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Game Info

This is the latest Samurai Shodown game on the Playstation. The Japanese version of this game is called Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage 2(that is because SS64 2 is subtitled Warriors Rage). But for the U.S. version of this game, it is simply called Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage.

Game Data
Game title:
Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage
Publisher: SNK
Developer: SNK
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Fighting
Date of release(Japan): December 22nd, 1999
Date of release(U.S.): April 19th, 2000
Prices(Japan): 5800 yen
Prices(U.S.): $39 U.S.dollar
No. of player:1 or 2 player
Other: Dual Shock(vibration) supported

Features of the Game
-23 Samurai Warriors
-5 Game Modes
-Incredible Story-line Cinematics
-Character Customization
-Special Power-up Missions
-Collect Photos for the Gallery Mode

Game Story

The story takes place around 20 years after the defeat of Yuga(from SS64 2). Nearby Edo, there is an island, and the capital is called Riten-Kyo. Criminals, samurai and ronins are all gathered on the island. Gangs are fighting and trying to gain control and power on the island. And a group called the 'Hagyo Razor Trio'(consist of Mikoto, Touma and Oboro) is planning a revolution against the government. A dark period of time is about to begin.

Note: The following story lines are taken from the instruction booklet and in-game.

In a time where peace and lawlessness co-existed, only few dared to shift this balance. The "Maidens of Light" were guardians of the righteous. There were those, however, who were left uncovered by this luminescent umbrella. Lost in despair, anguish, hatred or violence, these lost souls retreated to an isolatd island, its capital, Riten-Kyo. Slowly, darkness coveted the land and an evil pestilence known as the "Razor Trio" took power. Their leader, Oboro, searching for ultimated power, vanquished the Maidens and now, mercilessly controls the island that is a haven for thugs and unfortunates. The government has secretly dispatched one young Samurai To assess the situation. He will soon find many truths, and discover the rage within.

Twenty years have passed since the defeat of the ultimate evil. Edo greedily enjoys its peace. Nearby floats an eerie island. On this despised "Thug's Lair" reside the age's most ruthless and loahsome criminals. Those who seek world dominance run the capital, "Riten Kyo." And herrein, a new calamity is set to threaten the era's peace.

A story about legendary swords
"Riten-Kyo", located on a lone island near the coastline of Edo, is now a lawless zone where underground conspiracies are forming. Seishirou Kuki, a young government warrior, quietly entered the island to conduct an investigation. There, he finds the unforgettable enemy that killed his father. Here, he will also find the surprise of his life.

Game Modes

Story Mode
Clear story mode will let you view the ending for each character, view the movies, and unlock hidden characters.

Attack Mode
In this mode, play thru the missions to get ability points for your custom character.

Battle Mode
This is like versus mode. You can versus the comp. or 2nd player. You can also choose between playing normal match or Flash Win. Flash Win is playing Fatal Flash(it used to be call Fatal Slash) between 2 characters. Whoever do Fatal Flash(press 3 buttons at the same time) faster win the match.

Gallery Mode
Guess which hands Rimururu is holding her little "Konru". If guess right, you'll get a photo. Every photo here are characters images from all of the SS games: SS1,2,3,4,64,64 2 and Warriors Rage.

Practice Mode
Pratice here. This is the only place where you can view the command list(move list) for characters.

Adjust your settings here.

Memory Card
This game does not have a 'auto save' option, so remember to save the game where there are changes to the configuration or after getting photos in the gallery mode.

From this menu, you can save or load games. You can also load your custom character data(play Attack Mode).

Game Codes

Unlock Attack Mode and Gallery Mode
Clear the game(Story Mode) once to unlock Attack Mode and Gallery Mode.

Unlock Hidden Options for Battle Mode
After clearing all the missions in Attack Mode, you'll unlock options for Battle Mode.

Unlock Hidden Characters
Clear the game(Story Mode) will unlock hidden characters.

Finish Story Mode with Unlock
Jin-emon Samurai
Hanzo Iga Ninja
Seishiro Tohma
Haohmaru Mikoto
Saya Oboro's Amazon
Ran Po Minto
Yaci Mugenji
Jushiro Brute
Haito Daruma
Garyo Tashon Mao
Mikoto Yuda

Finish the game with every characters, you'll unlock Kuno Seishiro.

Play as 2P costume
Choose your character in the characters selection screen, hold down R1 or R2 and press X.

Play as Angel version of Minto
Clear the Story Mode with Minto. Choose Minto in the characters selection screen, hold down L1 and press X.

Play as Devil version of Minto
Clear the Story Mode with Mugenji. Choose Minto in the characters selection screen, hold down L2 and press X.

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