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Game Info
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Game Info

This is the second SS game that is released on the Neo Geo Pocket. The first one is called SS!, it was released on the black and white Neo Geo Pocket. Now, this is the first color SS game that is made for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The story lines of this game is basically based on SS64 2(SS2, Asra Zanmaden).

Game Data
Game title:Samurai Shodown ! 2
Publisher: SNK
Developer: SNK
Platform: Neo Geo Pocket or Neo Geo Pocket Color
Genre: Pocket Fighting Series
Year of release:1999
Prices: $35(U.S.Dollars)
No. of player:1 or 2 player

(Note: For 2 Players mode, you need a link cable, 2 Neo Geo Pockets, and 2 SS2! cartridges.)

Features of the Game
-Three new characters draw fresh blood: Asra, Taizan Morosumi, Charlotte!
-With the use of the separately sold NeoGeo Pocket link cable, experience the VS Mode and Survival Mode!
-Meet various challenges in the game and collect Graphic Cards! These offer new Methods of Mayhem to get the edge over your opponents!

Game Story

This story lines(or ending) of this game is basically based on Samurai Shodown 64 II Warrior's Rage(Samurai Spirits 2 Asra Zanmaden) . The story basically goes like, after Yuga is sort of defeated in SS64, he is back again. In order to unite the world of Light and Darkness, he needs to have Haohmaru and Shiki. So Yuga send Asra(Bust) and Shiki(Bust) to get them. (Okay, I'm not good at explaining the story lines)

A ghostly air in the heavens, darkness falls.
His purpose: to unite Darkness and Light...
To resurrect the Dark God in a Dark Utopia.
Famine, plague, slaughter...
Disasters of evil envelope the world...

Game Codes

Play as Yuga
On the character selection screen, move the cursor to Kuroko, hold down the B button, while holding down the button, move around the controller(do 360 motion) 3 or 4 times(it doesnt' matter which way you move), Yuga will appear on the Kuroko's slot. Press A on Yuga while still holding the B button.

(Note: When you do the 360 motion, make sure you push the stick as far as it can go.)

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