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Samurai's Review
Nintendo Gameboy SS1

Reviewed by Mark Patraw

Graphics: 7

Not too bad, super deformed, but cute, characters.  Backgrounds are kind of blah, but not too bad on Super Gameboy.  Can't complain, all the characters (plus extra!) are here as well as all of the backgrounds.

Sound: 8.5

Hey, they try.  Most of the samurai tunes are recognizable and some get cool upgrades like Jubei's.  Sound effects aren't too great tho'.

Playability: 7

Pretty good, you only need two buttons and the pad.  Some special moves are tricky.  Don't expect arcade play, the game has it's own distinct pace and tempo.  I warn you, it is a little slow.  You can still duel with swords, dash, etc.  It really tries.

Fun: 10

I really enjoyed this game, and it was the first samurai I owned.  You get all 12 characters plus 3 hidden ones (Amakusa, Kuruko, and Hikyaku-courier man!).  You can play 2 player with a link or on the Snes with Super Gameboy.  If you like this, definitely check out King of Fighters '95(Nakoruru in it as secret character), World Heroes 2 Jet and Battle Arena Toshinden, they're all done the same way and by Takara.

If you like Samurai Shodown, get it.  If you aren't to serious about fighting games and deformed people pass it by.  I give it an 8 or 9 out of 10.

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