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Beyond the Hidden Plan
by Galford & Poppy

Chapter 5-----A strange night

Characters in this story:
Rimururu, Nakoruru, Galford and Adjantis

Nakoruru was so happy that all work properly. Nobody can imagine that her and her young sister hide gai-jin in Kamui-Kotan. First, during the dinner, Rimururu told to her grandparents the reason why she was in danger. It was because she wanted to calm a furious bear alone. She was sure she can be skilled as her big sister for that. As she expected, her grandparents were too worried and the main topic of the dinner was that she had to be very very careful. Nakoruru felt so ashamed for that lie. Her sister told her that it was the only solution and a lie isn't bad when used for a right purpose. Then, Nakoruru assembled foods she hide before her dinner and she had to provide to her friends. Usually, she fed all animals in her house -even others who waited at her door and remembered how generous she was- before the dinner. It was done, but she felt very nervous when Sanouku surprised her with all these foods. Nakoruru wasn't gluttonous at all. Fortunately, Rimururu saved her sister again by telling about a pack of wolves which followed them when they came back to home. The poor animals reclaimed endearment and seemed to be hunger. For the first, it was ok, but for the second, they couldn't do it immediately. That was why -according to Rimururu- Nakoruru prepared all this food. The lie made her more ashamed, but it was an excellent apology to provide the food to her friends. Plus, it worked.

At last, Nakoruru and Rimururu went out to feed 'the wolves'. Escorted by Mamahaha and Konril, they let Shikuruu at home because he was too lazy after the huge dinner his mistress gave him. Nakoruru smiled just by thinking of the growls he did when she said him that she will feed other 'wolves'. He was in her room, lying, his belly well put in evidence as a titan defeated... by a dinner.


"Why do you keep denying that ?" Adjantis asked to Galford.

This conversation was too long, enough to make them forget their hunger. Only the dogs were agitated. Galford was in a bad state. Blushed, he never faced the blue eyes of the werewolf again since he discovered how easy it was to read his own mind.

"I... I don't deny anything ! Nakoruru is just my friend, that's all !" Galford said, a voice full of emotion because he named his beloved Nakoruru.

"So, tell me why your voice is trembling ?" Adjantis said, and uncovered his cowl to let him see his whole head.

A silence came. Poppy and Adjantis's pointed ears raised.

"Maybe the hunger ?" Galford said.

Suddenly, he heard someone turned the door handle of their barn. By one fingers snap, He shown a direction to Poppy who took all her puppies behind boxes. He pushed Adjantis in a dark corner full of chests and old furniture. The werewolf protested for this. Then, he pulled out his ninjato from his scabbard. Before the door could be opened, he disappeared in a puff of smoke. The door opened to let pass two young girls, a falcon and an ice crystal, floating around them madly. Nakoruru and Rimururu noticed that the barn was empty. A piece of wood lyied where Galford was few second before.

"Galford, it's very prudent from you. But don't make us fear. Now, leave from your hiding place" Nakoruru called by her innocent voice.

The young man materialized just in front of her. Nakoruru has a start, always surprised by his ninja skills. His sword back in his scabbard, he welcomed the group with a handsome smile that he was the only one to know the secret. The effects were more visible on Nakoruru's face than on her sister. While Nakoruru fed the dogs and forgot for a short time the beautiful smile of Galford, Rimururu approched the two gai-jin, her tiny arms full of food. Mamahaha found a back of chair to be perched and to watch over them.

"It's dinner time !" Rimururu said and served food to Galford.

"Thank you, Rimururu. It's nice from you." He answered to the small girl.

She smiled at him and served the werewolf too. She took a small flask full of fresh water and gave some to her friends. When she tended a bowl full of a kind of salmon soup and two rods toward Adjantis, he noticed her necklace. He took his bowl and glance at it.

"Thank you, Rimururu... what a nice necklace you have here !" He said.

Rimururu couldn't trust her ears. He called her by her name. She smiled and caressed her jewel, proud to keep it.

"It's a gift from my sister. I'm proud of it." She said with a voice full of emotion and her brown eyes sparkling as her ice crystal. "And you ? Have you any brothers or sisters ?"

"Unfortunately... no. My parents sent me to the Magical Arcane School when I was 6... and..." He answered.

She didn't know why, but she felt a great distress in his voice. She approched him and she laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Are you miss them ?" She asked innocently.

"Y... yes." He answered. "But let's stop talking about sad things... I'm glad to be with you."

She smiled at him at admited he can be nice with her sometime.

Once Nakoruru finished to feed the dogs, she came back near them.

"Please, stay here. While you eat what we have specialy cooked for you, I have to bring blankets for you... Rimururu will stay with you. I must hurry." She said, throwing shy glances to each of them.

"So, you'll abandon us too Rimururu ? The coldest tiny girl of this land ?" Galford said, a disappointed voice in order to joke. "Prepare yourself to see two ice blocks !"

Then, Galford laughed. But he couldn't laugh long time. Rimururu was just at his side.

"I'm not tiny ! You will pay for what you said." She menaced, her eyes twinkled with malice.

She approched her hands toward him, but he tried to hinder her. He was quite stronger than her and imprisonned her tiny hands just in one of his. Unfortunately, while he struggled against her, he noticed Nakoruru watching them with amused eyes. She smiled. He let himself distracted by her beauty and the sweetness of her face. But Rimururu didn't let him admire her sister longer. She succeeded with freed her hands and laid them on his nape. Due to her ice powers, she was very cold. Galford could admite it now...

"WOUHAWOUHAWOUHAAAAAAAAAAA !" He screamed as a pathetic imitation of the inca warrior Tam Tam.

"Yosh ! I rely on you, Rimururu. Don't make too noise. I'll come back in few minute." Nakoruru said.

She left the barn with Mamahaha. Galford tended a hand where he saw her for the last time and tried to call her name before tasted the coldness of Rimururu's hands on his nape again.

"WOUHAAAA ! Please Nako ! Hurry !" He said.

Satisfied by her victory, Rimururu left Galford alone to let him eat. Adjantis looked at his bowl, confused. Then, he looked at his rods. The young Ainu attracted his attention and shown him how to eat with. When he tried at his turn, he realized how hard it was. His fingers were too thick to let him use the rods. He missed to break them. Convinced that it wasn't the best way to eat, he engulfed his bowl in one mouthful. Galford looked at Rimururu and shrugged. But the werewolf coughed so hard. Panicked, Rimururu served him a glass of water, hopefully it will calm Adjantis. He drank it... and fell dizzy. Anxious, she looked at Galford like if she was guilty of the worst crime.

"Kamui !!!! What I have done Galford-san ? Help me !!!" She begged.

"Maybe he's allergic of Ainu cooking ?" Galford answered, by hazard.

He touched his wolf-nose. It was wet, sign which shown he was fine. Adjantis wake up, he was better.

"I'm sorry, I have eaten my food too quickly..." He apologized.

"Oh... we were worried about you..." Rimururu said and served him food and water again.

Nakoruru came back with Mamahaha. Her arms were full of blankets which hide her face. The group wondered how could she left from her house with as much blankets and wasn't beeing arrested by her grandparents. But what counted the most was her return.

"Do you have a nice meal ?" She asked, her blue eyes glanced quickly at them.

"Well...... yes." Adjantis said and ate what he left in his second bowl.

"It was perfect, Nakoruru. Both, you are very good at cooking." Galford said.

She and her sister smiled at them. Then Nakoruru started to prepare something to sleep with the blankets. Galford helped her, Poppy turned around them. They installed the 'beds' in the second level. Once it was done, she returned near Adjantis and her sister with Galford.

"Yosh ! It will be a good place to hide you if somebody enter in the barn by hazard." Nakoruru said and tidied to make disappeared the proofs of their stay.

Then, she looked at Galford.

"If there are any troubles, please be careful ! Flee in the forest or try to let me know." She said him. "You know where I live, Galford, isn't you ?"

He nodded.

"So, have a good night. And please, no jokes !" She concluded.

She smiled at them, what was for Galford the best vision to spend a nice night.

"Good night, you two." Adjantis said.

Rimururu waved a hand to say them -by her manner- goodnight. Even Poppy came to salute the girls who were happy and thanked them.

"Good night, Rimururu. Good night, Nakoruru..." Galford said.

He sighed, when the two young Ainus disappeared behind the door with Mamahaha, Konril and their last smile.


Nakoruru just finished to take her bath. She was ready to sleep and she heard no noise from her sister room. Sure Rimururu profited of a nice rest. Satisfied, she walked to her bed, her kimono and her long hairs floating lightly in the air at each of her steps. She looked at Mamahaha and Shikuruu who were correctly installed. Shikuruu snored, and Mamahaha stood on her roost, following by her falcon eyes her mistress. Nakoruru fondled her head and the falcon managed a sweet noise.

"Good night, Mamahaha. Thank you to take care of me..." She said.

Installed in her tatami, Nakoruru used to take a comfortable position to sleep. Galford and Adjantis were safe and it gave her the sentiment to be in peace with her mind. Galford is so tender with her. He never hurt her and was always here to protect her. She sighed and used to think of him, in order to dream of him. The sleep came quickly, but unfortunately, Nakoruru didn't dream of her beloved Galford.


This night, her dream were agitated. She was alone in her forest, trying to hide her fear. The hearty usual green colors weren't. It was rather gray and sad. All her lovely forest was dying. The sounds of animals, the rustle of the leaf.. all were gone. She noticed Mamahaha, Shikuruu and her dagger weren't with her. She was really alone. She was just a poor little girl, very afraid. She tried to call the spirit of nature, but nothing happened. She didn't hear the voice answered to her distress. She tried to find the enemy, responsible of this evil. But all she gained was the horrible vision of the corpses of animals, heaped up as a macabre monument. It was more she can support. She cried. Then, many persons appeared around her, remplacing the horror of the animal corpses. She known all of them, yet disliked them. So more names she didn't want to hear again. The evil sorcerer Amakusa, the possessed Shinto priestess named Mizuki, the evil demon known as Zankuro, The damned Yuga, the ugly fiend called Gen-An, the nasty ninja identified as Earthquake, the rude samurai feared and known as Genjuro... all people she hated, living or died were here. Even her demon was here. A girl nearly dressed like her but with an evil look. She has defeated them... and now, they will get their revenche. First, they laughed at her to break her morale already severely hit. They filled the strange quietness of the forest with each of their railleries.

"Poor stupid girl, you wasn't bad enough to survive in this world. Only the strongest can." Genjuro said, a look whitout any pity. His katana was already soiled by the blood of his recent victims.

"He he he ! Look around you. Your forest is better now. Builded as the image of my master Ambrosia !" Amakusa said, his stone of strengh and evil describing circles around him.

"Look at what you have done ! Our mother must be proud of her 'lovely daughter' now." Her evil copy said, something jeering in her voice.

"Leave me alone ! You nightmares... you are not true..." Nakoruru said, her eyes teary.

Even if she was sure of the result of this combat, she was determined to fight bravely. Her dark copy approached her. She would like to defend herself, but her moves were slow, as retained by magic. Her evil sister slapped her.

"It's more than a dream ! I have long time waited for this instant. I'm better than you ! I will remplace you !" She said and slapped her again.

"You were prouder, last time I have seen you. I will slain you... he he he ! I will enjoy to see your innocent eyes dying." Zankuro said, an evil rictus on his lips.

"He he he ! Do you remember of me, witch of Nature ? I will take the privilege to change the beautiful creation of mother Nature you are into the ugly monster I am." Gen-An said and can't help with licking his claws.

"It's too late ! Demons have invaded your holy forest. And it's not your pathetic gods or your spirit of Nature who will save your soul. And don't think of sacrificing your life. No gods care of you..." Mizuki said, her demon dog devouring Nakoruru by his look.

An ugly fart cause a start from Nakoruru. She was disgusted and she glance at the horrible person who make that ugly sound. It was Earthquake. She wasn't the only one to be disgusted by this and lot of her enemies kept away from him.

"Poor little butterfly... I made one mouthful of your falcon..." Earthquake said and made a powerful belch.

The poor Nakoruru was more disgusted... but now, she can't stop crying. Mamahaha was dead, and the plumes planted on Earthquake's rags could comfirm her sadness. She wouldn't want to hear this.

"Now, it's your turn, Nakoruru. You will suffer more than your sister and your beloved gai-jin." Yuga said. "I liked to slain him and to hear him calling your name... but thank me, you have no more this choice between your feeling and your duty. Either one, either the other, it's all finish." He added after a small silent to enjoy the sobs of the young girl.

Nakoruru fell to her knees. She sobbed. She heard her enemies laughing at her. Her sister, her pets, her beloved Galford, her forest... all were no more. She has lost all faith to live. Her mind was so shocked, and her fragile body won't resist long time to their hurts. Then, she heard them stop laughing. She known her hour was come. Maybe she'll see her father again... As one unique man, her enemies shouted before running to her. It was too much for her poor heart so much wounded. She fell unconscious...


Nakoruru awoke in the middle of the night and let a short cry of panic. Her eyes teary, she sobbed lightly and hide her face, shocked by this horrible dream. Like a sweet word, she felt a hand caressing her long hairs. Galford ? She held up her head, and prepared to see the handsome gai-jin. A sweet sound made her realize that it was Mamahaha.

"Oh... Mamahaha ! What a terrible dream..." She whispered and hugged her falcon.

Once she was free, Mamahaha went on to caress her long dark blue hairs. She will be always here to protect and comfort her mistress. In addition to Nakoruru's distrust toward anyone she didn't know, she was always here to protect her from bad guys who wanted to hurt her. And Nakoruru was eternally grateful. Mamahaha was as a mother, always taking care to her daughter.

She left from her tatami and took a gauntlet to keep Mamahaha with her. She noticed that the night was really cold. What was wrong ? She wrapped herself up into her magic cloak and came to see if Rimururu was alright. Her young sister slept calmly. Mamahaha let out sweet cooing.

"Yes... you are right. It was just an horrible nightmare. But it seemed to be so true !" Nakoruru whispered to her falcon.

Mamahaha cooed again. Nakoruru let appeared a pale smile on her face. She fondled Mamahaha's head.

"You're right, Mamahaha. I hope the night will be better..." She whispered.

Nakoruru returned back to her bedroom and tryied to find a sense to her nightmare. Mamahaha stayed on her roost and made a sweet cooing.

"Good night Mamaha. Thank you again..." Nakoruru said.

Later, the sleep came and she felt drowsy...


Nakoruru wasn't alone to dream. Galford was too. A ray of moon lighted his face with a huge smile. He tried to hug what he used as cushion. Several times in the night, he said the name of his secret love and kissed his cushion. What he was too shy to do in the reality, he did it in his dream.

The gleam of the full moon awoke Adjantis. He thrown strange glances to the occupants of the second floor they used as a bedroom. Forced by invisible powers, he walked to Galford.

"What's wrong with me ? I didn't want this ! I must return to my bed..." He thought.

But his look became harder and harder. He beginned to see the young men as an intruder on his territory. A sudden will of slaughtering invaded his mind. He was bloodthirsty. He noticed the Justice blade near Galford, ready to be used. But he wasn't afraid of this. The smile of Galford made him think that he will never awake. But Poppy ? He saw the dog looking at him. She sensed how evil he became and shown her fang. She growled. Adjantis too growled. What a dog can do against a mighty werewolf ? Just in one wave of hand, he could kill Galford and neither Poppy, neither the pups can avoid him. Suddenly, he had a vision. He saw the poor little Nakoruru sobbed. She was taking her beloved Galford in her tiny arms. He was pale, more than her skin. Her eyes were so teary. She cryied his name, but nothing can bring back a dead. Even the love of a priestess. He remembered the first time where he saw this maiden. She was so innocent and he couldn't forget her. He didn't want to break such a pure creature. He felt the evil hold disappeared and didn't know what he wanted to do.

"Gosh ! What I was nearly doing ? No... it cannot be true." He thought fo himself.

Confused, he went back to his bed and tried to control himself, afraid of a new possession by his beast side. Something was really wrong. Usualy, he was able to control his curse. But now, it was like if it was stronger. Adjantis opened big eyes. He known what caused that ! An evil demon try to control him in order to fill his dark will. Silently, he moved to his items. He was looking for something particular. It was a small flask. He stretched it to the ray of moon to see if it was really what he wanted. He wasn't deceived. Then, he drank the liquid from the flask. The effects were immediate. He fell on his bed and snored. Now, who can control a werewolf defeated by the sleep. And in the dark, Galford closed his eyes. His fears were right. The werewolf was dangerous. He was nearly ready to kill him and Galford was right to make him thinked that he dreamt. Careful as all ninjas, his rest can be broken easily. When Poppy growled, he known the werewolf looked at him. He known too that the werewolf had to fight the beast lying in him. It wasn't his will but his acts. It made him remembered of Shiki, a woman controled by Yuga, as a poor marionette without any will. He thanked his lucky star that the werewolf calmed down. Tomorow, he'll tell Nakoruru how urgent it is to bring back the werewolf to his world...


The form spent long time to stand up. It glanced at this new place with its two unnatural red rays exited from its orbits. Nothing else but trees, animals... and all. It wasn't impressed by the quiteness of the forest, nor by its beauty. The weak light presented in the forest wasn't enough to describe the horror what it was. It seemed to be a man... more exactely, it was a man. The scales of his armor were filthy. The symbols of his forgotten armor were disappeared because of the time. His white cape was soiled and teared. An antique sword was set in the scabbard at his side. Nobody can say from which country this black blade came. Because of his black ancien horned heaum, he seemed to be a knight... but who can tell which curse let him survived from his death. He was a knight from the worst nightmare. He stretched one of its skeletal finger and pronounced few incomprehensible words. The sound of his voice seemed to come from the depth of the earth and made flee all animals in a large perimeter around. An unholy light surround his hand. It become lighter and bigger. Soon, a tender silhouette appeared in this light. At the beginning, it was vague, but few seconds after, the 'creature' saw a poor young girl sleeping, her long dark blue hairs spread around her. She was really beautiful and calm, but the unholy one didn't care about this. He just felt anger against the unaware young Ainu maiden.

"So, it's you... the protectress of this land." He whispered. "Too young and too naive... it's a pity that I can play longer with you." He chuckled.

Then, he used his other hand to describe circles in the air and hummed a forgotten song. He shown a point on the ground and the magic concentrated in his hand was flung to blow up on the point and formed a burning symbol wrote on the floor. Born from this fire symbol, another creature appeared, its silhouette already confused by the smoke. Screaming with rage and madness, the demon looked at his master who invoked his services. This dreadful apparition made flee more animals. High of two or three metters, the new creature has a red and thick skin. Lot of horns come out from his flesh, his skeleton has a complex structure. His eyes were red and it was with his four arms supplied with deadly claws that he can fight. He moved with his two powerful goat legs to his master.

"Fyok'tel, I need your services. Don't tempt anything agaisnt me or I'll kill you..." The unholy knight howled.

"Order and I will obey..." The red horned demon said, a voice characteristic of evil.

The dark knight showed him the magical image of Nakoruru, sleeping. The demon studied his new opponent and laugh at the poor innocent who didn't know what will happen to her.

"Your verb is my order, o master. I obey." the demon said.

Then, he fold up his four arms. A red smoke covered him and he disappeared. Only the dark knight stayed in the forest, glaring at the dying magical image of Nakoruru he called, like if he hoped that the true one will really die by his demon's attacks.

"Rest well, protectress of Nature. You will die very soon." He whispered.

Chapter 6-----The flight

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