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Samurai's Review
Neo Geo Cartridge SS1

Reviewed by Frédéric Hoffert

The introduce give us the respects of Samurai. There is a good number of characters, and all of these have differents technics, advantages and drawbacks. For exemple, Tam Tam isn't very fast, but his attack are strong and high. Nakoruru is very fast, she has some good technics, but her attack are weak.

This first game of the serie present the purpose and the personality of the character. It's a good point, because each of them have different and it's a rare thing in a combat game. Nakoruru defend the nature, Galford defend justice, Tam Tam try to save his village. The history is good, and we learn a lot about Amakusa and his dark project.

A character, by his technics can win easyly against a specific opponent. But if you fight with an other character the same opponent, maybe you will have difficults (then, it's will be a hard fight !).

Now, I'm going to explain about the duel. One of the most important particularity of Samurai Shodown is that you fight with a weapon and you can be disarmed ! (so, you fight without weapon).

There are a lot of end (one per characters), but the game isn't finish and Amakusa will come soon.

Music and sound are ok, and the sprits are fun. I think we can give a 16/20.

I think that it's one of the best fighting game that you can find on Neo Geo. And the other Samurai Shodown are better and better.

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