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Samurai's Review
Sony Playstation SS1

Reviewed by Nako-chan

Having played the Sega Gensis version of this Samurai Spirits, I was pleased that most of the drawbacks of that system were nonexistent in the Playstation game. The biggest complaint I have for this system is something most people complain about in the Playstation Samurai games, LOADING TIME. I timed it and a person must wait a total of 40 seconds to get from each battle to the next. Plus, when the ending sequences are being loaded, one must wait about 15 seconds just for that! Now, I don't mean to be so nit-picky and such, but all this waiting got very annoying. Some of the moves were slightly slowed down the this system, but most of the frame cut outs and such were forgivable if not unnoticeable.

Unlike in the PS SS3, the SS1 game didn't have such annoyingly slow gameplay and its attributes truly outweigh its faults. For example, the background music was audible, but not too loud. Also, all of the ending sequences were exactly like in the arcade. I was very pleased with the game as a whole, therefore I give it a 8.5 out of 10. (hmm I noticed that all of the reviews I did so far end with a score of something .5  - very interesting.)

By the way, the one thing I was most frustrated with was that this game, being import only was (of course) in Japanese....I gotta take a class or something. Anyhow, you should borrow this game from a friend or something and see how you like it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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