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Mini Drama Translation

Drama No.1
The following is one of the drama that is recorded in Japan by SNK of course. The drama is for promoting SNK's new SS game on the Playstation. The drama transcript(in Japanese) is available from SNK homepage. But now I've translated the drama dialogue for you guys to read. There are three dramas total, this is the first one. Certainly, the translation is not perfect, because my Japanese is not that good. But I will still say it's presentable. The drama is only like an introduction to the story, you will only get a faint idea of what is going on in the story. Since they only tell you a little bit of this and that, there are still a lot of things I don't understand myself.

---Riten-Kyo, Holy Forest---

(The fairy Nakoruru is sitting on a tree branch, and staring at the sky.)


Nakoruru: "Rimururu......Rimururu? Can you hear me? Now I am communicating to you telepathically. Rimururu, can you hear me?"

Nakoruru: "....On this Island....Riten-Kyo is covered by darkness. The power of darkness that sealed you is getting stronger. I can't save you by myself. But, please wait, Rimururu. I will come for you."

---Riten-Kyo, Akatsuki Village---

(Jushiro is taking a nap on the grass field)

Jushiro: "(In dream).....just what the hell? Tell me, Why did you have to kill him? Was it for the government? ......I can't forgive.....I can't forgive at all!

Jushiro: "Samurai? Is it what it means to be Samurai? If so, I don't wanna be Samurai! Yea, I'll quit! If I was unfortunate to be born to face this.....if I am unfortunate enough to let this happen again, ...... I'll destroy it. Living a life of samurai..... with these hands..... the government will pay!"

(Jushiro wakes up.)

Jushiro: "(gasping for air).....huff, huff, huff. Is, is it just a dream....?.....Is it a dream about that time.....why?"

Jushiro: ".....I'll quit my samurai life.....(looking at the sky the other way).....hmmm...I still haven't fulfill my own promise yet......
No matter week or strong, rich or poor, this or that, I'll spend the rest of my days, laughing at this world mindlessly, .....Is it this kind of life I want to have?"

Jushiro: "far....far away dreams....from the cloud over there, can you watch over me? Please do that for me, eh?"

(Someone is coming)

Mikoto(Angel): "Umm....Excuse me....?"

Jushiro: "huh?"

Mikoto(Angel): "Are you...okay?"

Jushiro: "what?"

Mikoto(Angel): "I was nearby, and I heard a depressed voice, so I came to see."

Jushiro: "Ahh, sorry. It was just my dream talks.

Mikoto(Angel): "Oh....."

(Mikoto smiles a little bit)

Mikoto(Angel): "You sleep at this kind of place?"

Jushiro: "Laying down here, while staring at the sky, it feels very good!"

Mikoto(Angel): "Really?"

Jushiro: "Yeah. How about joining me?"

Mikoto(Angel): "Sorry. I don't....."

Jushiro: "Oh, that's too bad.....Since I got nothing to do, I'll continue my nap then. Later....."

(Jushiro is going to sleep)

Mikoto(Angel): "Um.....please wait."

Jushiro: "......huh?"

Mikoto(Angel): "I came here to look for someone. Somewhere around here....."

Jushio: "Before you ask people for things, I hope you can tell me your name first."

Mikoto(Angel): "Oh...yes, I am sorry. My name is.... Mikoto."

Jushiro: "Mikoto.....?! Ah, I'm surprised."

(Jushiro suddenly seems interested)

Jushiro: "The priestess of the 'Hagyo Razor Trio' comes to such demoted village?"

Mikoto(Angel):"You know about me?"

Jushiro: "Now I can't sleep because of you."

Mikoto(Angel): "(smiles a bit) You seem to be an interesting person. .....And your name is?

Jushiro: "....Jushiro. Sakaki Jushiro. As you can see, I'm just some wanderer."

Mikoto(Angel): "Mr. Sakaki....."

Jushiro: "Just a wanderer's name, you don't have to remember it. Anyways, o great priestess, who are you looking for?"

Mikoto(Angel): "I am looking for a spy from the government."

Jushiro: "(alerted) Did you say the government?"

(Then, Jushiro is relaxed again)

Jushiro: "hmmmm, the government.... Then why did you come to this island?

Mikoto(Angel): "........."

Jushiro: "You can't tell me....? Well, it's okay."

Mikoto(Angel): "......around this neighborhood, have you noticed any strange person?"

Jushiro: "I don't know."

(Jushiro shrugs)

Jushiro: "Actually, it's more rare to see a non-weirdo here."

Mikoto(Angel): "Oh....."

Jushiro: "People who come here, all have scars from their past."

Mikoto(Angel): "Um.....yes."

Jushiro: "You said you are looking for a government spy?...... If I see such guy, I won't hesitate to run from him."

Mikoto(Angel): ".....You would run even when you are carrying such a nice sword?"

Jushiro: "For me, ummmm..... I don't just live by the sword, I have a bigger dream than that."

Mikoto(Angel): "Dream?"

Jushiro: "Yeah. ......Don't you have a dream too?"

Mikoto(Angel): My......(grumbling) order to fulfill my dream, I have to go with the Triple Blades Group, then......(suddenly in great pain)...aaahh....."

Jushiro: "?!....Hey, what's wrong?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "(in pain) Dre, dream......Arrggh. Argggh."

Jushiro: "What?! What are you talking about?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "I have something much more important than that.......A World of Darkness......!

Jushiro: "World of Darkness?!"

Mikoto(Angel): "......(return to be in painful state)... huff...huff...huff......."

Jushiro: "You....just what the...."

Mikoto(Angel): "I...I'm sorry.... I must go now. Bye....."

(Mikoto leaves)

Jushiro: "Hey, hey! Wait! Heeeey!"

(Jushiro looks up at the sky again)

Jushiro: "......hmmmmm......"

Jushiro: "One of the 'Hagyo Razor Trio' member, Mikoto..... Even if she is rumored to be a devilish girl......."

Jushiro: "But too bad, I'm not really interested in the 'Hagyo Razor Trio'. Is it only a world for the chosen ones? That's not the kind of world I want."

Jushiro: "Besides that.....the guys at the government should be getting ready too. (sigh) Even on this island.....there is still wind blowing, eh? good wind it seems.......

---Mikoto's Monologue---


Mikoto(Angel): "(back to normal)huff, huff, huff.......(suddenly , she can't seem to stand up straight)"

(She changes to the Devil form)

Mikoto(Devil): "Ahh, what a fool. For that kind of low class wanderer, isn't it better off for him to be dead? What I do is better than your little revolution plan. It's just the more people die, the better it is. Only the true darkness is coming! Let everything go back to nothingness! My time is coming."

(She changes back to the Angel form)

Mikoto(Angel): "Why are you in me? The true darkness? I do not wish to have this in me, who.....who can save me.....right now, I'm being torn apart. I, am being torn apart.....(cry)......"

---Shrine in Tengen Castle---

(Nakoruru is telepathically communicating with Rimururu, who is sealed somwhere inside the castle)

Rimururu: "....Who can help me? What's happening?"

Nakoruru: "(echo).....Rimururu.....Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Can you hear me, Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "Sister? Is it Sister?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Oh, great, you finally answer me."

Rimururu: "Sister, I'm scared. Where is this place? So dark, I can't see anything....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) You are being sealed under a tremendous power of darkness."

Rimururu: "Sealed? That means when I was caught by something, then.... No, no! This is horrible, sister. Help me....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) I'm very sorry. Now I cannot help you by myself."

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Now, there is no light everywhere. The power of darkness is getting stronger.... My power, cannot be released here."

Rimururu: "........"

Nakoruru: "(echo)....But, just wait a little longer. I believe the light will appear again. So, please wait a little more."

Rimururu: ".......kay. I know. I believe. Till then, I'll start sleeping. I'll pray......"

(Rimururu sleeps)

Nakoruru: "(echo) Rimururu..... (to heaven) Kamui! I have a wish. Someone..... Someone please lend us the light. Eliminate darkness.... return the true spirits of the Samurais. Yes, please change everything back to normal!"

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