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Samurai's Review
Sony Playstation(Import)
Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage

Reviewed by Bernard B.

I'll admit the game isn't the best compared to Tekken or Soul Calibur. But it wasn't too hard, and you get a lot of cool animation and treats as you play different characters. The only boss who was the cheesiest was Oboro, because you're only fighting a huge sword. And that's the only object in the game which takes advantage of a 3-D space. I wish they could have made this game slightly more RPG when it comes to moving around this supposed island. Since there's an actual set it wouldn't hurt to have you move around it as you zip from one place to another. That way they could take more advantage of the journey and enhance the story while travelling. For example if I have to fight the 5 amazons when I get to the fortress, I'd appreciate it if I could enter a door way and get a scene where they pop out of the shadows.

The best animation scene I was able to get was the release of Yuda, who claims not to be Asura, father of Mikoto. It's like Parasite Eve meets H.R. Giger! It's got the finest details and coolest 3-D animation to so far.

God, I'm never going to get rid of this CD!

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