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Samurai's Review
Sega Saturn SS4

Reviewed by C.K. Gan

When I first got this game, I can already tell that this conversion of SS4 is different from the arcade. The character and background look as beautiful as the arcade version. But the game just doesn't play the same as the arcade, the game does not seem as smooth. At times, when playing as or against bigger size character, the game will slow down. It is very obvious. (Why? Is the 1 meg RAM cart. not enough?) Man, don't you just hate when there are slowdowns occur time to time when you fight the boss?(ahem, Zankuro is quite big size). There are probably some frame cuts from the characters animation, but I know for sure that they cut some background frames.

There is a practice mode in the game. Also, good thing is there is a language mode(you can choose either Japanese, English, Spanish or Portuguese). One of the nice thing in the game is there are some cool looking loading screen. And of course the loading are pretty fast.

The bad thing is there is no one button for CD. They have one button for ABC(rage explosion), one button for BCD(fatal slash/issen), one button for hop clush, one button for super, but they just don't have one button for CD, you know, the CD combo is very important in the game, I rather they don't have one button set for super move. Other than the slowdowns, the other complain I have is the sound. I think the sound is too loud and too clear. One of these days, they should make an option for you to adjust the background sound/ sound effect's volume.

I played SS3 and KOF97 for the Saturn, they are all very nice arcade conversion. I had such high hope for the Saturn SNK games, but Saturn SS4 is just not as good as the Saturn SS3. Nevertheless, it's still a decent port, with very good loading time. I'll give it a 8.0 out of 10.

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