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Samurai's Review
Sony Playstation SS3

Reviewed by C.K. Gan

I finally have a chance to borrow the CD from a friend and try it out. (After I tried it out, the first thing came across my mind is "don't I just glad I have the Saturn SS3") You probably have already heard a lot criticism pertaining this conversion of SNK's SS3. Undoubtedly, this is certainly one of the worst port I have ever seen in my life. But I'll try not to say that many bad words about this game.

Okay, you know, we always play the arcade version of SS3 or some people play it on those nearly arcade perfect port like the Neo Geo Cart./CD systems. Well, don't we get tired of those perfect game? Don't you just want to have a slow motion version of SS3?(don't you think those slow motion scenes they always have in John Woo's action film are pretty cool?) I know you want that. Well, here you go. Utilizing the Playstation up to date technology, they came out with the slow motion version of SS3. Cool huh? Okay, I'm not joking anymore. Frankly speaking, the game is slow, I don't really mind how many frames they cut or how slow the loading time is. But what I hate is the game just play very slow.(yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard of the title already, Samurai Slowdown.)

Well, the loading time is a bit problem. It takes 12 seconds to go to the character selection screen, 8 seconds to load up who vs. who screen, another 15 seconds to actually load the game. Well, at least this is not the SNK worst loading time game, I think KOF96 for the PSX will have the honor to receive the title of 'Worst Loading Time Game'.(Wow, stop right there, please don't think I have some sort of discrimination or bias against the PS, I have a PS too and I love my PS and I also love KOF95 for the PS).

The sound effects are not that clear as Saturn's version of SS3, but you know what, I actually like it this way better, it sounds more like the arcade SS3(the sound for the Saturn version are just way too loud and too clear, I don't really like it).

I'm not being mean to this PSX SS3, it's just that I have to be honest in my opinions. They are a lot of people tell me that how much this game suck and on the other hand, there are a lot of people tell me how much they like it. Well, I think if you like Samurai Shodown enough or you just like to see SS characters moving around, I'm sure you still can get a lot of fun out of this game. If Playstation is all you have, get the game then, it's always better than having no Samurai Shodown game around. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

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