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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 1

Time has passed since the last demon showed its ugly face. And of course this offers our favorite two Aniu Maidens time to sharpen their skills as well as their swords. But this doesn't mean that there's no time to relax and enjoy the good life that comes with living in the country, besides today's little Rimururu's

Rimururu: Hey!!

Narrator: What is it? Did I say something I shouldn't?

Rimururu: I don't like being called little! I'm not little; I'm Petite, That's what Ms. Charlotte called it. Call me petite.

Narrator: Ok, (Whispers) even if it does mean the same thing (hides a laugh).

Narr: Ok, By the way my names John, and this is Rimururu. For those of you not familiar with the S.S. series (for shame) she's Nakoruru's younger sister, and one heck of a cutie.

Rimururu: ( blushes)giggle!

Nakoruru: Don't forget me.

Narr: And this is Nakoruru. For those of you who don't know she's the defender of nature.

Nakoruru: Well, I'm not the only one. Rimu, and Galford help to.

Narr: Ok, anyway they will be providing commentary all through the story so when you see a name that looks like this Rimururu or any other name in bold. That's them. Now back to our story.

Narr: Its Rimururu's birthday and some of the group have decided to throw her a party to celebrate.

Off in a small private room in her's and Nakoruru's part of their home Rimururu is sorting through a trunk full of Kimono's and having one heck of a time deciding which to wear. ( if you don't know what a kimono is then you should pay more attention in world history class)

Nakoruru: Rimu? Can't I come in?
Rimururu: Sure.

Nakoruru: Everyone's waiting. Please hurry.
Rimururu: Just a sec, I'm having trouble deciding which kimono to wear.

Nakoruru: Well this parties casual, I'm just going as is.
Rimururu: Well I feel like putting one on for this occasion.

Nakoruru: Hmm, (looks around) Why not this Light Blue one. You haven't put it on since that festival we went to last fall. Its formal yet casual. Here let me help you put it on.

Nakoruru:( 3 minutes later) Ok, you look fine (leaves).

Narr: Everyone is out in the family space of the small home. In all there are 12 people gathered in their home. Galford, Nakoruru, Their parents, and grandparents, and a few of Rimururu's friends.

Nakoruru: Ok everyone, now I'm proud to present the girl of the hour, the cutest Anui Maiden in all the land, my sister Rimururu.

Narr: She slides open the door and out walks Rimururu trying to look tall and proud. She walks over to the table in the middle of the room and seats herself at her place at the table.

Everyone starts singing a birthday song ( a bit off key except for Nakoruru) boosting Rimururu's sense of pride (she giggles). Then they have cake.

Rimururu: No Ice cream for me, thank you.

Rimururu: Girls gotta keep her figure.

Galford: A toast to little Rimururu. To many happy years and many happy memories to come.

Nakoruru: Ok, now lets get to the gifts.


1. From Grandparents- 3 gold coins, and a scarf.

2. From parents- A new Samurai costume made of pure silk. She starts feeling it with her hand, she likes it.

3. From Galford- Another scarf.

4. From Her friends- 1 new headband, 2 cards, and 1 gold coin.

Narr: Now its Nakoruru's turn. She hands Rimururu a box. Inside is a new summer outfit. Its dark blue with a nice pattern on it. Short sleeved, and shorts .

Nakoruru: I saw you looking at it last time we were in town, so I bought it for you. Do you like it?

Rimururu: Yes, very much.

Galford: Hey. Let see how it looks on you.

Everyone: Try it! Try it!

Narr: Rimururu goes into the next room, and emerges in the new outfit.

Galford: Nice. Very nice.

Grandmother: You look very stunning in that. The boys will never stop fighting over you.

Mother: Its looks beautiful on you. It should be nice on warm days.

Nakoruru: I wouldn't mind having one of my own like that some day.

Galford: I can wait to see that.

Nakoruru: Giggle(blush).

Later that night

Narr: Everyone has left, and the cleanup is done with. Rimururu has put on her regular clothes and now lays on her bed mat staring up at her new clothes hanging on the wall.

Nakoruru: Can I come in?
Rimururu: Sure.

Nakoruru: What are you doing?
Rimururu: Just looking over the new clothes you gave me. Nakoruru this was expensive, why did you buy me it?

Nakoruru: Sisterly love, plus making you happy is important to me. Now, time for bed, tomorrow means more training.

Rimururu: Good night.

Narr: A few days pass and training goes as expected. Nakoruru helps Rimururu with her Judo Techniques while Galford still drives Rimu nuts while sparring. Now however Nakoruru has really started to help Rimururu improve her powers.

Nakoruru: Ok, while you already can control your power, it still doesn't mean that its at its fullest. Someday you will be able to join me in fighting Demons, but first you must learn more about how strong you can become. Now try again and this time put more energy into the attack.

Narr: Rimururu gets the right stance, cups her hands, and concentrates all her energy, releases. A ball of ice shoots off and strikes an old stump. The stump freezes, and then shatters like glass.

Rimururu: How was that?
Nakoruru: Better. Now again with more feeling.

Narr: The rest of the day goes like this till every stump is reduced to kindling.

Nakoruru: Ok, that's enough, you don't wanna use up all your energy at once.

Rimururu: We had enough kindling to last a week.

Nakoruru: Yeah, but it was all wet from the ice attacks.

Narr: The next day Nakoruru walked into the woods to her tree. While listening to nature she felt a sudden force.

At that same moment Rimururu was out doing her daily Judo practice with a straw dummy when she started to feel strange. It came from deep inside and felt like an empty void, just how Nakoruru described it. She raced back to her home and was already packed when Nakoruru walked in.

Rimururu: Nakoruru, I felt it!
Nakoruru: You did?!

Rimururu: Yes, it felt just like you said. I'm going with you. It must mean I'm ready.
Nakoruru: No.

Rimururu: What?! Whatta you mean no?!!
Nakoruru: Like I said, no. Feeling the presence of a demon, and being ready to fight one are two different things. Now no arguments.

Narr: Rimururu shot Nakoruru a dirty look and stomped into her room and slammed the door shut.

Nakoruru: Oh little sister, if you could only be stronger, and calmer than you are you would be ready (departs).

Narr: Several hours pass as Nakoruru with Mamahaha being her eyes in the sky, raced toward the evil beings source.

Nakoruru: She's almost ready, a little more time. She's Strong but also jumpy, and quick-tempered. Just a little more time.

Nakoruru: I hope she isn't too mad at me. I saw it in her eyes, she was ready to jump on the first demon she saw. That's good but with her temper she can get into trouble very fast.(stomach growls) Guess Ill stop for lunch.

Narr: It was late that night when Nakoruru stopped to rest. She lays out a bed mat to sleep, when she looked up she saw the last thing she wanted to see. There before her stood Evil Nakoruru (Bust).

Nakoruru B: Well, if it isn't my goody goody twin.

Nakoruru: Leave me evil spirit, be gone. I have no time for you.

Nakoruru B: Ha! Do you really think that it matter's? That you can stop anything? Ha! You will have to pass me to go on, and then another, and anyone of your friends who tries will face even more challengers. Give up and just die. Ill even make it easy.

Nakoruru: Ill never give in to you, never!!

Nakoruru B:(draws sword) Very well then, If that's how you want it.

Narr: Nakoruru draws her sword and the duel begins.

Narr: In a hail of sparks they strike swords and retreat, then several more lunges.

Nakoruru B: I'm still better (Jab, slash, Clank).

Nakoruru: Never (slash). Ill beat you(whoosh). I have to (clang).

Narr: They overpower each other and the swords fly. They jump into combat stance and begin to fight hand to hand.

Narr: Nakoruru B make's the first move with a windmill kick. Nakoruru blocks and counters with a right Jab.

Then she low kicks but Nakoruru B jumps up and kicks her in the head.

Stunned she gains her footing and blocks a high kick. Then attempts a jump kick. She hits Nakoruru B and she fall's over.

Nakoruru: I must finish this now, I guess Ill have to use my power to finish her.

Narr: She gets into power up stance and with all her strength shoots an energy ball, however Nakoruru B had the same idea and shot one of her own.

The energy balls hit each other and explode knocking them both back. When they regain their senses they are within grabbing range of their swords. Almost as one they jump up swords in hand.

Nakoruru B: Enough of this. Lets finish this with one last attack. Head On.

Narr: They both get in charge stance and wait. Wait. Wait.

They charge at each other. Strike ( lightning, flashes of light ,etc), then stop about 20 ft from each other.

Rimururu: Oooo, then what?

Nakoruru: Relax. Anyway you know what happens. Your in this story remember.

Rimururu: But its a very good story. So anyway what happened?

Narr: After a second or two of heavy breathing we see Nakoruru stand up. We see that Nakoruru B's attack was countered and only some hairs fall off her head.

Nakoruru B on the other hand stands still. All at once we hear a small ripping noise as a tare forms on the front of her outfit and cuts across her midsection. Then a small cut forms across her belly and she falls to her knee's. ( Like outta Resident Evil)

Narr: Nakoruru slowly walks over to her opponent. The wound isn't life threatening but it'll take time to heal.

Nakoruru: I didn't want to hurt you, but you left me no choice. Please reflect on your past conduct if you wish to be forgiven .

Narr: Ouch! (Both authentic Nako lines from Capcom vs SNK 2).

Narr: At once Nakoruru B jumps to her feet and rush's off into the night.

Nakoruru B: You haven't heard the last of me. Ill haunt you till your dying day, and from then on!!

Narr: Nakoruru spend the rest of the night in a tree to avoid anymore-unwanted visitors.

Narr: Meanwhile, a young Anui.

Rimururu: Me.

Narr: Stews about her big sister.

Rimururu:(thinking) She never lets me go anywhere. I wanna fight evil to you know. If she were in trouble I could help her. I'm not weak, I'm not slow, and I'm just as powerful as her.

Rimururu:Then again, (looks up to see her new outfit) She does seem to take care of me very well. I guess she's just watch in out for me. Nakoruru, please be safe.

Narr: She turns over and falls asleep.

Narrator: Well that's the end of part 1 of Rimururu to the Rescue.

Rimururu: Nice ending.

Narrator: You like it?

Nakoruru: Yes, that was some fight to. Will I ever be rid of Bust?

Rimururu: Someday. Maybe in another time. You are in part a holy Warrior, and are eternal as earths Guardian Spirit.

Nakoruru: I'm flattered. You really think I'm Holy?

Rimururu: Of course Nakoruru-san. You have the face of an Angel. (hope that san is the right word. If not Ill change it)

Nakoruru: Well maybe not an angle entirely but.

Narrator: Oh don't be so modest. Of course you do.

Narrator: Anyway. Well this concludes part one of Rimururu to the Rescue.

Narrator: Please come back again for part two- The Angle, the Assassin, and the Oman.


Chapter 2-----The Angle, the Assassin, and the Oman

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