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Samurai's Review
Sega Genesis SS1

Reviewed by Nako-chan

To start off, I have to admit I haven't played the Genesis version for a long time since I got my Playstation, but I remember that this was a pretty good translation of the game to a 16 bit platform; well, at least they did their best. Of course, I was pretty angry that in they took out the zoom feature and didn't even have Earthquake in the game (although I never was very fond of him). In some of the character endings, (for example Charlotte's) they edited out parts of the ending sequence. I was also annoyed at the fact that Poppy's and Mamahaha's sound effects were cut out most of the time. To add on, the character's moves were difficult to execute with even the six button controller, but because I loved the game so, I got the arcade-style controller and that improved execution by a lot. The graphics were pretty nice, but at times the background music was too soft or sounded kind of off.

The good points were that the game play was usually smooth and there was no annoying loading time. Also, the boss was a pretty good challenge and the ending sequences, when not edited were exactly like the original game. In addtion, no matter what the drawbacks, this game was as fun to play as it always will be. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. 

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