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Samurai's Review
Sony Playstation SS2

Reviewed by Nako-chan

I will probably be more forgiving of the drawbacks to the Samurai Spirits 2 game because this is my favorite of the SS series. This is an import only version and there is no setting for players who can only read English (*sniff).

The major drawback to this version of the game seems to be the same as in all the Playstation Samurai games, that being: loading time loading time loading time! Another flaw was that when Cham Cham, Nakoruru, or Galford won and their animal compainion was supposed to move or do something for the win pose, the animal would either never move (like they did in the arcade) or the animal would move so fast it would seem to be having seizures. The background music is soft as usual, but I don't think that is a major fault in the game. Any other imperfections are pretty much unoticeable.

I pretty much enjoyed playing the Playstation SS2 game because the endings were exactly like those in the arcade and the gameplay wasn't too bad at all. I would give it an 8 out of 10, now if only I could learn to read Japanese.....

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