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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 1: In Singapore

Note: I may include some characters from other anime or games in this fanfic . If anyone of you is unhappy, I'm really sorry. And one more thing. All characters are fictional, although I include some of my secondary and ITE schoolmates in this fanfic. You know who you are ^_^ . Any offence is unintentional.

The familiar sound of alarm clock filled his ears. He woke up sleepy-eyed and looked at the alarm clock. His eyes widened with shock.
"God! I'm late!" he exclaimed. With that he quickly changed into his outfit and rushed out of his house.

"You're late, Ming Hui," said a well-dressed man.
"For that, I'll dock your pay," he added.
"Hey, buck up, pal,"
Ming Hui turned around. He was a medium built, bespectacled young man.
"Ming Zhou, thanks for the consolation, but it seems to be my luck that boss keeps picking on me."
Ming Zhou, like Ming Hui, was medium built. He was a handsome man, one year younger than Ming Hui.
"Bao Feng, you're here already?" asked Ming Hui.
"Yep," he said.
"Oi, don't forget me," said a medium built young man with wavy hair.
"Oh, Jimmy is here," said Bao Feng. Bao Feng was a tall young handsome man, one year older than Ming Hui.
"Yo! You got scolded by boss again, isn't it?" asked Jimmy.
"Stop rubbing in," said Ming Hui.
"Anyway, where's Fu Ming?"
"He's behind you."
He turned around and saw a tall pimpled man, same age as himself.
"You scared me, pal," said Ming Hui jokingly.
"Really?" winked Fu Ming.
"Anyway, how's things between you and Margaret?"
"Well, she's asking me out tonight to talk about something important," said Ming Hui.

* * *
"Er, what do you want to see me about, Margaret?"
"I believe that my parents are biased against ITE graduates. They believe that most of them are bad influences on others."
"I've came to say that I want to break off. I can't withstand the pressure. I hope you know what I mean,"
"I understand."
"I'm sorry."
"Never mind."

Chapter 2: Death

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