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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 4-----Return to Kamui-Kotan

Characters in this story:
Rimururu, Nakoruru, Galford and Adjantis

The night was deeper and deeper. Nakoruru asked her companions to hurry. She remembered how she abandoned her grand parents... how worried they must be since they known that Rimururu was in danger. In the darkness, the trees take some strange -even- frightening forms. The nocturne creatures woke up. But Nakoruru wasn't affraid of her forest. She known it very well and she liked it. She just thought the forest of Kamui-kotan has a better look during the day. While in the travel, Galford approached her and smiled. She answered -her too- by a smile and started to speak with him.

"I'm very happy that you accepted my invitation, Galford. Did you return here to train with Hanzo Hattori ?" She asked.

Embarrassed, Galford tried to avoid her blue eyes as if he repproached himself something else. "Y... yes, I want to improve my technics with him. He think that I have a lot of potential and I could be a really great ninja to defend the justice if I train more. But I remembered of you and your sister, and I have though that you will be happy if I come to see you." He said.

"Well, it's done. I... we are happy to have news from you, Galford. And it's an honour for us that you accepted our invitation." Nakoruru answered, her eyes bright of joy.

She was happy, but deeper in her, she known that Galford was anxious of something. As if he had a trouble he didn't want her to know. The young Ainu girl started to think she was involved to his problem. She wanted to ask him about it, but she known it may be personal and if she was concerned, he'll tell her later. Gai-jin act curiously, sometime. And Galford was the only one who won her trust. More, he won her heart, but she wasn't able to admite it. In fact, she has a big crush on him and she miss him these last days. Maybe what made Galford anxious was that he loves her too and don't know how to tell her. She remembered when Galford wanted her to stay with him. Unfortunately, she can't be his girlfriend. Because she is an Ainu priestess and because of her duty, she can't distract herself from her aim by loving someone. All priestess had to stay pure. She had to devote her whole life to her mother Nature. She faced a difficult problem of choice. Either she respect her duty of Ainu priestess and protect the nature, either she endanger the nature that she loves by rejecting her duty and stay with Galford forever. The last choice was unbelieveble. She promized her father that she'll protect nature at all cost. She can't forget her promise. She was very sad of it, and she'll be more if she let Galford know this truth, what can break his heart and made him think that he won't be able to love her. She was feared by the idea that he could leave away from her, sad of this unfairness. In the depth of her heart, she didn't want to loose him. Sometimes, she dreamt of a day where she could defend the nature and stay with Galford... Just to think of it, she flushed more. Galford is so handsome, she won't be able to resist so long face to his smile and his azure eyes.

"Why are you turn pink Nakoruru ?" A plaintiff voice launched.

It was Adjantis. The huge werewolf stared at her. Nakoruru tried to avoid his gaze. The hazard made her lay her look on the source of what made her flushed : Galford. Suddenly, the ninja's attention was focused on her and it was enough to make her flushed more. She loved those blue eyes.

"Well... it's just that I'm embarrassed now..." She answered, confused. "No ! It's not what you think, I want to prevent you two that you will sleep in a barn near my home. But we have to make a distraction in order to let you enter in. It's possible to meet some neighbours near it. And you know... Gai-jin aren't accepted by Ainus. If I show you in my village, you will surely be banned. I don't want them to hurt you..." She told quickly to recovered the lapsus which could reveal her mind. Fortunately, nobody seemed to care about it.

"It's not a problem, Nakoruru. You are so kind. I know your home isn't so big to lodge us. Additionally, we are foreigners or gai-jin as they call them in your village. Your grandparents won't agree if you let us enter in it." Galford reassured her. He smiled at Nakoruru to show that he understand. She thanked him with her most beautiful smile.

"Wait a moment..." Adjantis cutted of and glanced all around him.

"What the matter ?" Rimururu asked with big brown interrogator eyes.

"I remembered of something I hide three days ago." The werewolf said without leave his look from a tree.

It was a very old tree. In the shadow, it had an imposing breadth. Nakoruru and Rimururu known all the trees in the forest and known their classification.

"Is it so much urgent, Adjantis ?" Nakoruru asked.

"Don't worry, little girl. It will be done quickly." Adjantis answered always attracted by the tree.

Nakoruru sighed. "Please, don't call me little girl. It's a dishonour for me. Call me by my name." She begged him.

Adjantis stopped his study and glared Nakoruru. She was affraid of his look, but she resisted.

"Is it an order or a suggestion ?" He asked.

"Neither an order, neither a suggestion, but a wish. I'm not also young as you expect. I'm 18." Nakoruru answered with a very sweet voice.

The werewolf started to laugh at her. Nakoruru felt herself very vexed of his reaction.

"Why dare you laugh at me ? It's unfair !" Nakoruru whispered.

"I can't help with it ! You are young, you are short, so I call you little girl." Adjantis said.

Rimururu seemed to be amused to see her big sister treated like a child. Then, the werewolf added something for her.

"It doesn't mean that you are higher in my mind ! Curiously now, I remembered of an other little girl who can't stop groaned when she saw me for the first time. Without talking of your childish actions. Did you remember how many time you pressed my noise ? But it doesn't mean that I hate you, little girls..." Adjantis said, as to laugh at Rimururu.

Rimururu stayed dumb. In fact, she was far away from the calmness. She felt the anger incressed in her. Her blood boiled and it wasn't a Konril which can chill her, but an iceberg... Before she can utter any answers, Nakoruru put a hand to make her mute.

"Stop your kidding, please ! We must hurry." She asked calmly while her sister started to struggle.

"Sorry Nakoruru..." Adjantis let out. Then he approached the tree.

"Can I help you ?" Galford asked and approched to him with Poppy.

"Yes, come on..." The werewolf answered.

Nakoruru and Rimururu watched over them with attention. They went in front of the tree and the two young girls heard the werewolf told about "Little girls or kids". Nakoruru was really sad to notice the werewolf has called her by her true not for long time. She looked at Mamahaha and sighed. Her falcon seemed to be calm, as if she read she can trust the werewolf as her mistress done few time before. Sometimes, Mamahaha managed sweet noises. Shikuruu turn around his mistress. It will be harder for him to accept the werewolf.

"But he's a good wolf..." Nakoruru thought while her mighty wolf who rubbed himself close to her. "Heeyy ! Stop please, Shikuruu. It tickles me so much..."

Shikuruu looked at her and obeyed. He sleeped close to her mistress. She gave him more endearments to thank him. And Rimururu was mute. She thought of a way to get her revenge on the werewolf...


While the girls stayed calmly away them, Galford, Poppy and Adjantis were in front of the old tree. The werewolf picked two solid dead branches and gave one to Galford. Then, he used his to dig in a precise area.

"You know, Adjantis..." Galford started to get his friend full attention. "... Nakoruru is a really sweet heart. She deserve your respect. She's very mature even if you think that she's short and na´ve."

"I agree with you, pal. She's very nice. And if I bothered her by calling her 'little girl', it was to joke ! But I still don't understand why such a young and beautiful girl was here to stop me. 18, isn't too young to face the potential danger I was ? I don't know her parents, but I can tell you they are very unconsious to let their girls to stop me. Thanks the gods that I'm sane and I don't want to kill innocent..." Adjantis said, concentrated on his work.

"Adjantis... her father is dead... They have just their grandparents. And I believe they know Nakoruru's duty of Ainu priestess..." Galford said, his voice full of sadness.

"WHAT ? Nakoruru ? A priestess ? And her mother ?" Adjantis said, more interested.

"I don't know about her mother. She never told me. It's when her father -who was the protector of nature- died that she take his responsibility on her. She loves nature and animals. And now, she had to defend them against evil. She can't stand with people who destroy the nature..." Galford answered. Then he sighed. "She's so young... so fragile... so..." He whispered, lost in his dream of the young Ainu maiden...

"And ? And ?" Adjantis asked, devoured by the curiousness.

"Ahem... and she's an Ainu. She lived near the nature and she's very kind when she can trust you. Please, Adjantis, be very sweat with her. I'll never let anyone break her..." Galford answered, a look very serious.

The solid dead branch of Adjantis felt on the floor with a sharp noice. The werewolf stayed to watch over Galford, surprised. He apologized, and picked his branch to continu his work. Deeper of him, he was touched by the secret that he read in Galford's mind. Thanks to his magic abilities, he known the young men has a crush on Nakoruru. And in the darkness, he smiled.

Finally, Galford and Adjantis relieved a chest from the hole. While Adjantis filled up again the hole, Galford asked him what does the chest contain.

"Patience, my friend... Before I explored this forest when I came in your world, I decided to hide my precious items in this chest. I think that they will be better with me, now." Adjantis said. Then, he opened the chest.

"But... you said that you aren't from this world ?!? What's this joke ?" Galford asked.

"It's a really long story, Galford. Maybe I'll told it to you later..." Adjantis said.

The chest contained a huge black cloak. Adjantis told he kept it in the case where he ran out of clothes. Even if he used spell to hide and accelerate his transformation, his clothes were always tore. This 'wizard robe', as he named it was adapted to his werewolf form. It will be precious since he tore his old clothes, due to the transformation. So, he will be able to give back his current tiny cape to Nakoruru. Galford noticed other unknown items, but the strangest were two identical weapons. On each of the two extremities of the pommel, tressed with black and gold strand, there were a curved blue blade. The whole weapon form a crescent of moon. He didn't known if it was melee weapons or weapons to launch. Adjantis store his items in the large pockets of his new clothes. Then, turn in front of Galford and waved a hand to show that he was ready.

"Please, hurry up ! If our grandparents wait a little more, they will discover both of you and you will be banned ! And I don't want..." Nakoruru beseeched, far away.

"It's alright, Nakoruru. We can go on. Please, forgive us..." Galford said to reassure his young friend.

She saw him approached, with a bright smile on his lips, what gave her more difficulties to hide her feeling toward him. She flushed and can just saw Poppy and Adjantis in a new cloak. She turned her head to sound the depth of her favorite forest in the dark in order to calm her beatings of heart and her shyness. Her quick mouvement made her long dark blue hairs floated majestically in the air. The rays of the moon emphasized the blue reflections of her hairs. Then she went on with the conversation. Rimururu stayed sulky, trying to console herself with her floating magic crystal.

"You are welcome, Galford... Let's go now..." Nakoruru said while she felt her skin came back to her normal color : white as snow.

Suddenly, she felt two enormous hands laid on her fragile shoulders. She has a start due to this and tried to struggle.

"Hey ! Calm down, Nakoruru. It's just me... Adjantis. I give you back your cloak." Adjantis said with his hoarse voice. The young maiden felt her cape back on her shoulders. She re-cover herself with it to be protected against the coldness of the night. Even if she was accoutumated to cold weathers, she noticed the night was very cold.

"I'm... sorry. Thank you." Nakoruru apologized. She felt so nervous. She didn't want to admite it, but she was always a little afraid of him. She know she'll have to wait... Maybe this fear will disappear. She doesn't known him well, at the moment even if the spirit of nature told her she can trust him. And what will she do if her village members discovered Galford or Adjantis ? What will they do to them ?

"It doesn't matter, Nakoruru. I understand that you are always a little affraid of me. And for the village members ? Galford is a ninja, and I, a magician. Nobody can find us." Adjantis asked with a voice he managed to keep sweet.

Nakoruru started again. The werewolf read all her thinks. Rimururu was right. Then, during the end of the travel, she tryied to learn more about the werewolf and what he has recovered in the forest.

"I know you have taken this cloak, but what else ? If it isn't too... private..." Nakoruru asked, a short spark of curiousness in her blue eyes.

"As I told to Galford, when I arrived in your world, I hide few stuffs. A lot of these items are magic parchments, magic potions and other stuffs related to magic. I know it may be useful to keep them with me, now. Then, I would be able to write new magic spell to understand your langage. If I'm right, the effects of this spell will take one day. After it, I'll be again an incomprehensible werewolf. Unless if I can write more parchments..." Adjantis answered.

"You... you told us you are not from this world ? But Rimururu told me you could be French ? She recognized that you spoke in French and she told me that..." Nakoruru asked, surprised.

"I don't know French. What is it ? I came from Kithan' Let..." Adjantis answered

"What is it ?" As the same person, Galford, Nakoruru and Rimururu asked.

"Well, it's the barony from where I was. And 'French' ? What is it ?" Adjantis answered, his blue eyes confused, sometimes.

"French are the people from the kingdom of France. It's a land governed by Louis 16th." Galford answered.

"But... how did you came here ???" Nakoruru asked, her beautiful face shown how surprised she was.

"I have traversed a... a kind of magic portal in my world and when I woke up, I was in this forest... that's all." Adjantis answered with a sharper manners, as if he was bored by these questions.

Nakoruru felt frustrated because she can't known answers for her lot of questions which burnt her lips. "No matter, I don't want to bother him with certainly hurtful events..." She thought secretly.

Then, they arrived to Kamui-Kotan. Because it got darker and darker, Adjantis noticed lights at the windows of the dwellings. He didn't saw anybody, nor he wanted. He covered his wolf head with the cowl of his wizard robe. Before he investigated more the village, a tiny hand shook his left shoulder. It was Rimururu.

"You shouldn't go here. Stay hidden with Galford, I shall make a diversion. It could be useful, to let you pass. I don't want anybody to see a bag full of flea like you..." Rimururu said, a voice so serious at the begining but no more at the end.

"WHAT ?" Adjantis said, his blue eyes burnt with madness. As if he will eat the unfortunate little girl.

"RIMURURU ! Didn't I ask you to be polite with people, especially when they are our guests ?" Nakoruru said by throwing a harder glare to her young sister. "Forgive her, Adjantis. She didn't mean to insult you..." She told to Adjantis, imploring his pardon by her innocent look.

"Never mind... I think it's her way to get revenche for when I called her 'little girl'. But I'll go on until she'll act like a true adult." Adjantis said, a voice louder enough to let Rimururu heard his sentence.

Rimururu became more sulky. Galford came to console her by patting lightly her shoulder. She was too ashamed to look at anybody.

"Okay ! Galford and Adjantis, please stay here. I will go with Rimururu to see if the way to the barn is safe. Don't stay uncovered, we don't need any troubles..." Nakoruru said calmly, tried to calm Mamahaha, flapping her wings.

When Galford and Adjantis nodded, the two young Ainus went away. A short silence came after their departure.

"Why are you so bad with Rimururu ?" Galford asked, Poppy started to wave because she was hunger. "She's just a child !"

"I know it, Galford. I know it and it's what make me worried." Adjantis started. "Since she saw I'm not dangerous, she can't help with bothering me. And she goes wrong. If she was more mature, she will be more prudent with me, a perfect stranger... and a perfect killer. I don't want her to be killed by another werewolf she'll meet and she'll think like me. Most of us use their curse to spread pain and destruction. They didn't try to vanquish the beast which lie in them, as I have done. Worst, they excite it. Once it's done, nothing can stop them. They slaughter men, slain children... and rape women..." He said.

Galford heard his fear and understand a little more his reactions. He known too that the werewolf was different from his equals. In the begining, he was affraid of him too. And worst when he known he had to let Nakoruru treated with him. When the spirit of nature and Nakoruru gave him a chance to trust him, he used to know him more. But he never noticed any evil intentions. Except maybe when he tried to look like a dangerous creature. What didn't impress Rimururu.

At last Galford noticed Nakoruru. She made a wave of hand to show them that the way was safe.

"Do you have a girlfriend ?" Galford asked, not very conscious of what he said.

The werewolf seemed to hesitate. In a short seconde, Galford swore to see a tear in the corner of one of his eyes. He regretted his request. But the werewolf answered "No..." Galford tried to explain to himself what happened. He approached with Adjantis and his inseparable companion, Poppy. Nakoruru told them to be mute, then she lead them to the barn. As they expected it, it wasn't luxurious. There were a lot of boxes, chests and old furniture. A ladder allowed to access to a second level.

"Don't worry, I know... it's not very comfortable. But I'll give you a lot of blankets. Then, you'll spend a nicer night." Nakoruru said. "I'll come back later with dinners for you two... Oh ! I won't forget you, Poppy. And your babies too. I hope that you are all hunger..." She added, a cute smile on her lips.

Poppy seemed to understand what she said. Nothing, could stop her. She ran to Nakoruru to thank her by her manner. Adjantis was confused until he saw where Poppy's babies were. Three small puppies leaved from Galford's bag, awaken by the noise of their mother, and came to welcome Nakoruru. She was really happy to see them again and Adjantis saw how important the animals were for her.

"You are very kind Nakoruru. I don't know how can we thank you. We will be eternally grateful to you..." Galford said, a voice very sweet for which the young Ainu maiden can't resist.

"It's alright, lit... Nakoruru. Thanks for all you have done for us. I want to run to you and to hug you... but all I will gain will be a slap and a bite from your wolf. So, I can just thank you, from the depth of my heart..." Adjantis said, very grateful for her help.

Nakoruru smiled a little for his joke. Then, she smiled at Galford. She seemed to be very touched by what she heard. She made them an amical wave of hand, before being 'kidnaped' by her wolf who felt the dinner time approched. After few contestations, she closed the door.

Adjantis looked at the door as if he discerned again the presence of the adorable young girl. Galford sighed and tried to calm his 'familly' with bones he always kept on him. The barn filled with noises of chewing. To make him leave from his reverie, he proposed a bone to Adjantis. The werewolf refused it lightly.

"Now, you see. Nakoruru is a good girl. She deserve your respect." Galford said, as sad as his friend, because of the departure of the young dark blue haired girl.

"I understand, Galford. I'm happy to meet such some kind girls. Even if her sister is a little too childish, I like her too." Adjantis said while Galford tried to tidy the place where they will spend their night. "Now tell me Galford. When will you own Nakoruru your feeling toward her ? A girl of her kind, it won't fall in your arms all days in your life time !"

The old chair taken by Galford dropped from his arms. He felt a savage fete started on his face. He can't help with flushing. Now, somebody know his crush on Nakoruru.

Chapter 5-----A strange night

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