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Samurai Shodown
The Motion Picture

Short Summary
One hundred years ago, there was seven holy warrior. One of the holy warrior named Amakusa, has betrayed the other six warriors, then he has control of all the powers. The six were kill by Amakusa and then reborn a hundred years later. They were reborn to find him and fight for justice.

Review and thoughts
A lot of people who play arcade games will know that Samurai Shodown is an arcade game made by SNK and are available for the NeoGeo game system. Due to the popularity of certain arcade games, they usually have a motion pictures or movies for it, just like Street Fighter 2 the movie or Fatal Fury the motion picture. And for those people who never played Samurai Shodown and are just an anime viewer, they wouldn't know any of the characters from Samurai Shodown and might not enjoy this movie. I read an anime review wrote by someone that said Samurai Shodown(the movie) doesn't even rate 1, and has the worst graphic and storylines. Oh, that was really a huge insult to Samurai Shodown. The graphic or drawing might not be that good, but the stories are really something and every characters are awesome. I really like this motion picture base on the fact that this anime is more a historically based anime. If you want me to compare Street Fighter 2, the movie with Samurai Shodown, I would prefer Samurai Shodown. Even I am very familiar with both Street Fighter's and Samurai Shodown's character and story plot and despite the popularity of the SF2 movie, I still think that Samurai Shodown is more worthwhile to watch. By the way, I like the SS ending theme song.

Buyers' Guide
-Rent it before you buy it.
-Buy it if you are really rich.
-Buy it if you've seen the movie and feel the same as I do.
-Buy it if you love anime and you love Samurai Shodown.
-Buy it if you really want to know more about Samurai Shodown(historically) and you don't mind watching bad artwork.

The movie is available from A.D.Vision.

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