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Samurai's Review
Sony Playstation SS4

Reviewed by M.J.

Well to begin with, alot of people will want to know if this game is better than SSIII on playstation, well your in for a surprise because the answer is 'Yes'. The loading time is not bad especialy when you chose the demo cut option, which is a much better inprovement over SSIII.

The graphics have been improved also, and their around 89% from the arcade version, not bad at all for a playstation conversion. Amakusa's castle looks pretty much like it does in the arcade, and the electricity on Hazuki looks like it does on the arcade unlike in part 3 where the lightning just blinked back and forth real fast, and when it changes to danger mode which takes a half of second the graphics are still high there too. Even though there are some frames of animation missing I have no complaints in graphics.

The loading times are not bad and in fact right after you have KO'd the computer your character will say his death line in 3 seconds, 2 seconds to get to the map, and 5 to start the fight but you have to be a fast reader to read the lines between about the 5 second period. The good fact this time is that there is no slowdown whatsoever during the fight period ( were on part three it could take 3 seconds for a hard slash and 2 for danger mode).

The sound is just like the arcade, yeah except lowed enough for you to hear (I had to use some earphones to hear the arcade) but not too clear like the saturn, well other than that no complaints here.

The control is very responsive, and when I use the arcade pad I bout for X-men Vs Street Fighter I had barely any problems with the moves I know, so far so good.

Well finally all in all this game is both a good conversion and import for playstation and a big step in 2-D fighter game on playstation (excluding X-men Vs Street Fighter) I think SNK fans would do well to pick this up. I would give it a 8.5 out of 10.

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