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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 2-----A mighty danger

Characters in this story:
Rimururu, Nakoruru and Galford

Galford walked along a magnificient forest. Poppy was with him and both enjoyed the quietness of this land. No more monsters to kill, no more bad guys to stop... Galford has done his job and now, he can take a rest with his companion. Poppy looked at his master and bark.

"Yeah, Poppy ! We'll go there. I just hope they'll be happy to see us again." Galford said by fondling his dog. "And... maybe I will be able to tell Nakoruru... how much I love her..."

Poppy looked at Galford as she understood him. He flushed when he realized what did he say.

"Ahem... Keep it secret, Poppy." He said.

For answers, Poppy barked again.

"Right." Galford said with a big smile. "Let's go."

Both of them came to a lake. The air was nicer here. Galford spent a lot of time to watch the sparkling water. A sweet wind came to caress Galford's hairs. He felt himself like in heavens. He noticed someone on the border of the lake, watching the beauty of the lake too. When he recognized that it was Nakoruru, he felt a little embarrassed. I wait this moment all his life, but now, he wasn't able to know how to act.

"How can I explain the reason why him here ?" He thought for himself.

But Poppy was quicker and ran toward Nakoruru. She looked very surprised to see the dog which reached her.

"Poppy ? Poppy ! How are you ? Fine ? I'm happy to see you again !" Nakoruru said, probably happy to see Poppy again.

She fondled Poppy's head and smiled while the dog turned around her and reclaimed more endearments. Then, she turned behind her and noticed a flushed-Galford. She smiled at him. Betrayed by his dog and by his wait, Galford tried to avoid flushing as much as he could.

"Galford ! You're back ! I'm so happy." Nakoruru said.

She approached to him and Poppy followed her.

"Hello, I'm happy too ! Let me explain, I was... ahem..." Galford said, betrayed again by his blush.

"I know the reason why you're... back, Galford." Nakoruru said.

She flushed at her turn and tried to avoid his blue eyes. She can only smiled at him.

"And... what do you think of this... reason ?" Galford asked clumsily.

By way of answer, she hugged him shyly, she kissed him. He was so surprised of her reaction. In fact, he was so happy of it. It was so nice and this event will be recorded in his memory forever. But something was strange in her reaction. After her kiss, she licked him like Poppy did...

Galford woke up because of a weight laid on him. It was Poppy, licked him again to awake him. Galford was a little sad, because he'll never know the end of his dream. It was the nicest one he had in his life. And it has reinforced his love for Nakoruru. Yes, he'll never give up. Poppy looked at him with her eternal look of complicity, and licked him again...

"Nooo, Poppy, please stop it." Galford said by laughing. "We must hurry ! We've got a long travel."

How if it wasn't enough, the puppies came to disturb him. But even a part of his 'family' could stop him to remember of his dream.


Nakoruru and Rimururu were in the living room of their house. It wasn't a luxurious room, but it was the bigger in the cottage. It was well cleaned. Nakoruru brought a box from her room. It contained all stored books she gained from her travel to the town. She liked to read legends and stories. It helped her a lot, sometimes. But for the moment, she seemed to be more afraid than at the first time. She was looking for a book, in order to help.

"Are you sure, Rimururu ?" She asked with a worried face.

"Of course." Her young sister answered proudly. "I was a little afraid of him, but I faced him with such a courage !"

Nakoruru took an old book entitled "Monsters from legends" and started some research on it. Rimururu approached her sister and asked "Do you think you will find more information about him ?". Forgotten in her research, she just answered "Maybe..."

Rimururu was afraid because the werewolf has her dagger with him. She will be very weak without weapons.

"Don't worry, sister." Nakoruru said with a smile to pacify her sister. "I promise you we'll get your kodachi back."

Mamahaha waited on her roost. She looked on her mistress with an intelligent look and yawned. Shikuruu was sleeping near Nakoruru. Sometimes, he made some growls of satisfaction. These noises recalled the ones of the werewolf. Rimururu sighed.

Suddenly, Nakoruru heaved a little cry of victory. She prevented her sister of what she has found.

"Looks, Rimururu." She started. "Werewolves are half-man, half-wolf. They are very dangerous because of their quickness and their strengh..."

"What's more ?" Rimururu asked, her browns eyes went big and surprised.

"They are created by the wound of one. It's mean if you are wounded by one, you will become one of them !" Nakoruru concluded.

She stared at her sister and her blue eyes went alarmed. She gave up her book and approached to Rimururu. In one jump, she was near her and started to watch if she has any wounds caused by the monster.

"Heyyy ! I know you are worried, but I'm fine ! He didn't touch me or I'd bite him" Rimururu protested.

"Bite him ???" Nakoruru said. "Maybe it's worst than what I was expecting..." She added with a smile.

"No, I won't be one of them. Or I'll finish my life with Shikuruu." Rimururu answered with a smile too.

When he heard his name, Shikuruu woke up. He moved the chairs because of his come, like a mighty giant. Then he watched his mistress and her sister. Both of them laughed a little because of this joke.

"Stop kidding, I haven't got any wounds caused by this werewolf. For odd reasons, he didn't attack me." Rimururu said.

Nakoruru was forgotten into her book again, but looked at sister when she heard her last sentence, probably surprised.

"It's strange, because these creatures are perfects slaughterers. And nothing can stop their fury. If you survived to their attack but have taken some wounds, you get a illness called "lycanthropy". That's why you'll become a werewolf. And you cannot control yourself, then." Nakoruru said.

"I understand... but did I told you that..." Rimururu started.

"What ?" Nakoruru asked to her young sister. "What's happen now ?"

Rimururu stayed dumb. She tried to look other thing than the interrogator look of her sister, sure that she spoke too far.

"What did you start, Rimururu ? It could be very important ! We must know more of this demon !" Nakoruru said, and looked harder to her sister.

"Ahem... When I'd try to grab my dagger, it was pulled by magic... The werewolf is a sorcerer... and he can speak with a very terrible voice..." Rimururu said while her sister's blue eyes went frightened. "But don't worry of this, big sister. We have defeated Amakusa, a great sorcerer, so we will defeat a werewolf-sorcerer easily !" She said, and waved a hand, arrogantly.

"WHAT !!!" Nakoruru said, more frightened.

"Oh, it's so few... But when you'll face him, you will be more frightened !" Rimururu said, naturally.

Nakoruru turn a page of her book and let out a groan when she saw a picture of the creature. "What a nightmare creature ! We must stop this creature ! Dreadful or not."

"I've got a plan, big sister ! Since I'm accustomed to his dreadful appearance, I will be a lure. I don't think he's so bad. If he was, then, he would kill me and so, you are talking with a dead ! He has got a lot of occasions to manage with it, but he'd never. Once he'll be busy with me, you'll be able to capture him !" Rimururu said.

"Wait ! It's too dangerous for you. Even if he was quiet with you at the first time, he could kill you for the next ! I don't want to loose my only one sister, so if somebody in this place must be the lure, it will be me..." Nakoruru said, with a sad look.

"Do you remember what you do when you see a spider, big sister ?" Rimururu asked.

Nakoruru didn't say any word. She looked at Mamahaha sadly.

"Sister, you shouldn't remember my fear of spiders. I... I have reasons for that." Nakoruru said.

No answer.

"Rimururu ? RIMURURU !!!" Nakoruru called.

Conscious her sister going to troubles, she took Mamahaha and Shikuruu with her. But her grands parents went to stop her.

"What's happen, Nakoruru ? We heard you call." Sanouku asked.

"Rimururu went out. She's in danger now." Nakoruru answered, very worried.

Chapter 3-----Rimururu's fight

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