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Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kourin
Arrange Sound Trax

About this CD
Since the CD is an import CD, Samurai Shodown 4 simply goes by the name Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kourin in Japan. This is an official Samurai Spirits music CD/drama CD/soundtrack done by SNK New World Sound Players. This CD also includes short drama. This CD has 11 tracks of characters themes, 1 track of title music(intro), 1 track of staff role(ending) and 4 shorts drama(In Japanese, of course).

The characters' themes/background musics included in this CD
Tachibana Ukyo, Galford, Nakoruru, Rimururu, Haohmaru, Kibagami Genjuro, Charlotte, Kazama Kazuki, Kazama Sogetsu, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada and Minazuki Zankuro.

The Tracks in this CD
1. Arrival of Amakusa (Title)
2. Rainy Ridge -Hisame Shizumaru- (Short Drama No.1)
3. River (Tachibana Ukyo)
4. The Transformation of the Tunny (Galford)
5. Banquet of Nature (Nakoruru)
6. Moonlights -Nakoruru & Rimururu- (Short Drama No.2)
7. Mirror of Heart (Rimururu)
8. The Way of Chivalry (Haohmaru)
9. The Man who has Fangs -Kibagami Genjuro & Haohmaru- (Short Drama No.3)
10. The Samisen Song of the Devil (Kibagami Genjuro)
11. Continuation of the woman who abroad from far away (Charlotte)
12. Flame. (Kazama Kazuki)
13. Bond. -Kazama Kazuki & Kazama Sogetsu- (Short Drama No.4)
14. The Transformation of Water (Kazama Sogetsu)
15. Movement to Tranquility (Amakusa Shiro Tokisada)
16. Tranquility to Movement (Minazuki Zankuro)
17. ??? (Staff Rolls)

Short Story lines for the Drama Series
Short Drama No.1---Hisame Shizumaru (7:08)
Shizumaru is travelling by himself one day. Suddenly, it rains. He is then going to sleep under the tree. Later, he hears someone is saying stuff to him, then he sees Minazuki Zankuro. Zankuro is certainly Shizumaru's worst nightmare. Shizumaru is surprised that Zankuro remembers everything that Shizumaru remember and not remember. But when Shizumaru tries to get rid of this evil intentioned Zankuro, he just stands no chance against him. Shizumaru wakes up the next morning and realizes that he was having this reocuring dream again. But it was so real that he wonders whether that was really a dream.

Short Drama No.2---Nakoruru & Rimururu (10:29)
This one is about the flashback of Rimururu when she was younger(perhaps a year ago). She remembers when they first heard the news about the death of their father, her sister Nakoruru was not even crying and she told Rimururu that she had to be strong and stuff like that. Thus, Rimururu is really mad at her sister just because she was not crying over the death of their father. Later, she realized that Nakoruru is actually really sad about this deep down, but Nakoruru just had to pretend to be strong emotionally in front of her sister. Then Rimururu was determined that she wanted to be strong and be a fighter, so that help she could help her sister to fight the evil spirits.

Short Drama No.3---Kibagami Genjuro & Haohmaru (10:53)
Haohmaru is drinking by himself one day in an inn. A girl named Oto go up to him and ask if he cares to spend a night with her. Of course Haohmaru rejects this this kind of invitation(good old Haohmaru), he says he is too tired and just want to drink, eat and then sleep. Oto is amused by his natural sense of humor, she tells him that she used to know a samurai who seems to have the same way of samurai as Haohmaru, however he is totally different than Haohmaru. His name is Genjuro. Haohmaru nods that he knew him. Now Oto starts telling Haohmaru the story of Genjuro and her. Oto was sort of Genjuro's woman. Genjuro liked her for the fact that she has this scar that her mother gave her (same as Genjuro). His enemies were looking for him for revenge one day, they hold Oto as a hostage. Genjuro doesn't care, he slashes his enemy and his woman at the same time. He laughs a bit and says he is by himself, he doesn't need any woman travel along with him. Now, Oto finishes this story. She asks Haohmaru that if he challenges Genjuro and defeats him one day, please give his head to her. Haohmaru sighs, he doesn't know when he'll see him. Maybe five years later, or maybe 10 years later.

Short Drama No.4---Kazama Kazuki & Kazama Sogetsu (5:23)
There is this rule in the Ninja clan where Kazuki and Sogetsu belong to: no one can leave the clan, if anyone break the rule, he will be executed. Kazuki is now going to leave the clan in order to go save his sister, Hazuki. But his brother, Sogetsu stops him from going. After Kazuki is striked by him, he wakes up in a place and he sees Yayoi (he is under the care of this girl named Yayoi after he is hurt by Sogetsu). It is actually Sogetsu who brings him to Yayoi's place. Although he knows that he has to kill him because of breaking the rule, but he lets him get away this time.

Review and thoughts
When I just got this CD, I was just too excited over it. The dramas are just so cool. But you know, after a while you just got tired with the drama dialogue(you can't just keep listening to those dialogue no matter how good it is). Nevertheless, I still listen to those characters' themes and like them very much. The theme that I like the most is the Amakusa's theme. I also like Galford's, Nakoruru, Rimururu's and Haohmaru's theme. The voice acting in the drama are undoubtedly good, you should listen to it if you know some Japanese. This 17 tracks SS4 drama/music CD will certainly be one of your favorites if you have always enjoyed Samurai Shodown/Spirits themes.

Buyers' Guide
-Buy it if you love SS's background musics(espescially Nakoruru's, Galford's and Amakusa's themes)
-Buy it if you really like the SS's voice actors and actress.
-Buy it if you really like to collect SS stuff.
-Buy it if you know Japanese really want to know more about Samurai Shodown story lines.

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