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Samurai's Review
Arcade SS3

Reviewed by C.K. Gan

This is the third installment of SS games, it does seem a lot different than the others. Other than the fact that the whole atmosphere and the mood of the game are much darker and gruesome (not as colorful as in SS2), the game is also big on combos. Almost everyone can combo something after a B slash. Sometimes, I can even do a B slash and combo with a super, I only did it a few times in the arcade using Slash Nakoruru to do a B slash combo with her super(ererusi kamui Rimuse), which is double half circle backward + AB(yeah, very hard to do.)

Personally, I think this game has the best combo system among all other SS games. I know there are a lot of infinite combos and 14 slash combos in SS4. But SS3 has some of the nicest combo in the game. One of my favorite combo is from Bust Genjuro(I always like to tell this to everyone), which is AB turn around, close B, QCB+C(his hanafuda card), QCB+C again and finish off with his QCF+C, three times(his running 3 upper slash aka Sankusatsu). See, one nice looking combo, right?

Because of SS3, it has created lot new features like AB sidestep, BC hop clush, slash and Bust mode, and a lot other things that made the later SS games better. Also having able to choose upper grade does help me a lot to master my skill in SS3(hahaha).

So, what are cons in the game? I guess there are too few characters to choose and text endings. Well, some people complain that there shouldn't have the air block ability in SS3, but I find having the air blocking ability work just fine in the game, the game is basically designed to have air blocks, and SS1 and SS2 are just the kind of games that shouldn't have air blocks. However, I personally think that SS4 is design to have air blocks too, just like SS3, but too bad you can't air block in the game(anyways, it doesn't really matter that much once you get used to the system).

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