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Samurai's Review
Super Nintendo SS1

Reviewed by C.K. Gan

As you may already know, most of the SNK games for the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis were ported by Takara. So first of all, don't blame SNK for the port. Okay don't blame Takara too, I think they were trying their best too, since they had to face the hardware limitation of Super Nintendo.

You probably might have played other Takara port of SNK games like Fatal Fury or Fatal Fury Special on the Super Nintendo(or Super Famicom), the characters' size do look a lot smaller than the original size. Well, the Super Nintendo's SS1 was like that too, the characters' size were much smaller than the arcade's. That's not the worst thing yet, they took off the zoom in and zoom out features(man they took out the best feature in the SS series). So, in the game, it seems like those tiny characters were jumping high all the time.

There is only one special feature in the game, that is the 'survival mode'. I played this at my friend's house, I always can only get to the 9th character. In this case, I'll blame it on Super Nintendo controller, because I couldn't do Ukyo's swallow swipe all the time.

Well, you can also check out the BGM selection in the option mode. But it doesn't really matter. They had a new composer to do the musics for the game. Yeah, the sound were quite different from the arcade version. You know what, I rather listen to the Gameboy version of Nakoruru's theme than the Super Nes version of Nakoruru's theme.

Good thing is this is a cartridge game, no loading time. Ooops, almost forget to tell you this. Whenever you beat your opponent, there is a white flash on your screen. As far as I am concerned, I've never seen that in the arcade. Maybe it is just some add on to make the game look cool.

Anyways, you have to realize that they translate a 108mb game to a 32mb SNES cartridge. That must be hard to make it good. Overall, this version of SS1 deserve a 6.5 out of 10.

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