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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 1: A black omen

Nakoruru was walking alone in the forest outside of her home in Kamui Kotan Ezo japan she was busy getting some berrys for lunch time when a dark cloaked man appeared from behind her

"Oh what a lovely specimen we have here!" the man said in a dark sounding tone Nakoruru out of reflex unsheathed her fathers short dagger and turned to face the man "Who or what are you and what do you want of me?" she said

"I merely want to show you the power of the 2 greatest powers ever to come into existance!" the cloaked man said then he raised a hand and it glowed Nako not wanting to find out what it would do made a stab at the man with her dagger but he catchs it with his free bare hand and with little trouble disarms her and Knocks her out with his free hand "My my that was a foolish thing to do oh well it makes my job much more easy and now to give my gift!"

He touchs her body and it glows for a few moments then the glowing stops "Now thats that done now when ever you see taste or smell blood you the gift i gave you will become active also when you come to you will not remember what happened here hehehe know the power of orochi and the satsu no hado hehehehe!" the man vanishs with out a trace leaving the still out cold Nakoruru alone then Rimururu shows up "Sis where are you" she sees her sister laying there "SIS!!! SIS!! Can you hear me!?" she picks up her sister and takes her back to their home their grandparents where away "Darn they are not home yet?,i sure hope my sister is ok!" Nakoruru started to stir "Ooooh my head I feel like i ran into a tree,where am I?" "Your back home sister i found you lying on the ground out cold do you remember what happned to you?" Rimururu had a worryed tone in her voice "No my dear sister i can not remember anything i was collecting berrys for lunch after that memory i can't remember anything else ow my head hurts so much i think i'll rest for a bit!" "Very well sister i'll get you water!" "Thank you sister!" she smiled "anytime sister" rimu responded

there was a knock at the door "hello Nakoruru Rimururu is anyone home?!" a man's voice said then there was a dog bark Nako with some joy shouted "Come on in Galford!"

"Hey Nako-chan i was walking in the woods with Poppy when i found your dagger lying on the ground!"

"Oh it must of fallen out of my sheath when i wasn't paying attention!" he handed her fathers dagger back to her "At first i was worryed that something bad had happened to you but then Poppy led us back here so i guess everythings ok!" "what are you doing here Galford?" Nako started "I came to japan for some ninja training with Hanzo and i decided to stop by and see you"

"Your so sweet" Nako said with a smile totally unaware of the evil powers that where forced in her waiting to spring in to action

Has she sheathed her fathers dagger Galford said "Hey Nako whats with the bump on your head?"

"I don't know my sister found me knocked out in the woods nearby here and i can't remember a thing!"

"I sure hope no one had his way with you i would not be a very kind guy if i found out!"

"No galford I remain chaste I can tell if a person is chaste or not"

"Good because if a person did do that to you he would not be living for very long because no one messes with my gal pal and gets away with it!" he gave her a hug and she smiled

"If i wasn't bound to remaining chaste for Protecting nature i no we would be marryed besides a girl having even a guy like you just has a friend is rare!"

"Oh Nako i still can hope that we can well get hitched one day!"

She laughed "Nakoruru i'm going out to get you some medicine for that bump on your head!" Rimu said "Ok sister see you later"

Rimururu leaves the house

"Well what shall we talk about next oh i know hey Nako has Genjuro been trying to kill you ever since you called him inpotent?"

She laughed "No he hasn't tryed yet or he somehow got over that one"

"Heh if he bugs you let me know for i won't stand him harming you or your people!"

"Galford your just the sweetest guy i known in a long time! i wonder if i'll ever find someone like you or the female version of you!" Nakoruru said Galford let out a hearty laugh "Oh Nako i'm glad i met you for only being so young you sure are quite the adult woman!"

Nakoruru blushed a bit at the remark "OW i think i got a splinter" Galford cryed "oh let me see if it's major" Nakoruru says with a smile

Galford pulls it out and blood flows nako sees this then what happens next Galford will never forget and he would wish he did


Galford "NAKO ARE YOU OK?!!"

then Nakoruru's skin tone goes 4 shades darker and steam comes out when she takes breaths



Nakoruru turns and galford shivers with fear of what he senses pure evil power is now controlling the one he loves so dearly he says "No no NO!!! , someone must have came and knocked her out so they could put some kind of evil power in her i must stop her before she harms herself and others please forgive me Nakoruru but i must do this for your and others sake" he pulls out his sword and takes a swing at her but with unhuman relexs she grabs it and pulls it of his grip and breaks it like a twig "F*** this is bad i must try to reach the good that i know is being repressed by this evil but how do i do it with out harming her?" "POPPY ATTACK!!" he shouts with some hestation Poppy attacks Nakoruru but Poppy is snatched by the neck by now quite out of her mind Nakoruru and she then snaps her neck and throws her lifeless body aside she then glares at Galford "Crap this will not end well i can't hurt her but i must defend myself before she takes my life!" but before he could react Nakoruru lunges and pins galford on the ground her intentions are made clear of what she intends to do now Galford makes a cry to attemt to reach the Nakoruru he knows "NAKO CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOUR DOING PLEASE STOP BEFORE...." she knocks him out before he finishs his sentance.....and she screams a most inhuman cry...

Chapter 2 : the orochi and satsu no hado a pairing made in hell

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