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Samurai Shodown 64
Action Figures

Review and thoughts
These are SS64 action figures manufactured by Epoch(Japan) and distributed in the U.S. by Sideshow Toy. This is a set of four SS64 action figures, the characters are Haohmaru, Hattori Hanzo, Nakoruru and Shiki. The Haohmaru figure is sculpted by Yasufumi Matsuda and the rest of them are sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, and I have no idea who these people are. These action figures are 6 inches and 1/10 scale. They are recommended for mature collectors ages 10 and over, because of sharp points of the little swords and stuff. Each action figure comes with sword, a diferent hand and stuff. For instance, you can detach the hand and attach another hand(like for the Haohmaru one, you can detach his hand and put on another hand that hold his sake bottle). For the Hanzo one, there is a different head, the unmasked Hanzo, it's quite cool actually, you can see the cool scar across his eye.

So, now there is a set of four SS64 action figures just lying around my house. Well, I haven't opened the box of each figure yet. Okay, I don't collect action figures stuff at all, but I think usually when people my age buy action figures is because they want to collect them, and they have the box sealed and unopened. I mean what am I suppose to do with it? Open it up and play with them? Oh yeah, I can just imagine myself holding a Haohmaru action figure on one hand, and a Shiki action figure on the other hand, and say 'take this, you bitch', 'die, die, die, you...'. Actually, I'm quite tempted to do that......umm...maybe not.

They are actually quite nice action figures, nicely sculpted for most of them, except for the Shiki one, her face just doesn't look like her at all, plain ugly. Even though the figures seem nice, I just feel it was a waste of money for me, and I kind of regret buying it. Well, it's your choice whether you want to buy these or not. If you want to get them, you can probably find it in your local hobby shop or something, but I just bought mine from their website(check the link below).

The SS64 action figures are available from Sideshow Toy.

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