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Samurai's Review

Reviewed by Seth0708

After I picked up the PC port of Samurai Shodown II, I was surprised to find that few people knew it even existed (the PC port, not Samurai Shodown II). So, I decided to write a review. I divided this review into several sections for the different aspects of the game.

Identical to the arcade game. As for resolution, the game defaults to a small window, but you can change it to a full screen without becoming blocky (even at 640 x 480).

If you have a gamepad, it'll play just like the arcade. However, if you don't, you'll be stuck using the keyboard (which, as you'd expect is somewhat difficult). Although two players can fight each other, there is no versus mode, you just challenge each other, like the arcade. Of course, you can face the same gamepad problem mentioned above (unless you have two gamepads and ports).

The sound is, well, identical in every way to the arcade. Strangely enough, the game doesn't even ask you to set it up for sound (or anything else for that matter).

What's Different:
With so many similarities, what's new and different? Well, there's a help file that lists all the moves and histories of the basic characters, the backstory, and the functions of various options. Speaking of options, this port has loads of them. It lets you configure difficulty, damage, the Edo Express Man, controls, and language (English, Spainish, or Japanese), to name a few. Also, there is a save feature that allows you to save after each match. As for secret characters, I can't find a way to play as either Kuroko or Mizuki, but the game asks you to save after beating it, so they may be playable.

I think Samurai Shodown II is the best of the series, so I might be a little biased. As for this port, it's the best out there (with the exception of the Playstation version).

Score: 8/10

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