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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 2 : the orochi and satsu no hado a pairing made in hell

Rimururu looks at her home and is semi shocked to find the door open "Mm odd!?" she looks in and sees the place trashed "OH MY GOD WHAT IN HEAVENS HAS HAPPENED HERE!!!" she hears a weak voice "Rimururu is that you? please tell me thats you" "GALFORD what happeneed?!!" "Nakoruru" Galford started "Something evil is controling her she..she killed Poppy and forced herself apon me and she ran off at a most inhuman speed someone must stop her before she harms herself and others..!"

Rimururu was in tears for her sister the one person she had looked up to for very much her whole life is now under some evil spell and did some horrid things to the one she knew she liked

"Nako what happened to you" she sighed

elsewere in the forest a pink haired man is stomping towards kamui kotan

"Stupid wench i'll show her,i'll show her why you don't insult Genjuro and live unscathed" Genjuro mused to himself


"what was that?" Genjuro said to himself "SHOW YOURSELF!!" Genjuro says outloud

what he saw next made half of him scared and another half of him wanting to drop on the ground laughing

"well it seems the wrench has lost her mind fear not stupid aniu i shall end your pain!"

Nakoruru turned towards Genjuro her eyes then glowed a bright blood red

"DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE" she cryed has she lunged at him

"Woah this wench means it" Genjuro muttered to himself has he defended himself he started thinking to himself "whats up with her?she's faster and has a lot more power behind her than that time i faced her back at amakusa's castle what has happened to her?" then all of a sudden she stops attacking Genjuro being the bad guy he is trys to use nako's pause against her "STUPID WENCH DIE NOW!!" what happened next was bloody Nakoruru grabs his sword wrenchs it free from his hands and with her own bare hand she punchs a hole in his chest with her bare hand "URRRRRK!"

She frees her hand from his chest and she moves on at full speed

"How? how? how did she do that the only person who had that much power is Zankuro but does this means she's now a demon?!" Genjuro falls forward and dies a painfull death

"Wow how DID she do that on Shikuru?" a female voice said

Bust Nakoruru came down from the tree she had been in she had seen the whole event with her eyes and was now quite fearfull since it seems her goody goody "Sister" is now more powerfull than any army that the shogun of japan can muster

"because of my gift i gave her!" a cloaked man stepped up from behind the clone of Nakoruru

"She is now under the effects of the Satsu No Hado and Orochi power!!"

"and you are?" the dark clone of Nakoruru started

"You may call me Roy...Roy Hodachi!"

"Ok Roy what did you do to my goody goody twin?!"

Roy smiled and said "Isn't it clear i gave her power and robbed her of her sanity"

"Why her and not me?" she asked hoping to gain some more info and to find out if this Roy can be a pal "Because i did not know about your existance till just now"

"Do you work for my master Ambrosia?"

"I work for no man beast or spirit all this is of my own will and agenda"

"Well then i'm afraid i'll have to get rid of you because your now a threat to my master!"

Roy mused to himself "Foolish clone come i'll show you power!"

"Come Shikuru we have work to do!!" but Shikuru didn't come to her side


"Haha your beast seems to be afraid of me!"

"Why you!!" She lunges forward expecting to cut him down but instead she meets his fist his fist firmly landing in her face Knocking her out Roy laughed "Hahahaha you lack real training and spirit I don't feel like killing you so instead you will make a nice slave for me!" he smirks now "all i need now is a male subject and my experment can get fully under way!"

back at the rurus house a party was forming in hopes of finding and containing the berserk Nakoruru

"Are you sure your ok enough to tag along Galford?" Rimururu said with a worryed tone

"I must Rimururu because i know that Nako isn't doing this out of her own will also if we can get her out of what ever evil has her sanity or she gets out of it we will have to help reassure her that we can understand what happened to her!"

"Always the caring guy eh Galford? Nakoruru is so lucky to have a friend like you!" a young boy at least 13 and at the most 16 years olds said

"Shizumaru! why are you?" Rimururu started

"I'm here in Ezo with my sensi Haohmaru i was planing to train here with you,your sister,sensi and Galford but i heard talk from the townspeople of a demon girl running around and so i knowing that you or your sister would most likely know what was up i stopped by here turns out it's...Nakoruru...she gone insane?"

Galford stated after that one "No she's being controlled by some evil power she isn't doing the horrible things out of her own will, she...she forced herself apon me after killing Poppy..."

"Oh by the gods what on earth is happening?"

"I don't know but i do know that whoever or whatever who is responsable for doing that to her will pay with his/her/its life!"

"Oh my i would never was thinking this would happen but it seems we must find a way to stop Nakoruru and fast but i'm afraid if we can't contain her or get what ever is robbing her of her sanity out of her we may have to end her life!" Haohmaru stated

"I know i'm afraid of that we may have too has much has we care for Nakoruru the safety of japan and the world and nature comes before her life!" he said with a sad tone

"Fools looking for who did that to your beloved Nakoruru look up here!!" Roy shouted in a tone ment to get someone to look at him "the only way she's going to regain her sanity is when i take my gift out of her or you inflict a mortal blow on her!"

"YOU DID THIS TO MY SISTER YOU....YOU MONSTER!!" Rimururu shouted in a very angry tone

"Heheheh" Roy chuckled "My name is Roy..Roy Hodachi If you wish to gain back your beloved friend i would highly suggest you don't interfere with my experiment and also I must inform you she has already claimed her first life a pink haired man with a green hilt katana"

Haohmaru shouted "Genjuro...she killed him?"

"Indeed she did stabbed him in the chest with her bare fist he died slow and painfully"

"How could she do that?" Shizumaru

"simple the combinded effects of Orochi and Satsu no Hado adds so much power to her she doesn't need that toy of a dagger she carrys for killing"

Shizumaru was shocked "Orochi...the only word i can think to discribe that is riot of blood and the surge of murderish intent Satsu no hado....Nakoruru is under the control of two of the most powerfull demon aspects!"

"Well it seems the red haired boy knows his demons anyways i'll be going now to find Nakoruru but the power she shows is mainly of the Satsu no Hado but if she were to bear children they would gain the full power of the Orochi enough power to take contorl of this dump you call a planet!!" Roy laughed a bit after that statment


"Really if Nakoruru shows that much power why don't you even start to think how much power I could be wielding!!"

"Well tata"

Roy vanishs in a dark flame

Galford stomped his foot on the ground "OH HE IS SO DEAD WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!"

"Galford calm down we must find Nakoruru before he does or the world has we know it will be doomed!" Haohmaru said in a tone of calmness

"Damn I...I won't let him get away with this this is too much for me to take sitting down the monster must be destroyed for the sake of everyone in this world!" Galford punched the ground

"He will pay for making Nakoruru the one person in this world that deserves me do all that he'll pay for indirectly killing Poppy my pal that been with me for almost my whole life!..ROY HODACHI I WILL NOT REST TILL YOUR HEAD IS ON A MANTLE!!!"

Roy was still listening to them talk he was thinking "mmm such anger i may be able to use him yet he would make a good mate for my two new experments! then again that red haired boy he knows too much about demons he may be one himself or a son of one or both heheh such a good wind blows i think i'll retire for the night then i'll see if the blond haired one or the red haired boy will make me a good male subject!!" he goes off into the darkness of the night

Chapter 3 : Demons bane

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