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Mini Drama Translation

Drama No.3
The following is one of the drama that is recorded in Japan by SNK of course. The drama is for promoting SNK's new SS game on the Playstation. The drama transcript(in Japanese) is available from SNK homepage. But now I've translated the drama dialogue for you guys to read. There are three dramas total, this is the third one. Certainly, the translation is not perfect, because my Japanese is not that good. But I will still say it's presentable. The drama is only like an introduction to the story, you will only get a faint idea of what is going on in the story. Since they only tell you a little bit of this and that, there are still a lot of things I don't understand myself.

---Riten-Kyo, Holy Forest---

(The fairy Nakoruru is sitting on a tree branch, and staring at the sky.)


Nakoruru: "Rimururu......Rimururu? Can you hear me? Now I am communicating to you telepathically. Rimururu, can you hear me?"

Nakoruru: "....On this Island....Riten-Kyo is covered by darkness. The power of darkness that sealed you is getting stronger. I can't save you by myself. But, please wait, Rimururu. I will come for you."

---?? Town---

(After stealing some food, Ranpo got away.)

Ranpo: "(Running)...huff, huff, huff! Ah, moron! I won't get caught by guys like you! hehehe, let's see, what I got today. (checking) what, just that?

(Ranpo noticed someone is coming.)

Ranpo: "Oh, shit. ....Someone is coming.... No way. I can't get caught in places like this...."

(Ranpo swinged with his weapon.)

Ranpo: "Aaaaaaa!"

Mikoto(Angel): "(dodge).....ah?!"

Ranpo: "huh? She...dodged my attack...."

Mikoto(Angel): "Who...who are you?! What are you doing?!"

Ranpo: "What...(notice something)hey?! Aren't you the priestess of the 'Hagyo Razor Trio'?"

Mikoto(Angel): "Yes."

Ranpo: "Oh...I thought you were that guy. You scared the hell out of me."

Mikoto(Angel): "That guy....?"

Ranpo: "The ruffian around here called 'Gorotsuki'. He always tries to take away what I earn."

Mikoto(Angel): "...that is bad. In this town, a kid with such spirit like you...."

Ranpo: "(smile)....Nah. Only when someone tries to take away what I got, I'll be serious about it."

Mikoto(Angel): "Oh...."

Ranpo: "...what? He was the one who tried to hit me first."

Mikoto(Angel): "That is that, but...(glance at him)... you are quite strong. When I was at your age, people always teased me, and I couldn't do a thing about it."

Ranpo: "Priestess like you got teased by people?"

Mikoto(Angel): "Yes. Please look at my face carefully."

Ranpo: "...(look at her)...Oh. Your eyes are red."

Mikoto(Angel): "Yea.... Red eyes, a pair of eyes different from everyone....Only because of that, I was teased by everyone. So, I left everything behind....and came to this town..."

Ranpo: "Oh."

Mikoto(Angel): "Ah, sorry for telling you all this...By the way, have you seen any weird person around here?"

Ranpo: "There is no none-weird guys around here, around this place especially."

Mikoto(Angel): "It's not that... There seems to be a spy from the government who came to this place."

Ranpo: "Government? Spy? I don't really know what you are talking about."

Mikoto(Angel): "O, oh...Okay....I guess I'll be going. You should be going home too. Your family will worry..."

Mikoto(Angel): "Aaah!...Aaaahhh(in pain)....Aaaaahhhh!"

Ranpo: "Whoa?! What, what is going on?!"

Mikoto(Angel): ", run! Before that person appear... run!"

Ranpo: "Huh?! What are you talking about?!"

Mikoto(Angel): "huff...huff...hurry,"

Ranpo: "Get a hold of yourself! Hey!"

Mikoto(Devil): "...Hey, low-life! Don't touch me!"

Ranpo: "Waah?! What the hell just happened?!"

Mikoto(Devil): "What a nuisance.....Should I make you my bloody sacrifice?...

Ranpo: "What did you just say?!"

Mikoto(Angel): "(painfully)...aaah!....huff, huff, huff... No good. Too strong. Run now, hurry..."

Ranpo: "Huh?...(talking to himself)What, what the hell is wrong with her? I have no clue... but this doesn't look good. I guess I should run...."

Mikoto(Angel): "What, what are you doing? Hurry, run!"

Ranpo: "Okay..... Bye!"

(Ranpo ran away. )

---Mikoto's Monologue---


Mikoto(Angel): "(back to normal)huff, huff,, good...... he got away...... Urrggh.....Aaahhhh!"

(She changes to the Devil form)

Mikoto(Devil): "Ahh, what a fool. For that kind of low class kid, isn't it better off for him to be dead? What I do is better than your little revolution plan. It's just the more people die, the better it is. Only the true darkness is coming! Let everything go back to nothingness! My time is coming."

(She changes back to the Angel form)

Mikoto(Angel): "Why are you in me? The true darkness? I do not wish to have this in me, who.....who can save me.....right now, I'm being torn apart. I, am being torn apart.....(cry)......

---Shrine in Tengen Castle---

(Nakoruru is telepathically communicating with Rimururu, who is sealed somwhere inside the castle)

Rimururu: "....Who can help me? What's happening?"

Nakoruru: "(echo).....Rimururu.....Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Can you hear me, Rimururu?"

Rimururu: "Sister? Is it Sister?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Oh, great, you finally answer me."

Rimururu: "Sister, I'm scared. Where is this place? So dark, I can't see anything....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) You are being sealed under a tremendous power of darkness."

Rimururu: "Sealed? That means when I was caught by something, then.... No, no! This is horrible, sister. Help me....."

Nakoruru: "(echo) I'm very sorry. Now I cannot help you by myself."

Rimururu: "huh?"

Nakoruru: "(echo) Now, there is no light everywhere. The power of darkness is getting stronger.... My power, cannot be released here."

Rimururu: "........"

Nakoruru: "(echo)....But, just wait a little longer. I believe the light will appear again. So, please wait a little more."

Rimururu: ".......kay. I know. I believe. Till then, I'll start sleeping. I'll pray......"

(Rimururu sleeps)

Nakoruru: "(echo) Rimururu..... (to heaven) Kamui! I have a wish. Someone..... Someone please lend us the light. Eliminate darkness.... return the true spirits of the Samurais. Yes, please change everything back to normal!"

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