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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 2: Death

"How's the talk, pal?" asked Jimmy
"Don't talk about it," said Ming Hui. He was still reeling from what Margaret had said. Two years of relationship since school days and all this should happen? He really felt like blaming God, but he dismissed the thought. Who was he to blame God? Besides who knows what God has in store for him? It might be just a blessing in disguise. He turned the thought away from him and concentrate on the possible promotion he could get for securing an important deal with the company's big client, Mr Yamamoto before he left home for Japan. Then he overheard the telephone conversation between his boss and Mr Yamamoto
"Yes, Mr Yamamoto. Oh, you mean that nerdy idiot? Well, he just can't do anything right. It is I who told him to do all the entertaining. Yes it's me all right. Oh, you mean the promotion to General Manager? Well, it should mine, in my not so humble opinion, ha ha,"
      When Ming Hui heard what his boss said, everything just exploded in his mind. He opened the door forcefully in anger and indignation.
"What are you doing, you imbecile? Can't you see I'm doing something important? I…."
Before Ming Hui's boss could finish his sentence, Ming Hui took out the contract with Mr Yamamoto and tore it before his backstabbing boss.
"Nooooo! You moron! Don't you know what you're doing?" he shrieked.
"No. All I know is that I shouldn't have worked for a damning boss like you," said Ming Hui.
"That's it! You're FIRED!"
"You have no need to fire me. I quit." With that he walked off.
      Later at the pub where Ming Hui and his only four friends frequent…
"Are you sure you're quitting?" asked Ming Zhou.
"No. Even if I want to come back, that bloody damn boss of ours will sure to bad-mouth me in front of the superiors and put all the blame on me. No, I'm tired of all those company politics."
"Then what do you intend to do?" asked Bao Feng.
"I plan to quiet myself down first. Breaking up with Margaret and being back-stabbed by that God-damned boss of mine… No, I want to quiet myself down," said Ming Hui quietly.
"Then what do you intend to do?" asked Jimmy.
"How about a trip overseas?" said Fu Ming.
"How about to Japan? It's a great place," said Jimmy
"Thanks. I'll give it a consideration," said Ming Hui.

* * *

"Please put on your seat belts. The plane will fly in five minutes time."
Ming Hui sighed. Perhaps his friends' suggestion was a good one. Going to Japan was what he had wanted to do for a long time.
      When Ming Hui reached the hotel, he sighed with relief. He could finally relaxed without having his stupid boss breathing down his neck.
"Well, maybe I'll go for a walk before dinner," he thought
      He was strolling down happily down the street when suddenly, something happened. Something which would change his life forever…
"I said get me a car to get away! Or else I'll kill this little brat!" said a crazed robber holding a crying child as a hostage. Out of sheer luck, the child struggled out of the criminal's clutches and ran away. Out of sheer desperation, the robber leveled his gun at the child.
"NO" cried Ming Hui and he leapt to protect the child. He heard a gunshot, felt a sharp pain in his back and he blacked out.
The next scene he saw was a kindly old man looking at him at a place surrounded by others dressed in a dazzling white light. He felt an unknown calm in him.
"Where am I?" he asked
"This is the Kingdom of God," said the old man
"Kingdom of God…." He thought. Then something dawned upon him. Being in the Kingdom of God meant one thing. And that meant that his mortal body is dead!

Chapter 3: In Conversation with God

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