

Character Quotes
1. Get lost!
2. Disappear!
3. Heh, heh, heh! Whoooooooa! I am God enter darkness and serve me.
4. Heh, heh, heh! Whoooooooa! I am God enter darkness and serve me.

1. You know me, now die!
2. You'll make a fine servant.
3. Gwoooooah! You're neck will be in chains! A sign of death and 
4. Gwoooooah! You're neck will be in chains! A sign of death and 

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