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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 3-----Rimururu's fight

Characters in this story:
Rimururu, Nakoruru and Galford

Thus Rimururu ran in the forest with her magic crystal Konril. She knew her sister fear of spiders. That was why she remembered her it in order to escape from the cottage. If the werewolf has taken her dagger, it was her duty to recover it. Not Nakoruru's one. She must be worried at this time.

"Worried and angry because of the way I used to flee..." Rimururu guessed.

While she ran in the forest, she took a quick look on Konril. This magic crystal saved her life a lot of time. The magic crystal with his gem form floated all around her like if he was controled by spirit. It wasn't wrong. "We fight magic with magic." She thought. "I hope werewolve hate ice, even if he's a north werewolf because of his white coat."

Rimururu arrived at the place where she met the werewolf for the first time. She stopped to recover quickly. The beast could be everywhere. She must be careful. At each sound of move or creaking of leaf, she turned toward that noise, ready to fight.

"Tu me cherches on dirait..." The werewolf said.
(Are you looking at me ?)

"Huh ?" Rimururu said, confused because she can't see her opponent.

Exit from nowhere, the werewolf waited behind her. Rimururu had a start but prepared to defend herself.

"Sans ça, tu n'iras pas loin. Je te trouves quand même très courageuse, petite rose. Maintenant disparait ! Et si tu me comprend, ne dit rien à personne de ma présence dans ces bois. Je veux vivre heureux maintenant..." The werewolf said, and thrown Rimururu's dagger just in front of her.
(Whitout this, you won't go so far. You are very courageous, kid. And if you understand me, don't talk to any one of my presence in this wood. I want to live alone...)

"Maybe it's a challenge." Rimururu guessed. "But he said "Rose" !"

Suddenly, Rimururu remembered of a French woman who loved the roses. She realized the werewolf spoke in French. Yes ! Like Charlotte did. Maybe he known her ?

"CHARLOTTE ! Do you know Charlotte ???" She asked.

"C'est quoi ce truc bleu ?" He asked, and stretched his hand toward Konril.
(What is this blue thing behind you ?)

"NO ! Step aside !" Rimururu said, and tried to protect her magic crystal against the werewolf. She was conscious of his powers, this time.

"Tu m'interesses, fillette. Peux être que je peux m'en apprendre plus sur ce monde ! Je vais utiliser un de mes parchemins de comphréhension." The werewolf answered, with a spark of interest in the eye.
(You are interesting, kid. Maybe you can help me to learn more about your world ? I will use one of my magic scroll to let me understand unknown languages.)

Then, a parchment appeared in one of his hand with a spark of magic.
He started a series of wave with his free hand. Like if he tried to draw signs in the air. His hand was surrounded by a blue gleam. It was this gleam which made his motions more mystique. While he did this, he read the parchment which burnt at the end of his read. Rimururu couldn't understand any word of his read, but she known the werewolf cast a spell. She must act quicly. Suddenly, more spark of magic went to surround the werewolf. The place was lighted for a short time. The eyes full of hope, the monster's face was lit but these blue gleams. All stop, but nothing was happened.

Rimururu didn't let any chance to allow the werewolf to recover his failled spell.

"Konril ! Help me !" She yelled.

The werewolf opened big round eyes, but it was to late for him. As her wish, Konril concentrate a powerful blow of ice, and cast it on her opponent. The werewolf was hit hardly. Anyway, it didn't seem to hurt him. But he was entirely frozen, except his head. The ice which block him formed a kind of 'ice armor', but instead of protecting him, it hindered him to move or to use his arms.

"I hate you... how do you want me to understand you if you attack me after I cast my spell, kid ?" The werewolf said, in a understandable language for Rimururu.

"Oh ! You speake my language, now ! Unbelieveble ! Maybe, is it just because you are in a bad situation, aren't you ?" Rimururu asked, and turned around him.

"Stop kidding ! And don't go behind me ! I can't turn behind to see you. I can speake and understand your language, just because of the spell I cast. Now, free me, kid !" The werewolf said.

"I have a better idea..." Rimururu said, with a big smile and stayed in from of the werewolf.

"And what will you do, kid ?" the werewolf asked and raised an eyebrow.

"NAKORURUUUUUUU !" She screamed.

"I hate you..." The werewolf said.


Nakoruru looked for her sister in the forest. She was really afraid, and if something would happen to her sister, she won't be able to forgiv herself. She send Mamahaha to recognition. And Shikuruu scented to find Rimururu's trace. Suddenly, Nakoruru heard somebody come. She noticed Shikuruu wasn't in alert, so it was someone he known. "Somebody you know well and you like, Shikuruu." She corrected when she noticed his tail moved to show how happy he was.

"Rimururu ?" Nakoruru asked.

"Nakoruru !" A masculine voice aswered.

A dog barked too.

"Galford ! Galford !!!" She said when she saw the blue ninja approached.

She smiled at him. Poppy approached of Shikuruu and smelled him. Then, she reclaimed endearments to Nakoruru who was so happy. She flondled her head and the dog licked her hand by way of recognition. Exited from Galford's bag, three adorable puppies came to welcome Nakoruru. She gave them all the endearments they reclaimed. Shikuruu went to lick Galford's hand and shown how happy he was. The young man seemed to be affected by this fortunate meet.

"I was worried about you, Nakoruru." Galford, and smiled.

Both of them flushed. Nakoruru has got a lot of difficulty to hide her feeling toward Galford, but she remembered of her sister in danger.

"Galford ! Rimururu is in danger. She's in the forest and try to stop a demon. I'm sorry, I must hurry." Nakoruru said with worried eyes.

"Right, I go with you. I'll don't leave a friend in troubles !" Galford answered. "Don't worry. I'm here now."

She wouldn't to implicate Galford in her troubles, but she hasn't got the time to change his mind. She guessed he'll never agree to let her go alone. She smiled at him again. Mamahaha came back and after landed on Nakoruru's glove, she made a serie of falcon's cry. Nakoruru stared at her lovely falcon and nodded like if she understand.

"Mamahaha has found my sister. We must hurry ! Let's follow her." Her blue eyes focused on Galford, and he nodded.

They heard somebody screamed. It was Rimururu.

"Quick !" Galford hurried, his blue eyes wide opened.


"I... I hate you..." The werewolf said again. His blue eyes were the only common link with what he was.

Rimururu laughed at his face, and touched his wolf-nose. "You are not so dreadful now, wolf !"

She touched his wolf-nose again. He could defend himself only by puffing on her arriving hand. It wasn't enough to stop the young girl.

"Stop it kid ! I'm not your toy ! If I wasn't frozen, I'm sure you will pee in your pants !" The werewolf protested, and opened his mouth to let her saw his tooth.

"I'm not impressed, wolf !" Rimururu said, her eyes sparked maliciously. She kept bothering the werewolf.

"You... Stop... No..." He started. "Free me, I heard somebody approaching..."

"Never" She answered. "We must know more about your presence in our forest."

"PLEASE !" The werewolf said, and implored her by his eyes.

"Are you shy, monster ?" Rimururu asked, a mocking look. "NAKORURURUUUUU ! I'm here !" Rimururu yelled.

"Sister !!!" Nakoruru called.

"Oh no, more kids are coming..." The werewolf said.

"Nakoruru isn't a kid ! She's my big sister. And I'm proud of her." Rimururu said.

When he saw Nakoruru, he stayed dumb. Nakoruru was accompanied by Shikuruu, Mamahaha and Galford.

"SISTER ! Keep away from him ! It's too dangerous !" Nakoruru yelled and grabbed her sister away from the potential danger.

Then, she looked at the werewolf and opened frightened eyes. She made a step back. She kept far away from the werewolf with her sister, Galford and the pets. Poppy and Shikuruu growled while they saw the huge creature, imprisoned in ice. Galford said sweet words to calm his dog. He looked at an anxious Nakoruru and tried to appease her. Rimururu tried to explain to her sister that she's fine, but Nakoruru continued to be frightened by the imposing silhouette of the werewolf even if he was far from them. She heard him spoke with the so terrifying voice described by Rimururu few times before. Something was strange, it was in Japanese, although Rimururu told her she couldn't understand what kind of language he used.

"Come on ! Come on ! Bring your family ! Bring your friends and your animals ! Come to see the show of the frozen-werewolf ! Rhhhhâââ ! Just wait this ice smelt... then I'll get my vengeance on you, little girl with big crystal." The werewolf said without retrieve his eyes on Rimururu.

The young girl wasn't afraid but she known her sister was. Nakoruru was really worried. She laid a hand on Shikuruu like to give her more courage. Galford was surprised by the werewolf but patted on Nakoruru's shoulder lightly to get her attention. "If something goes wrong, run to the forest with your sister to be safe. I'll protect your flight. Are you going to... parley with him ?" He said.

She nodded in spite of her fear. She looked at him and said. "It's my duty to save the forest. Do you understand me, Galford ? But I have to know more about this creature before try anything. Maybe he could be good."

He nodded and didn't try anything to stop her. Even if it was so dangerous and he wanted to go with her, he respected her will. He just told her "Take care, Nakoruru." She smiled at him to show him that all will be okay. Then, she approached the werewolf carefully, looked behind her, at Galford and smiled like to tell him "I'm fine". When she was in front of the werewolf, Shikuruu growled a little. She gave him endearments to calm him. If the werewolf broke the ice, she'll grab her dagger and be able to defend herself. But in fact, she was affraid. While Shikuruu and Mamahaha will be with her, she could hide her fear. When the werewolf noticed Mamahaha, his eyes went big. It was like when Nakoruru fed Shikuruu. Mamahaha let out a cry of challenge. The werewolf tried to catch his 'dinner', but he couldn't because of the ice and because of Nakoruru who keep away Mamahaha from him.

"Hmmm. Sorry, my wolf-instinct are back. Don't worry, I'll never eat your falcon. How do you call him, kid ?" The werewolf asked.

"I don't trust foreigners easily. Don't try anything. I don't want to kill someone who's frozen." Nakoruru said, and glared at the werewolf.

"Try anything ? I can't, since your friend frozen me. I need my arms to cast a spell... Aaaaahh, you captured me, kid. But you won't gave me to the torture reserved of those of my race !" The werewolf yelled, a kind of hate in the eyes.

"I hate tortures, so do you think I'll give you to the executionners ?" Nakoruru said calmly.

The werewolf looked at Nakoruru and his eyes went nicer.

"Yes, you're right. But why are you taking me prisoner ?" The werewolf asked.

"I... we haven't seen any... werewolf in our country. This forest is holy. When you met my sister for the first time, she told me of your power and how easily you unarmed her. We have fought a lot of troubles due to some sorcerers, that's why we tried to capture you to know if you are dangerous or not for us." Nakoruru answered, her blue eyes watched over the werewolf's reactions.

"First, I have not a sorcerer, but an apprentice. Second, I just tried to see more her dagger. And when I'd try to send her it back, I escaped because of those who coming." The werewolf explained.

"I don't trust you. You hide your game." Nakoruru said.

"Why ? If I was more powerful, I'll breake this ice. So, why I don't ?" The werewolf said.

"Maybe it's because you wait the opportunity where I trust you and you'll be able to kill me ?" Nakoruru said, a hand secretly laid on the pommel of her dagger.

"It's not my plan. I just want to be free and to go far away the humans. And know this, kid. An uncontrollable werewolf couldn't speak. And look at me ! I'm calm and I speak with you." The werewolf said.

"Yes, but you tried to eat Mamahaha !" Nakoruru protested.

"Oh, it was just a joke. Werewolve can't eat falcon, because it's not enough to calm their hunger. If I have something to eat, it will be the fat blue dressed guy. Just thinking of this, it make water in my mouth !" The werewolf said with a big smile.

Then, he laughed. Nakoruru didn't seemed to appreciate his joke and thrown him a harder look.

"That's not funny. Galford is my... friend." Nakoruru said, a little angry.

"Oh, I understand. You mean boyfriend or something..." The werewolf said while he looked at Galford far away who didn't seemed to heard him.

"Stop it." Nakoruru flushed.

"Sorry. Hey, it's not I'm cold, but I sense the ice turn into water. And it's not nice for my fur." The werewolf said after a pause.

"And why I'll free you ? Even if you can control your instincts, that doesn't mean you are good." Nakoruru said.

"You doubt on me ? You have the duty. But ask your sister how many time I had an occasion to kill her. And does a werewolf will try to unarm his victims instead of kill them quickly ? I know about perverse werewolve, but I'm not of them. The only thing made me guilty was I tried to fear her to be alone in the forest." The werewolf said.

"He's right. I remember what's happened. But I must be sure of myself..." Nakoruru thought.

Because of her youth and her innocence, bad guys are tempted by the wish to take advantage on her. Her father and grandparents always asked her to be very careful with strangers. That's why she doesn't trust anybody easily and she was a distrustful girl. Fortunately, it save her life a lot of day, during her travels and if she wasn't, she could to suffer and be different from what she is actually. But for this time, to be sure of her, she decided to consult the spirit of nature. She closed her eyes. She crossed her arms on her chest and concentrated. A light wind woke and lifted her long dark blue hairs. Then, she heard the voice of nature. As her wish, it shown her the true mind of the creature. The spirit of nature she defended told her that the werewolf wasn't a dangerous guy. He's good, even if his form was dreadful. She known that the spirit of nature never fail on his judgement. At last, she was sure of her choice.

"I... I think I should give you your freedom." Nakoruru said.

"And how will you do ? With your small arms ? It's so cute, kid !" The werewolf asked.

"Please, don't call me kid. Even if I'm younger than you. My name is Nakoruru." Nakoruru said, a cute smile on her lips, decided to me nicer with the werewolf.

"Nakoruru ? What a funny name ! It's more funny than Mamahaha." The werewolf said and started to laugh.

Each of his laugh were strong due to his voice and seamed to make Nakoruru trembled. But she didn't moved and didn't said anything. As if she was vexed. When the werewolf realized he made Nakoruru sad, he stopped and tried to apologize.

"Ahem... Sorry, it wasn't clever from me. What can I do to be forgiven ?" The werewolf asked.

"Can you tell me your name ?" Nakoruru asked.

As an answer, he closed his eyes. Blue sparks went to surround him. Nakoruru noticed the ice which blocked him began to fissure.

"It wasn't a good idea... Did I vex him ?" Nakoruru thought for herself and grabbed harder the pommel of her dagger. Mamahaha left her hand and waited any order. Shikuruu growled more. With a grim crack, the ice was no more to stop the werewolf. When he could at last stood at all his weight, Nakoruru realized how bigger he was and felt so intimidated. In one second, her sister, Galford and Poppy were here to support her.

"Mouaahahahhahahahah ! I'm free ! Ahaha ! My name his Adjantis, young girl." The werewolf said.

Nakoruru was afraid of his strengh.

"But you said me you couldn't breake the ice ?" Nakoruru said with an innocent voice.

"I said that ? Oh, sorry, little girl. I'm so happy you trust me. So happy, that I'm going to lift you ! Mouahahaha !" Adjantis said with a kind of smile. He stretched his big affectionate hands full of cupidity toward the poor little Nakoruru.

"Noo !" Nakoruru beseeched while Galford came to her rescue and to hide her from the werewolf. "I understand you are so happy, but don't try to lift me. Or Mamahaha will punish you !"

"Hey wolf ! Leave her alone or I'll punish you too !" Galford said.

"Hmmm... Don't worry. I just said it because I can use my strengh at last. And I was so angry when this kid played with my nose. Can I get my vengeance ?" Adjantis said.

"You meaned my sister bothered you while you were frozen ?" Nakoruru asked, surprised.

Rimururu tried to hide behind what was bigger than her. And it was Galford. When all looks focuzed on her, she felt so embarrassed.

"Ahem... Hello. It wasn't my fault ! He has a so long nose." Rimururu said.

"Before it started, please stop Rimururu ! Didn't I asked you to be polite and to respect the others ?" Nakoruru asked to her sister.

"Y... yes." Rimururu answered, closed her eyes, looked at the floor and was sulky.

"Right. Let me introduce my friend. His name is Adjantis." Nakoruru started.

Then, she introduced all her friends and her sister. Few time after, the sun began to leave. The night will be there soon. Nakoruru thought about how they can hide the werewolf. He was hidden in the forest since Rimururu saw him, but for how many time will he stay ?

"Oh boy ! Hey Poppy, you should take example on this guy !" Galford said to his dog. "And where will we hide him, Nakoruru ?"

"Yes. We couldn't leave him in the forest, or somebody could find him and kill him !" Rimururu added.

"Yes, you are right. Adjantis, my sister told me you have a... an other form. What about this ? If it's true, you could rest in our village. We have a barn no longer used. It's clean and we can hide you here. Do you accept our lodging ?" Nakoruru proposed.

"Why not ? It's nice from you. I have nowhere to go. If I could use my human form, then I'll be safe in your village although I don't really want to live with humans again." Adjantis said.

Then he tried to concentrate. He closed his eyes... but nothing happened. After more try, he seamed to be surprised.

"I can't bellieve it !" He said.

"Maybe you used your magic so much ! You are too tired. Never mind, we should hide you with a cloak or something to let you enter in the village." Galford asked.

"You're probably right, Galford." Adjantis answered.

Nakoruru gave her magic cloak to him.

"Take this, and use it to hide you. Please, be careful with this cloak. It's very precious for me." Nakoruru said.

"Thanks. I'll keep it fine as the apple of my eyes." Adjantis said it and used Nakoruru's cloak to hide himself. But the cloak was too short for him.

Rimururu and Galford tried to stop laughing, because he looked like a old ninja. Nakoruru thrown them a harder look to make this to stop. Then, she looked at Galford.

"Do you come with us ?" She asked, her blue eyes full of hope.

"Is it an invitation ?" Galford answered, a big smile on his lips.

"Perhaps..." Nakoruru said, and smile at him.

"Alright, I go with you." Galford promised.

Chapter 4-----Return to Kamui-Kotan

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