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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 1-----Foreigner in Kamui-Kotan

Characters in this story:
Rimururu and Nakoruru

Rimururu was sitted on a branch of a tree, somewhere in Kamui-Kotan's forest. She was really proud of this fortunate idea. Nobody could find her here. Nobody, even her big sister. Now, she can be safe from these boring works like tidying the house or something worst. A good nap will be welcome to start this sunshiny afternoon. Her hiding-place gave her an hour until Nakoruru find her. It will be hard to hear her reproach, but no matter. She closed her eyes and let a sigh of satisfaction. Suddenly, a voice started a song far away. Rimururu opened her eyes, surprised.

"Somebody looking for me..." She thought for herself.

It wasn't a touching song, but a odd one... The voice was masculine and a little too young. The only one trouble was that she can't understand any words ! It wasn't in Ainu or in Japanese. The voice became nearer and nearer.

Rimururu shook her head. "Alright, this traveller sing in a strange language. But he'll leave after his song and go on with his travel."

Unfortunately, the voice was so near that she was able to see the singer. Not so big, it was a young boy. He was auburn, weared a white shirt and a green cloak. She couldn't see more because of his position and the leaf on her tree.

"Waoow, cette forêt est superbe ! Je me demande comment je suis arrivé ici..." The stranger said after looked around him.
(This forest is so nice ! But how I came here ?)

Rimururu had a start when she realized she heard this language somewhere. But spoken by whom ?

"I'm better here than near him. Please stranger, go so far away my hiding-place !" She thought.

For all answers, the young boy said "Ben tient, la poursuite de tout à l'heure m'a donné faim. J'espère que ces bois regorgent de fruits. Je n'ai pas tellement envie de tuer un animal pour ma survie, mais tant pis si je ne peux pas faire autrement...".
(The pursuit of before made me hunger. I hope this forest is full of fruits. I don't really want to kill any animal for my own survival, but no matter if I can't do anything else...)

What did he said ? Maybe he's going to leave now ?

"Mais, prennons une forme plus appropriée ici..." He added.
(Let's take a better form...)

Then, he stood up near Rimururu's tree and closed his eyes as to be more concentrated. The destiny made Rimururu moved a little and let flew down a leaf from the tree. Fortunately, he hasn't seen the leaf fell yet. But, the noise due to her move made the young boy so nervous. He started to open wide eyes and looked around him.

"Qui... qui est-là ? Qui ? Hmmm... un animal peut être..." He said.
(Who... who's here ? Who ? An animal, maybe...)

He began to get concentrated again.

"What he doing now ?" Rimururu observed him carefully.

A white cloud covered him until he cannot be seen. She was so confused by his act.

"Who is he ? A ninja ? But his clothes are so..." She thought.

The thinks of Rimururu were brutally cutted off by what's happen. She looked at what the cloud has left after dispelling. A huge creature was standing up as the stranger do before vanished. With a white fur, the beast was bigger than Galford and maybe as the Inca warrior known as Tam Tam. The monster made some roars like a wolf do. His head was the one of a white wolf with strange blue eyes. His claw seemed to be very powerful. He hasn't got any tail and all human's part were gone. His clothes were the same as before, but due to the mutation, it became rags. In other words, the young boy has became a werewolf. While he inhaled the smell around him, Rimururu sensed a wave of panic hold her.

Rimruru's eyes went big and frightened. "What's this creature ? I... I should stop it... No, I must call Nakoruru. Yes, she'll trust me. We must save this forest from this evil. We must..."

She suddenly realized the werewolf has found something. Or maybe he found SOMEONE.

"Snif, snif... -Je ressens un parfum ici...- Snif, sniif... -Quelqu'un est en train de m'espionner !" He said with a deep voice so different than the young boy's one.
(I smell a perfume here... Somebody spying me !)

Whitout prevent, he looked at Rimururu hidden. She panicked more when she crossed his blue eyes what it meaned "I've seen you !". She panicked so much that she slide from the tree, in front of the werewolf.

"No... I don't. I must calm myself. If he sense my fear, he will probably be stronger. I must be strong like my sister. Fortunately, I've got my dagger." She thought for herself.

She stood up quicly and faced the werewolf. Then, she grabbed her dagger. But, it was pulled out from her scabbard. The dagger floated between Rimururu and the werewolf. She noticed he stretched his hand toward her floating weapon. It approached him. When it was close to him, he grabbed it. Rimururu was unarmed ! The werewolf has some magical abilities ! What can she do against such a monster ? If she has Konril with her, she could turn the wolf into ice. But she'd leave him at home...

She was fully gained by the fear. "I'll never hide myself again to avoid my work." She thought.

She couldn't flee, or the werewolf faster than her will eat her. Maybe if she try to speak with him like Nakoruru do with animals he'll be good ? He's an kind animal...

"I... I'm sorry, I won't tell about all I have seen on your... your little secret..." She started to say.

The werewolf doesn't seemed to understand. He approached her by growling. She tried to hide her fear as much as she can. Now, he was just in front of her and he glared at her, so much dreadful by his height. She closed her eyes and groaned. She thought she has just to wait her death and maybe she'll see her missing father again... She was so sad for her faillure and even the growls of the werewolf couldn't make her flee. She was paralized by the dread.

"Waaaaggghh ! POURQUOI TU NE T'ENFUIES PAS, FILLETTE ? J'ai su dominé ma malédiction depuis longtemps ! Essais-tu de me tenter en restant ? Je ne veux pas tuer d'innocents, je suis fatigué de cette vie là. Alors va-t'en !!!" The werewolf said with his fearful voice. (Why don't you flee, kid ? I know how to control my curse since so long ! Do you attempt to provoke me by staying ? I don't want to kill more innocents, I'm tired from this life. So get a way, now !)

She opened her eyes slowly and look at him, surprised to be alive. He seemed to be afraid of her, because his wolf-ear were pricked up back. It was a defensive position for a wolf and it means he was frightened. When she realized this, Rimururu was better and tried to approach him. He was keeping away from her.

"Mais arrêtes !!! A moins que tu ne veuilles que je te rendre ta dague." He yelled.
(Stop ! Or maybe you want me to send your dagger back.)

Then, he looked at Rimururu's dagger.

"Hey ! It's mine ! Give me it back !" She said.

"Rimururu ? Where are you ?"

It was the voice of Nakoruru. Suddenly, the werewolf ran away (cowardly) and let Rimururu protested for his reaction. Alone in the forest, she sighed. Soon, she was overtook by her sister.

"Rimururu ! I found you at last. Now, follow me. We have a lot of work..." Nakoruru said.

She was accompanied by Shikuruu and Mamahaha was perched on her hand as usually.

"You make him flee." Rimururu answered. "He's affraid of you."

"WHAT ?" Nakoruru asked after glared at her young sister. "Sister, we are not good to intimidate the others. And if we tried to intimidate, we will surely be ridiculous ! Now, tell what's happen."

"I... I faced an strange creature. It was a kind of... wolf-man. But for odd reasons, he leaved quickly when he heard you." Rimururu answered carefully. "Why ? You are not so dreadful !" She added with a big smile.

Nakoruru seemed to be vexed. She looked at the floor. "Your story won't work on me, sister. Do you hate your small tasks enough to lie to your older sister ?" Nakoruru asked by glaring her.

Rimururu tried to explain, but she felt so nervous, just because of the look of her sister on her.

"To avoid the housework, you was hiding in a tree, aren't you Rimururu ?" Nakoruru ended.

"Yes... it's true. I'm sorry." Rimururu answered, unable to look down into Nakoruru's blue eyes more.

Shikuruu went to a precise point, where the werewolf was few time ago. He smelled it carefully. Nakoruru watched him. When he stopped, her eyes focused on her sister who nodded.

"Now, follow me, sister. Our grand parents will be worried if we spend more time away." Nakoruru said.

"R... right." Rimururu said and followed her sister.

During their journey back to her house, Nakoruru noticed that her young sister hasn't got her dagger with her.

Chapter 2-----A mighty danger

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