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Card Info
Card Description

Card Info

Q: How to get cards in 1P mode? 
A: In 1P Mode, use super to finish your opponent every stage, you'll a card. When defeating Gandara, you'll get a card regardless you super finish him or not. 

Q: How to get cards in survival mode? 
A: In Survival Mode, every 8 characters you beat, you'll get a card, super finish your opponent will not get a card. 

Q: How to get as many cards and as fast as possible? 
A: Go to option and set the difficulty to 'Hard', you'll get 4 cards after you beat Yuga. (You get 5 cards if you super finish Yuga). Set the round to 1 round game, then, you can get many cards in a very short time. 

Q: How many different cards total? 
A: 120 cards. Each character has 8 different cards(4 slash, 4 bust), and there are 15 characters total, including Yuga. 

Q: How many cards total you have to get? 
A: 960 cards. Since there are 120 different cards total, and you have to get the same cards 8 times. By the way, I got 960 cards, and you don't get anything. 

Q: How to get Yuga's cards? 
A: You have to play as Yuga(Check the code section above to find out how to play as Yuga). Although I did get Yuga's cards when I cleared the game, but that's very rare. 

Q: What does the cards do? 
A: Each character(Slash or Bust) has 4 different cards to choose from(if you already acquire the cards) before you start the first stage. You can choose 2 of the 4 cards. The cards you append can either make your character 'Power Up', or 'Defence Up. The special moves cards can either let you use a special move that you don't have, or can 'power up a move' that you already have.

Gard Description

Below are the description of all 120 cards you get in the game:


No.1----Kazuki uses his loved sword and flame magic.
Chased by his older brother but refuses to hate him.
No.2----Quick to lose his temper but a young man filled with
passion. Sympathizes most with his sister Hazuki.
No.3----Command: [f,d,b+A]
A flaming dragon rises from the earth to bake all enemies.
No.4----Command: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
Slam a column of fire into a fearing enemy's bare belly!

No.5----Filled with a hunger for power, he is possessed by Suzak's
power and sacrifices his sanity.
No.6----With flames raging, he bears the flames, and like a beast
uses his power.
No.7----Command: [Rage at Max & d,df,f+B]
Hit the enemy once, then push the button at the right time
for combo attacks!
No.8----Command: [b,d,db+B]
All power is sent to Suzak to summon the Flame God's

No.9----He uses his sword 'Seiryu' and water magic to battle.
A pro at spying and killing.
No.10---To rub out his brother, he becomes a hunter.
Strongest of the Kazamas, he is firm on finishing his
No.11---Command: [During Jump, d,db,b+B]
Pounce on an enemy from the air and pummel him into defeat!
No.12---Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
Destroy the enemy easily with this water blast.

No.13---Entrusting his soul to the power of 'Seiryu', Sogetsu take
on a new form. His senses go blank.
No.14---With the power of a water god, and other essential
abilities, Sogetsu achieves awesome powers.
No.15---Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
Pound the true terror of this move into your enemy's
No.16---Command: [b,d,db+B]
The water god's power can only be wielded by one with
superior abilities.

No.17---A man who walks a dangerous path with faith and a sword.
Whatever chaos he meets, he lets his blade talk.
No.18---His sword wielded in the heavens is said to have crushed
mountains. He is also a lover of sake and the fair maiden.
No.19---Command: [f,d,b+A]
A blow with a shrieking shout to smash the steel of the
No.20---Power up move: [Rage at max & b,f,d+A]

No.21---An evil being lies beneath his chivalrous facade.
This bloody style of combat is called: "The Blade of
No.22---And at the terminus of the deadly path cut by this evil
tool awaits the dreaded Zankuro Minazuki.
No.23---Command: [Near Enemy, b,d,f+B]
A fearsome blow that can split a wave in two. This is a
blade of Murder!
No.24---Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
Those who use this move will be as feared as the evil

No.25---His hands, red with his profession. A forceful, aggressive
sword play marks the terror of Haohmaru's tough rival.
No.26---His violent nature comes from a trauma in childhood.
However, Genjuro's stylishness and whimsy hint at
NO.27---Command: [Near enemy, d,df,f+B]
First use this blow to knock your enemy off guard and get
the advantage.
No.28---Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
A unique move to carve your rage into the enemy.

No.29---Awakened by a thirst for blood. He believes in himself and
will yield to no one.
No.30---Yet cut and cut, the hunger still remains. In search of
victims, Genjuro's search goes on.
No.31---Command: [Near enemy f,d,df+B]
This is the move to make the enemy much more docile.
No.32---Power up move: [d,df,f+A]
Demon or man, all who face this move will meet the same nasty

No.33---The kind and gentle guardian of nature, with the trusty sword
Chichi-ushi and hawk Mamahaha. Fights all foes of nature.
No.34---Torn between her duty as shrine maid and desires as a woman,
Nakoruru strives to realize her needs and respect the hopes
of her late fate father.
No.35---Power up move: [Grab hawk, A+B]
Tear through the sky and show the true power of the wrath of
No.36---Power up move: [b,d,db+A]
Energy of an adherent to nature. A graceful move to purge
evil from the face of earth.

No.37---The gutsy and straight talking ainu maiden, she cannot be
separated from her loyal wolf companion shikuroo.
No.38---All who foul nature will face the reprisals of this bold,
daring maid.
No.39---Command: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
The pain the enemy feels will be less than that felt by
No.40---Power up move: [Back,down-back,down+A]
The power to rend the land asunder is proof of the rage of

No.41---Nakoruru's kid sister, a cheerful tomboy. Employing the
spirit of Konril, she battles all foulers of nature.
No.42---Rimnerel is devoted to Nakoruru and wants her to find
happiness. Her rash nature is loved by her friends, feared
by her enemies.
No.43---Command: [Near enemy, d,df,f+B]
The rage of nature, or something much more?
No.44---Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
Release the forces of the goddess Konril, that course in the
being of Ainu maids.

No.45---Her cheeky personality keeps her sister on her toes. she
plans to succeed her sister as a pure temple maid.
No.46---Locked into a fate as a temple maid and moved by her tomboy
instincts. While trying to help her sister find happiness,
an internal voice calls.
No.47---Command: [Near enemy, d,df,f+B]
I'll show you my specialty! It scared the heck out of
No.48---Command: [b,d,db+B]
United with the power of Konril, the dreaded Ice God appears.

No.49---A first-rate warrior, his name holds a firm place in history.
Superior in ninja arts and deadly swordplay.
No.50---His cool and calm reason enables him to foresee all dangers
and protect his group of Iga Ninja.
No.51---Command: [When hit, forward+B]
Cut enemy's shadow, put them off guard, and give them
Buddha's punishment.
No.52---Command: [When hit, back+B]
Cut enemy's shadow, put them off guard, and knock them down.
An act of Demon.

No.53---In addition to swordplay and ninja arts, Hanzo the dark is a
master of physical movement.
No.54---From when Shinzo, his son, was seized by Amakusa, Hanzo has
known only calamity. And this fate will not relent.
No.55---Power up move: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
Send the enemy to nirvana. Only skilled can handle this move.
No.56---Power up move: [During secret slice, f,d,df+B]
Unleash the true power of a secret slice move.

No.57---The super hero in training from San Francisco. He's become a
splendid ninja.
No.58---In blue ninja wear and with his dog, Poppy, he has solved
many crisis. He hopes to confess his feelings to the fair
No.59---Command: [d,db,b+B]
Give Poppy some meat to increase his power and improve his
No.60---Command: [Rage at max & d,db,b+A]
An acrobatic move that melds Poppy and Galford. It's name:
Mega Strike Dog! M.S.D.!

No.61---Puts the hammer down on those who violate the just. With his
mastery of plasma, this Galford has no mercy.
No.62---Galford's hot blood seethes for justice against the putrid
presence of evil.
No.63---Command: [Rage at max & d,db,b+A]
Lightning strike three is what? Only masters of ninja can use
this divine move!
No.64---Command: [b,d,db+B]
The judgement of justice appears like a bolt where evil lurks
to unleash justice's sanctions.

No.65---To Hade's bowels came a being unknown. Asura, the betrayal of
the gods.
No.66---From his hands are summoned 7 weapons of the ancients.
Defeated by Yuga's magic, he has been reborn to get revenge.
No.67---Command: [Near Enemy, f,d,df+B]
Breaks the curse of ancient weapons to exact revenge.
No.68---Command: [d,df,f+B]
There is nothing the sword of vengeance cannot cut!

No.69---An Asuras born from the magic of Yuga. Even Yuga sees this
being as his true masterpiece.
No.70---With a keen sensibility and strong, merciful heart, he is
attracted to Shiki, his soul mate of circumstance and destiny.
No.71---Command: [b,d,db+B]
A move to snuff all the frail, which is my duty.
No.72---Command: [f,d,df+B]
A suitable move for fools who don't know their own weakness.

No.73---La Louche, her trusty sword in her hand, this lady knight
hits evil hard. She brings agility and lion-like power to the
No.74---For country, for public, for pride, she battles. Aloof before
the public. Yet afraid of rodents. An enigmatic heroine of
the age of reason.
No.75---Command: [d,db,b+B]
Known as the Lion Talons, this move is inescapable.
No.76---Command: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
A move of Charlotte's papa, Serge, taught to his beloved

No.77---Sensing the revolt nigh, Charlotte strikes out. Meeting the
soldiers in the fight, Charlotte gives her heart to the
No.78---A male's sword work, a female's needlework, Charlotte seeks
the way of the sword and the heart of Haohmaru.
No.79---Command: [b,d,db+B]
A suitable penalty for fools who know not the import of the
No.80---Command: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
Gambling her warrior ego, she hungers for a worthy opponent
to use this on.

No.81---Master of the curse of containment. A taciturn, family man.
No.82---Keeping his talents hid, when his family is seized by evil
Yuga, he becomes a demon.
No.83---Command: [f,d,df+B]
Destroys all evil beings with a jerk of a brush and writing
of a Chinese character.
No.84---Power up move: [Rage at max & b,f,d+A]
Unleash the power of this secret slice move!

No.85---Sworn to vengeance, he becomes a demon. Wielding the lost
weapon, he heads to slay Yuga.
No.86---Strict with all yet sure to finish his own tasks, Taizan is
an loyal swain.
No.87---Command: [d,db,b+B]
Destroys all evil beings with a jerk of a brush and writing
of a Chinese character.
No.88---Command: [b,d,db+B]
When his brush takes on a magic attack, flames of scorn toast
the enemy.

No.89---Struck with consumption and love unrequited, he seeks a
flower that blooms only in Hades to offer his sweetheart.
No.90---With days numbered, he meets the lovely Saki. A fanatic
of "Haiku", too.
No.91---Command: [b,d,f+B]
A watchless sword draw. It cannot be blocked.
No.92---Power up move: [During jump, d,df,f+A]
The enemy is but a mayfly in a whirlwind. -Ukyo-

No.93---Diseased, he gives all to the way of the sword. No one can
match his remarkable swiftness.
No.94---An air of sadness mars a thin, sweet face. A bevy of beauties
surround this man; he desires just one.
No.95---Command: [d,df,f+A]
In dusk, fangs cannot fend off a farewell. -Ukyo
No.96---Power up move: [During jump, d,df,f+A]
The enemy is but a mayfly in a whirlwind. -Ukyo

No.97---A samurai spy with one eye, two blades, and intrepid
swordplay. On orders of the "Mikado", he engages in finding
the revolt's ringleader.
No.98---A man who has survived countless cataclysms. he grieves over
many, slain at his icy hands.
No.99---Command: [Near enemy, f,d,df+B]
A move that relies not on a sword but a fist. One of many
Jubei moves.
No.100--Power up move: [f,d,df+A]
I never loaf in training!

No.101--Able to read any move in an instant and psychic, Jubei slays
all enemies with swift swordplay. Wielding blades of death,
short and long.
No.102--Often in training, day in, day out. Called by his lord, he
finishes his task swiftly. His weakness? An addiction to
No.103--Command: [f,d,df+B]
Jubei's has no trifles in his keen arsenal. This shout of
havoc pierces to the marrow.
No.104--Command: [b,d,db+B]
Lollipop in hand, Jubei knows no downtime.

No.105--Freed from a spell of the feared demon Yuga, Shiki seeks her
No.106--An imbalance of body and soul from Yuga's spell transforms
Shiki into an enticing young lady, who has eyes for Asuras.
No.107--Command: [d,b,f+B]
This dance of beauty, hides fatal swordplay that steals the
soul of all unlucky onlookers.
No.108--Power up move: [Rage at max & b,f,d+A]
Unleash the true power of a secret slice move.

No.109--Having met Ur-Asuras, she's caught by Yuga. A strongly cast
spell makes sure Shiki cannot escape the spell again.
No.110--With a belligerent and strange magic, Shiki smites her foes.
Shiki has come closer to reaching Yuga's evil epitome of
No.111--Command: [f,b,d,f+B]
Those who are bathed this curse's awful light face the
torment of an unending guiltiness.
No.112--Command: [f,d,df+B]
Magic that abandons the earth for sky. It's form is that of
Varnah, the Sky Goddess.

No.113--The ruler of Hades' realm and reigning over demons.
Possessing total might. He seeks to unite worlds of light
and darkness.
No.114--To restore a Dark Utopia, and restore evil rule, Yuga seeks
dominance through evil and fear.
No.115--Command: [f,d,df+B]
I am a god. I call all to serve my whims!
No.116--Command: [Rage at max & b,f,d+A]
I am a god. I sentence all to death and erasure.

No.117--A being with a man's form and a heart of evil fits the ruler
of Hades' realm. His presence bends time and appears
No.118--Continuing slaughter until all those living are made extinct,
it appears no one can stop the horrid Yuga.
No.119--Command: [f,b,d,f+B]
I am a god. Know my bounty of mercy.
No.120--Command: [Rage at max & b,f,d+A]
I am a god. Be pure in the light of prehistory.

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