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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 6: the children of lighting and the holy light

a few days pass and Haohmaru arrives in Nakoruru's village in Kamui Kotan

a short ainu man halts Haohmaru at the enterance "halt speak your intentions samurai!!"

"My name is Haohmaru i came here to check up on some friends of mine that live here i also come to rest and eat before i go on my quest to better myself!"

"Very well you may pass!"

Haohmaru muses to himself after getting out of hearing range of the man "man the anius seem to be more xenophobic than the shogun of japan when it comes to people from other places!"

Haohmaru arrives at Galford and nako's home and knocks on the door rather loudly he hears babys cry "Crap i must have scared the kids oh well!"

Galford opens the door "Oh hello Haohmaru come on in!"

"Sorry for scaring the babys" Haohmaru was blushing and expecting something to be thrown his way from Nakoruru

"Oh don't worry about it!"

"Well hello Haohmaru come to see Glen and Rinaruru?" Nakoruru says in a gentle soft tone

"well i was going to go for something to eat and and to replenish my sake bottle but i decided apon visiting you and Galford!" "simplly cute kids have they been good well behaved not giving you too much trouble i hope" Haohmaru locks eyes with the young Rinaruru "Lets see i never really got to meet a baby hey i think she's staring at my sword i think she wants to touch it!"

the baby Rinaruru's hands are reaching for Haohmaru's katana's hilt

"Hoahmaru let her touch the hilt" Nakoruru tells Haohmaru

"Ok then" Hoahmaru lets her touch the hilt but he drops the sheath what happens next amazes all who watched "woah she holding it with on her own strength" Haohmaru says in a tone of shock

"Wow i got the feeling that these kids will become something powerfull" Galford says but Nakoruru is shocked the most no kid has old has Rinaruru would be able to hold something like Haohmaru's katana something other than Rinaruru's grip alone was holding it and she knew it just what it could mean:The kids have inherited the full power of her holy powers and Galford electrical talents they will be a force to be reckoned with when they become old enough to be skilled with a blade she thinks to her self "I hope they will be on our side..." then Rinaruru drops the katana haohmaru catchs it before it hits the ground "Wow i think your kids will have talents beyond ours when they come of age Nakoruru" Hanzo stepped forth "Hanzo you watched the whole thing? Nakoruru said with a tone of shock Hanzo would have a big grin on is face if it wasn't for his mask hiding his face from the nose down "You bet i did these kids scream raw talent!" Haohmaru was leaving "Well i'll be on my way now maybe i'll come back in a good year or two but i sure hope you two havn't be laxing on your fighting skills because i think i'll test you two on that when i return!" Galford and Nakoruru laugh then Nakoruru said "you think having these kids is rotting our skills i beg to differ Haohmaru!" she then throws her dagger which misses Haohmaru by just a few inchs "that was for waking up Glen!" Hoahmaru cowers down and leaves the house Galford comments "Was that needed Nako?" Nakoruru laughs "Of course it was i wasn't going to let him leave unpunished" Hanzo laughs and says "Well everything seems to be fine with you,Galford and your kids Nakoruru i'll be on my way now" Hanzo leaves in a trademark ninja excape smoke cloud "Well now that we are alone we might has well get some rest" Galford says while holding Nakoruru's hand "Yes it sounds ok to me" Nakoruru places Rinaruru back in her crib and comforts Glen till he calms down "there there my son the mean samurai who woke you is gone rest my son" after saying this Nakoruru begins singing some old aniu lullbye slowly Glen stops crying then become more calmer then he falls asleep in Nakoruru's arms then she places him back in his crib and then once she is sure that both are asleep she leaves them in the room to rest she quietly closes the door and smiles "such good well behaved children but i still fear of what they can become sould they chose the dark path..." "I know Nakoruru i sense your fear too but we still have hope so we must not let that flame of hope die!" Galford hugs Nakoruru "we sould get back to training we must because now we have more than just our ideals to defend we our kids to defend also we must not let our kids fall into the hands of evil because that would be worse than killing them right now with our own hands" Nako winched at that statment but Galford was right "i sure hope we won't have to...do that!"

"Me too Nakoruru me too" They were both prepared to do said task but it would be hard but they knew what would happen if they didn't if they had to do it...

To be continued...

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