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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 3: Demons bane

She ran after killing Genjuro she ran at a slower pace she was slowly but steadly getting tired from all her doings she soon stops and falls down from overstraining of her body and falls fast asleep....but she is not alone "I can't think of it why her why is she like this now?" a figure came out of the shadow and and it was the ninja of legend Hanzo Hattori "very strange but i don't think it would be very healthy idea for me to try to disturb her!"

Hanzo always the carefull one had witness the slaying of Genjuro from afar and wonders how Nakoruru gained such powers "Very odd has much has Nakoruru hated him she would never sink so low has to accept power that would rob her of her free will someone or something gave her that power against her will!"

"Ohh ow" Nakoruru started to stir but she didn't seem to be the crazy killing machine she was earlyer

"Why am i out here?"

She looks down at sees that her white outfit is not only ripped at a few places it's also quite soaked with blood

"!!! what happened to me the last thing i remember..GALFORD!!"

"You where under the control of some powerfull power raising free will robbing evil" Hanzo stepped forward and helps her up

"Hanzo!!" "Nakoruru!!!"

"what?" Nakoruru turns to see Galford and the others they had found them

"Nako please tell me do you feel anything evil any evil intentions"

"No i don't why do you ask"

Galford tells Nakoruru what had happen over the time that she can't remember Nakoruru then slumps to her knees knowing that she done a great great wrong

"but your soaked with blood the moment you saw blood you snapped but it seems what ever caused you do to so has been inactivated" Galford said in a worryed tone hoping his beloved would not turn into a crazed killing machine again

"thats because i just took my gift out"

"YOU!!" Said Rimururu

"Fear not i'm not anywhere close by i'm speaking to you all using my mind your Nakoruru is now has normal has a house fly!"

"You when i get my hands on you Roy your going down!" Galford seered

"Why did you do this to her in the first place?!" Haohmaru said

"Because i intend to rule this dump you call a planet and to make a world where the strongest life runs free!"

"And you doing what you did to Nakoruru?" Shizumaru asked

"Simple i wanted to make sure i could rule over the minons i seek to create also i sensed her power so i wanted to use her for the first subject but that part of the experment is over!!"

"Your "experment" will be over when we put your head on a mantle!!" Shouted Rimururu

"No its just begining second phase....NOW!!!"

a black dark cloud formed over and seized Shizumaru then has almost has fast has it formed it disappeared taking Shizumaru with it

"SHIZUMARU!!!" Cried out Rimururu

"hehehe he will make the perfect male subject well then later then HAHAHAHAHA soon you'll know true terror and fear!"

"Shizu" Rimururu cried faintly

"Damn it first Nakoruru now Shizumaru" Galford punched the ground

"We shall meet again warriors of the light Hmhmhm...hahaha..HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Roy's laugher fades into nothingness and Haohmaru Hanzo Rimururu Galford and Nakoruru are left to think about all the events that transprired over the last 22 hours

"We must find him before he uses him for evil" crys out Rimururu

"I know Rimururu i'm just has upset has you are but we don't know where he is or where this fiend abode is located" Hanzo replys

"we shall return to town and inform the townpeople the threat is gone also we must tell your grandparents of these events Nakoruru!" said Hanzo

Nakoruru could only lower her head but she soon raises it after hearing a falcon cry "Mamahaha!"

"Nakoruru are you ok Dear grandchild?" Nakoruru's grandma Monashiri said

"Yes i think i am now grandmother" Nakoruru replyed

"We heard talk of a demon girl that looked like you running around..." Monashiri started "That because it was me i was under some powerfull vile spell and it made me do some horrible things..." Nakoruru had tears in her eyes after she explains to her grandma all the things that happened while she was under the vile spell "Oh my dear grandchild please don't cry you are forgetting you didn't do those horrid things out of your own free will anyways lets go home and get you cleaned and rested up!"

"Sounds like a plan to me lets go!" said Haohmaru

and then they all head back to the house unaware of the hardships and battles that where to come for all of them

Chapter 4 : Aftermaths

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