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Mini Drama Translation

Drama No.2
The following is one of the drama that is recorded in Japan by SNK of course. The drama is for promoting SNK's new SS game on the Playstation. The drama transcript(in Japanese) is available from SNK homepage. But now I've translated the drama dialogue for you guys to read. There are three dramas total, this is the second one. Certainly, the translation is not perfect, because my Japanese is not that good. But I will still say it's presentable. The drama is only like an introduction to the story, you will only get a faint idea of what is going on in the story. Since they only tell you a little bit of this and that, there are still a lot of things I don't understand myself.

---Riten-Kyo, Holy Forest---

(While Haohmaru is walkling, he is being called by Nakoruru under his feet)


Haohmaru: "Where is this place? Never know there is such forest around."

Nakoruru: "Haohmaru...... Haohamaru......"

Haohmaru: "Ah...even can hear weird noise here......"

Nakoruru: "Haohmaru!"

Haohmaru: "(look around) Who, who is calling me! Stop hiding, come out now!"

Nakoruru: "I am not hiding."

Haohmaru: "Ahhh?!"

Nakoruru: "Here. I am here."

Haohmaru: "that's not helping.... where?"

Nakoruru: "Down here. Haohmaru, at your feet."

Haohmaru: "At my feet?! (take a look) Waaah?! Wha...."

Nakoruru: "Oh, finally notice me? It's me."

Haohmaru: "Nakoruru?!...... This, this is a dream?"

Nakoruru: "This is not a dream. (pinch softly) ummm....."

Haohmaru: "It hurts... stop it. Okay, I know, this is sure not a dream."

Nakoruru: "......that's good. Now I can start talking to you."

Haohmaru: "But, Nakoruru, I haven't seen you for a while and you become so little now."

Nakoruru: "This is in... fairy form."

Haohmaru: "Fairy.... oh I see. Then, as always, you continue to protect the nature."

Nakoruru: "Yes. Haohmaru, ummm...."

Haohmaru: ".... I got a lot older now....? It has been 20 years since I last saw you. (laugh slightly)."

Nakoruru: "nah...."

Haohmaru: "Anyway, what happened to Rimururu?"

Nakoruru: "that....(think deeply)....that girl.... Rimururu is....."

Haohmaru: "? What has happend?"

Nakoruru: "She.... from long ago. For a long time....."

Nakoruru: "Please, Haohmaru. Please help Rimururu!"

Haohmaru: "help her?"

Nakoruru: "(troubled) Now I can't get any power out. On this island, I have no strength at all."

Haohmaru: "Rimururu is also on this island....?"

Nakoruru: "Yes. She is sealed in somewhere."

Haohmaru: "You said sealed.... ?"

Nakoruru: "She..... is caught by some evil power."

Haohmaru: "I thought it's a weird island, just as I thought, something is going on here."

Nakoruru: "......."

Haohmaru: "I understand. How convenient..... I came here to look for someone else too. Now we can go look for Rimururu together."

Nakoruru: "Looking for someone....."

Haohmaru: "Ah.... yes."

Nakoruru: "(thinking) could it be that person?"

Haohmaru: "Yeah. My....(smile)....very important girl."

Nakoruru: "But, she is....."

Haohmaru: "I know. ......Nevertheless. (quietly)...I, have to end end that nightmare."

Nakoruru: "Yes..."

Haohmaru: "Good. I'll get going. Let me take care of Rimururu's matter."

Nakoruru: "Okay. Please take care of yourself too."

Haohmaru: "Don't worry. I won't lose to anyone."

Nakoruru: "Speaking like that, you have not changed a bit since long time ago, have you?"

Haohmaru: "Yeah. (look around).... Where is the nearest village?"

Nakoruru: "Yes. I'll guide you out of the forest. Please come this way."

Haohmaru: "Yeah, guide me the way."

---Riten-Kyo, Akatsuki Village---

(Rinka is on a hurry to go home)

Rinka: "emmm? What's wrong, Tetsunosuke[note: it's her mouse's name]? Are you hungry? We are almost home, please be patient, okay..."

(Haohmaru is walking toward Rinka.)

Haohmaru: "Hey, miss. I have something to ask you."

Rinka: "Oh...?(ignore Haohmaru) Tetsunosuke? Did you cry because of this Samurai?"

Haohmaru: "Hey, don't ignore me, girl!"

Rinka: "I'm not 'girl'! I'm called Rinka!"

Haohmaru: "(smile).... finally you answer me. Rinka, right? .... Sorry. My name is.."

Rinka: "I didn't ask for your name."

Haohmaru: "Okay, don't be so serious. You don't show your cute face."

Rinka: "Shut up! I want to show what kind of face I like."

Haohmaru: "Yeah, I guess."

Rinka: "That's why I hate Samurai."

Haohmaru: "You seem so grave."

Rinka: "I don't want to talk to you."

Haohmaru: "You hate.... Samurai?"

Rinka: "YES!"

Haohmaru: "Then.....why... are you carrying such a splendid sword?"

Rinka: "Anyways, that's none of your business!"

Haohmaru: "Oh....."

Rinka: "......hmmmph. I have to go. (to Tetsunosuke)Sorry for the wait, Tetsunosuke."

Haohmaru: "(look at it)That mouse can understand your words?"

Rinka: "That's not mouse! Tetsunosuke is my family!"

Haohmaru: "Family......? Oh, that's your family member?"

Rinka: "You are a nosy one. Please don't mind about these things already!"

Haohmaru: "That's bad. I'm just a bit care about it."

Rinka: "Care about it?"

Haohmaru: "You have such sad pair of eyes."

Rinka: "What?"

Haohmaru: "Ahh. When you swing at the sword, do you still wear that kind of sad eyes?"

Rinka: "Urrr.... Whatever.... should I show that to you? Maybe I should slash with my sword here."

Haohmaru: "Whoa! You should think about it first. Look at you now, you look so strong."

Rinka: "Hmmmph....stop bugging me."

Haohmaru: "Hahaha...."

Rinka: "I gotta go already, bye."

Haohmaru: "Ahh, wait."

Rinka: "What?!"

Haohmaru: "Before you go, can you please tell me how to get to Tengen Castle?"

Rinka: "Tengen Castle?! What do you have to do in that kind of place?"

Haohmaru: "To look for someone."

Rinka: "look for someone?"

Haohmaru: "A girl that I know of. When I first met her, she had the sad eyes that looked like yours."

Rinka: "hmmmph. She must have hated you too. If it's Tengen Castle, keep walking straight on this road."

Haohmaru: "Oh, I see."

Rinka: "If someone like you go there, you may not come back alive."

Haohmaru: "Thanks you for your kind advise."

Rinka: "Okay, then."

(Rinka is walking toward the terrace. Haohmaru is heading toward Tengen City.)

---Nearby Tengen Castle---

(Mikoto is approching toward Haohmaru)


Haohmaru: "So that is the Tengen Castle? The castle definitely doesn't look very good. It seems like all the evil spirits on this island are coming from there."

Mikoto(Angel): "What will you be doing in this kind of place?"

Haohmaru: "AAhh?!"

Mikoto(Angel): "There is the Tengen Castle. If you have no business there, you simply should not go near that place."

Haohmaru: "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm just kind of lost.....(taking a breath), y, you!"

Mikoto(Angel): "huh?"

Haohmaru: "You..... could it be Mikoto?"

Mikoto(Angel): "Ah...and you are....."

(She is surprised)

Mikoto(Angel): "Ha...Haohmaru...."

Haohmaru: "Just as I thought, I knew you would be in this kind of place. Come, let's go back with me together."

Mikoto(Angel): "......."

Haohmaru: "What now....?"

Mikoto(Angel): "I can't do that."

Haohmaru: "What?!"

Mikoto(Angel): "I don't want to go back there...."

Haohmaru: "Don't want to go back?"

Mikoto(Angel): "That's not my home."

Haohmaru: "What are you saying, Mikoto....."

Mikoto(Angel): "On this island, I have found my own home here. I want to be with that person. And, I wanted to have his kind of strength."

Haohmaru: "No! You are coming with me!"

Mikoto(Angel): "....I hate it. I can't go back. I can't...."

Haohmaru: "Mikoto....."

Mikoto(Angel): " I.....I.....(suddenly, painfully) Uhh.....!"

(Mikoto seems to be in pain)

Haohmaru: "Hey, hey, what happened to you?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "Haa Haa Haa......Don't touch me!"

Haohmaru: "?! Mikoto...?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "I'm not Mikoto. I am a spirit that was borned from the darkness."

Haohmaru: "The darkness?"

Mikoto(Devil): "I've awaken. For the purpose of everything go back to nothingness."

Haohmaru: "(talking to himself).... This...this is not Mikoto..... What is it? Who is this person?"

Mikoto(Devil): "I'm here. I'm here to kill, kill,....kill until nothing is left......urrg....urrg....I'll kill you now! (In pain)....urrg!"

(Mikoto seems to be in pain again)

Mikoto(Angel): "Ha....Haohmaru,!"

Haohmaru: "Mikoto?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "Arrrgh. Mikoto! Stop being in my way!"

Haohmaru: "....This, this feeling....could it be...... "

Mikoto(Devil): "(in pain) Ah.... still no good. This girl is in my way. I can't completely gain control of this body! Haohmaru!.....I wanted to kill you here... how annoying! But, it's impossible now.... Next time we meet, I'll slash you off. It has been fun..... Hahaha....hahahahaha!"

(Mikoto leaves)

Haohmaru: "Wa, Wait! Mikoto, wait!"

(Haohmaru goes off to chase her)

---Shrine in Tengen Castle---

(Nakoruru is telepathically communicating with Rimururu, who is sealed somewhere inside the castle)

Rimururu: "....Who can help me? What's happening?"

Nakoruru: "(echo).....Rimururu.....Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Can you hear me, Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "Sister? Is it Sister?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Oh, great, you finally answer me."

Rimururu: "Sister, I'm scared. Where is this place? So dark, I can't see anything....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) You are being sealed under a tremendous power of darkness."

Rimururu: "Sealed? That means when I was caught by something, then.... No, no! This is horrible, sister. Help me....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) I'm very sorry. Now I cannot help you by myself."

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Now, there is no light everywhere. The power of darkness is getting stronger.... My power, cannot be released here."

Rimururu: "........"

Nakoruru: "(echo)....But, just wait a little longer. I believe the light will appear again. So, please wait a little more."

Rimururu: ".......kay. I know. I believe. Till then, I'll start sleeping. I'll pray......"

(Rimururu sleeps)

Nakoruru: "(echo) Rimururu..... (to heaven) Kamui! I have a wish. Someone..... Someone please lend us the light. Eliminate darkness.... return the true spirits of the Samurais. Yes, please change everything back to normal!"

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