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Samurai's Review
Neo Geo Pocket SS!

Reviewed by Nako-chan

    I must say that it was a stroke of pure luck that I got one of the limited edition NeoGeo Pocket sets that came with the SS game and a nifty little carrying strap. The game can be put on an English mode, so all of us denied people who can't read Japanese actually get to understand it. The sad thing is that the translations sound very corny. In one instance Nakoruru jumps in the screen and says "nature's wrath, feel it baby!" Of course I know that I couldn't do better in their place, but I found myself wondering if they could have done a better job on it.

    The game itself is based on SS4, the playable characters are Nakoruru, Rimururu, Galford, Amakusa, Haohmaru, Kazuki, Sogetstu, Ukyo, Genjuro, Jubei, Hanzo, and Shizumaru. There are two secret characters, Shiki and Zankuro. It resembles Capcom's Pocket Fighter where super deformed characters (so cute!) fight it out. I suggest playing the game on the hard level because the other levels are just plain too easy. The endings were pretty cheap, but as a whole the game was fun to play with superb graphic, good quality sound (even a couple notes of background music) and very good game control. My accolades go to the designers of the NeoGeo Pocket. In a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best I give the NeoGeo Poket Samurai Spirits game a 9.

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