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Samurai's Review
Sega Saturn SS3

Reviewed by C.K. Gan

Well, the SNK one meg ram card does make a world of difference to this game. This may not be a perfect port of the arcade version, but it is very close, very decent port. The loading time is very short(8 secs) and very nice and smooth. What I mean by very nice and smooth is there's no 0.5-1 sec pause after they done loading, games like KOF97 for the Saturn seem to have this problem, even it's only 1 sec, it could be very annoying.

Too bad the game seems to lack of special features like training mode, or things like that. Well, what can I say, a few years ago, fighting game for the consoles were usually made without special features like training mode.(But weird thing is KOF95 for the PSX which is made about the same time, they have the private mode(characters information), voice and BGM gallery.) Nevertheless, even there's no BGM or voice gallery in this game, the good thing is you can play those BGM tracks on your CD player or on your Saturn. One of the bad thing is you can't adjust the volume of the sound or BGM in the game, which makes the sound of the game louder than the BGM(the only thing I don't like about this Saturn SS3).

Anyways, there's still some special features for this version of SS3. For intance, the 'stage select', you can choose any stage you want or view the endings directly. Also, Zankuro is selectable all the time(unlike the PS version, you have to do the codes to get him). Well, you can always make your own 'practice mode', you just have to adjust the 'Attack' to 0% and the 'Time' to No Limit.

Overall, I strongly believe that this is the best port SNK ever done on consoles other than Neo Geo CD/Cartridge, the gameplay and graphics in this game almost match the arcade version. So, if you enjoyed SS3 in the arcade and don't have a Neo Geo system, this is a 'must buy' for your Sega Saturn. In my opinion, it is definitely a 9.0 out of 10 port.

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