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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 8-----After the Caped Man

Names of characters in this chapter:
Shizumaru, Rimururu, Galford, Kazuki, Hoahmaru, Shogun

New character:
Genjuro, Charlotte, (-charity girl-)

there's dead bodies everywhere....
blood everywhere....
there's a Samuria not far away.....standing in the middle of the corpses....holding a Katana...
Shizu is fighting someone very familiar....a guy in a knight suit. they fight fiercely...
"DAMN YOU..!!!!!!" Shizu got hit. he swing his katana and attacks...!! but missed. he quickly turn around, "[GASPS]" it's too late. the opponent lift its blade HIGH UP.......
and SLASHES DOWN INTO SHIZUMARU'S FACE...!!!!! blood splatter into the opponent's face..!! it hurts Shizu MORE THAN ANYTHING or any slash he ever had. but he didn't cry in pain. instead, he is FURIOUS. he attacks the opponent with all his strength, striking again and again (but the opponent defend himself with his blade). then he shouts out very angry, "KONGETSUZAN..!!!!!!!!!"
[SLASH] blood splatter into Shizu's face....... he didn't even blink at all or anything...his eyes full of anger and hatred........
but not his blood...but his opponent's....
there's a SCAR in Shizu's face.....
the Samuria who was standing in the corpses....
he look up...
his eyes are red as fire...... full of pain and hatred...... there's a strange glow in his eyes........
and between his eyes......
.....there's a SCAR.....

"..!!!!!!!!!!" Shizu opens his eyes. he was taking a nap..
"SHIZUMARU..!!!!! WAKE UP!! i can't believe you fell asleep??" said Rimururu they're in a small town or something. in a restaurant. they were sitting there, eating. and Shizu fell asleep right after he ate one bread. he woke up VERY early, before the sun rises. he wanted to leave before the others wake up so they don't have to follow him and bother him....he wants to go alone. but they woke up before he got the chance to go alone...and that really piss him off. now he's soooo tired.....
"told ya to get more sleep last night. but you have to wake up before us!!" smiles Rimururu
"......why can't you all just leave me alone, damnit.." whispers Shizu, trying to stay awake.
"you think i enjoy tagging along? not really." said Galford, eat a bread,
"that Cella girl is a spoiled girl. i rather go home than save to someone like HER."
"she isn't that bad is she?" blinks Rimururu, "there's gotta be a reason why the prophet took her..."
"well...i think i know." said Kazuki, scratching his head, "she is from a rich family right? very rich family. i heard they have a lot of very RARE TREASURE in their mansion....."
"hmm...yea....the prophet did say something bout finding a treasure.."
whispers Galford, "maybe he's a greedy thief who wants a ransom."
"no...there's more to it..." said Shizu, "...he doesn't want money...he doesn't want treasure...he wants something even more RARE..."
"???" Rimururu and the others stare at Shizu, very confused...
"GET OUTTA THE WAY..!!! MOVE IT..!!!!" shouts a man, down the street.
everyone went to see something...
"what's going on? a parade?" said Rimururu, looking out in the window
" today is no special holiday." said Kazuki
Galford looks outside with Rimururu, "hell no it's not a parade. it's those French soldiers.."
"???" Shizu went to see too. he looks outside. the villagers stand aside to make way for the French soldiers and warriors. there's a lot of them. their sword is VERY weird's thin. very thin. how do they fight that....THING??? Shizu never seen it before. he saw the leader of the French. that guy is not very old, not very young either. he's much like Shizu, bout his age too. he have short black spiky hair, and eyes. he's the only Japanese from those French soldiers....and from the clothes he's wearing (lots of badges on there), he must be a very important soldier and probably, the toughest soldier from them all.
and next to the leader, is a knight. is it a man? or a woman? can't see his or her face. it's covered by the helmet. but the knight is very alert, and also carry those weird looking swords......
"man...what the hell do they want now?" said Galford
"you know them, Galford?" said Rimururu
"i know who they are." said Galford, very angry, "these jerks are from France. ever since Amakusa is gone, they want to take over Japan. they want to influence the Japanese here with THEIR religion. they tried before a few years back, but failed. now, they came back again cuz Amakusa can't wipe out their army or hurt them. no longer a threat to them. now, Japan is all for the taken..."
"WHAT THE @#$%???!!! NO WAY!!!! who they think they are??!!!" shouts Kazuki,
"i'll get them. i'll make them go back to France. it's JUSTICE TIME!!" said Galford, "but now..we still have to save Cella. and capture the kidnapper. after that, i'm on my own journey to get these French soldiers..!!" then he look at Shizu, "HEY, RED-HEAD..!!! you gonna join me and Poppy??"
"...i just want to finish this mission so i can get on with my life. i don't care bout anything else or whatever happen to japan...." said Shizu, not care at all.
Galford is a bit pissed, "you know what? i don't like're mean.."
Shizu doesn't care. he keep on looking outside, "huh??" he saw a caped stranger in the middle of the crowd. looking suspicious. caped stranger?! he remember that stranger was part of his past 7 years ago..!! that stranger...he is the one who destroyed Jubei's house and made the girl go away forever.....
...he must be the prophet..!!! the same one Lord Shabu-Shabu described..!!!
"IT'S HIM!!!" gasps Shizu
"who?" said Rimururu
Shizu runs outside from the restaurant.....into the crowd without telling his allies.
"SHIZUMARU..!!!!!! WHERE YOU GOING???!!" shouts Rimururu
"THAT KID IS SO RUDE.!!! HE JUST LEAVE LIKE THAT!!" said Kazuki, "Rimururu, how do you put up with him for 7 years???"
"...." Rimururu didn't answer that. she watches Shizu leaves......she knows something will happen....

Shizu run through the crowd trying to find the stranger...but the stranger isn't here.
"..GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouts Shizu, very angry. he keep on searching. that stranger must be kidnapper. he may be the one who made the girl from his past go away.... but he's also the one who can tell him who that girl is. he wants to know...
but where is he?? the stranger was here a minute ago...
"damn.....where is he?! why won't he show up??!" said Shizu, "i can't believe...OUCH!!"
he didn't watch where he was going, and bump into a girl....
"OUCH..!!!" the girl fall on the ground.
Shizu help her up, ".....nasai gomen.."
"it's ok..i'm fine." said the girl. she straighten her clothes and hair, then she smiles, "there we go. i'm fine, see?"
she have long black hair (some brownish) tied in a ponytail. and black-brown eyes. she's about 16. she wears a outfit of dark blue and black, and there's a small katana on her left side... and she also wears a pendant.
" seen a caped stranger around?" asks Shizu
"hmm..nope." said the girl
"arigato." then Shizu walks away...
"WAIT, SIR..!! PLEASE..!!" the girl calls him, "will you please donate some money to charity?"
"yes, please? we need as much money as we can get to buy food for the children at the orphanage." said the girl
Shizu have very little money, and he need it for later use. charity? orphanage? he doesn't give a damn. he's a Samuria, not a tree-lover or anything. that girl carries a katana, must be a fighter too. but why is she wasting her time helping charity? stupid idea. very very stupid idea.
"....i can't. gomen."
"BUT PLEASE, SIR??? the children really need it.."
"...that's not my concern."
"..." the girl understands, "ok.."
"look, there's a dangerous kidnapper here. a girl like you shouldn't be here. you should go home."
"...ok. goodbye sir." said the girl, and walks away.
Shizu watches her leave, "who is she..?" then he saw the stranger OVER THERE..!! he quickly ran after the stranger...pushing through the crowd. he stopped at the middle of the French soldiers march, his eyes looking all over the place searching for that stranger..but couldn't find him again....
"HEY KID!!!! GET OUTA THE WAY!!!" shouts the soldier
"....." Shizu looks around, then he shouts, "@#$% DAMNIT!!!!!!" he lost him again...
Shizu feel the presence of another Samuria.......!
he looks up, "[GASPS]" the Samuria jumps down to Shizu, and ready to strike with his blade...!!
Shizu defended himself with his katana....just in time. the Samuria backs off. and ready to fight, "YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM ME FOREVER!!"
"???!!" Shizu doesn't understand. he saw him before....'s GENJURO..!!
Genjuro is kinda old now. not very. he's very angry...
"why are you fighting? what are you talking bout?" said Shizu
"Hoahmaru??? ME???? no..i'm.."
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SIZE, HOAHMARU?? YOU'RE SHORTER THAN BEFORE..!! and your hair...they're not that spiky. they're kinda reddish..." said Genjuro,
"WAIT...HOLD UP...!! I'M NOT...." Shizu tries to explain, but Genjuro is so pissed he didn't care to listen (as usual). he attacks...!!
"I'M HERE, GENJURO!!!!!!!!" said a man voice.
Genjuro quickly stops, then he turn around, "HOAHMARU..!!!"
it's Hoahmaru. he comes out from the crowd, "you never give up, do you, Genjuro?"
"HUH???? YOU'RE HOAHMARU??" Genjuro shakes his head. he turn to Shizumaru, then to Hoahmaru, then to Shizu again. then he was like, "whoa...shit. my eyesight is getting worse. which one is that asshole? if i hit the wrong person, i'll kill the innocent...." then he shakes his head again, "OH WELL!!!!!!! PREPARE YOURSELF HOAHMARU...AND.....HOAHMARU!!!!!"
then he attack BOTH Shizu and Hoahmaru..!!
"HEYY..!!!" Shizu backs off, trying not to fight, but force to

[CLASH] [CLASH] Shizu, Hoahmaru and Genjuro are fighting in the middle of the French soldiers march. the crowd and the soldiers watches them fight.
"what's going on? why did the soldiers stop moving?" said the French leader
" looks like there's a fight in the front, sir." said the knight,
"Samuria...?" said the leader, "good."

[CLASH] Hoahmaru and Genjuro wrestles with their blades. Genjuro's eyesight is getting blurrer and blurrer by the minute. he shake his head, trying to see better. but it's so hard to concentrate.
"YAAAAAAHH!!!!" Hoahmaru saw Genjuro off guard, and attacks..!!
"AAAHH..!!!!" Genjuro got hit 2 times. he couldn't even see clearly. then he attacks...but he attacks Shizu, "YOU ASSHOLE..!!!!!!!!!"
"..!!!!!" Shizu gasps, and tries to avoid fighting..
Shizu got hit..!
"SHIZUMARU, WE'RE COMING!!!" shouts Rimururu. they saw them fighting and want to help out Shizu.
"GO POPPY!!!!" shouts Galford, calls his dog to attack Hoahmaru..!
[GROWL] Poppy bites Hoahmaru in the arm, not letting go..!!
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHH....SHIT..!! @#$%..!!!! LET GO YOU STUPID MUTT..!!!!" freaks Hoahmaru, trying to shake Poppy off.
"HOLY @#$%..!!!!!!!! MORE HOAHMARU'S...?????? DAMN!!!!" freaks Genjuro. his eyesight getting even worse. he saw his opponents as all Hoahmarus..!!!! bout 5 of them..!!!! he doesn't care which one is real, he just attacks, "DAMN YOU HOAHMARUS..!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE EVERYWHERE..!!!!!!"
he attacks every opponent he sees...
"Hoahmaru?? what's that?? i'm Kazuki..!!" said Kazuki, trying to defend himself
"ALL RIGHT THAT'S IT..!!!! I'M PISSED..!!!!" shouts Hoahmaru, "i got a stupid mutt with his damn jaws stuck in my arm, some strangers come and attack me, and hunted by a blinded Genjuro. I'M GONNA KILL YOU ALL..!!!!!"
then he perform a powerful attack, "KONGETSUUU...."
Hoahmaru falls on his knees. there's blood from his right leg. they all stop fighting, and turn around.
"what the hell is this about? fighting in front of MY march?" said the Leader. he's very handsome, with black spiky hair, and blue eyes. he's about 18 yrs. he's holding his weapon, a sword similar to Shizu's....
"you asshole..!!!" shouts Hoahmaru, trying to stop the bleeding
"that attack always works." grins the Leader, "you Samurai must be rebels against the French..!!! YOU MUST BE ARRESTED..!!!! MEN, GET THEM..!!!!" the soldiers aim their weapons to the Samurai's necks....
"TAKE THEM BACK TO THE FORT." said the knight

Chapter 9-----To Fight or to Run?

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