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Samurai's Review

Reviewed by Willhelm Leyden

It starts impressively. An in-your-face intro, showing all 15 characters in action shots. A terrible Japanese translation of the plot that makes absolutely no sense. After, the game proper...

15 charcters, huh? Wow, that's more than Spirits 3 and that had enough. But who cares about the number of characters when they could be all exactly the same (see, for instance, Tekken). But no. When you buy an SNK game, you get an invisible guarantee that says "what you, yes you, are holding in your mortal hands, human, is another pure piece of artistry from those lovely SNK chaps". And it's true.

It's Samurai Shodown, so obviously it plays fantastically and can't be compared to any other fighting game series. The characters, as all have come to expect, are fantastically drawn and animated and overall, the action is extremely impressive.

There is all manner of twaddle I could tell you about the game, but what it boils down to is that this is the sequel to Samurai Spirits and if you're a fan of it or any other game in the series, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

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