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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 3: In Conversation with God

"This is a joke," replied Ming Hui.
"No, this is true. You're in the Lord's Kingdom. I'm Isaac. You have heard of me I presume,"
Said the old man.
"Isaac…" ponders Ming Hui, "You're Isaac?!!!! The father of Jacob?????!!!!!!" freaked Ming Hui.
"I assume you have heard of me then," said Isaac kindly.
"Of course!" said Ming Hui in glee. He never dreamt that Isaac, the son of Abraham, servant of God, would be the first spirit to greet him in the Lord's Kingdom!
"Come, I'll lead to the Lord. He wants to talk to you. On the way, you might see other servants of God," said Isaac kindly.
      He was right. On the way, Ming Hui saw quite a number of God's servants. Elijah, who kindly gave him an apple to munch, Micheal, the head angel, David, the greatest king in Israel who gave Ming Hui his blessings, not to mention St Peter, one of Jesus' disciples who greeted him along the way.
"Friendly lot, aren't they?" said Ming Hui.
"Yes they are. But there is an exception. Jonah; I presume you know him," said Isaac.
"Of course! The guy who became a whale's dinner for three days, right?" said Ming Hui jokingly.
"You seems to have a little sense of humor," commented Isaac, "Anyway, he's the serious sort who don't like any form of humor directed to God, or should I say, he's the grumpy type," smiled Isaac.

* * *

"Wow! Great palace there!" exclaimed Ming Hui, "Is this the palace of God?"
"Yes," replied Isaac, with that he shouted, "Ming Hui, Thy child has came!"
The drawbridge of the palace lowered down and Isaac led Ming Hui towards the throne room. The door opened and Ming Hui saw a holy old man sitting on the throne and on his right hand side sat a holy man in his thirties. Immediately, he knew that before him sat the Almighty One and the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, Son of God.
"That man on the right below the throne is Jonah. The one on the left is St Paul. I presume you know him?" said Isaac.
"Hi there, Boss!" said Ming Hui jokingly.
"Watch your language, kid," frowned Jonah.
"Never mind about Jonah. He's like that," said Paul kindly to Ming Hui.
"Never mind, Paul, heck care that Mr Whale's dinner,"
"Isaac was right. YOU do have a sense of humor," chuckled St Paul.
"Come here, Ming Hui," said God,"I have something to tell you,"
"Alrightee, Boss,"
God and Jesus smiled humorously.
"Then, I'll come straight to the point. You like Japan don't you?"
Ming Hui paused and said, "Yes, with the exception of the f#$%ing militarism beliefs, but let's not talk about it. Oops, sorry for the profanity,"
"It's alright. Anyway, I'm sending you to ancient Japan. This Japan is a world where the strong prey on the weak. This may be not so in Japan alone, but rather it applies to Riten-Kyo. I believe you know about it,"
Ming Hui nodded, "It is a thugs rehabilitation island,"
"Of late, there is a plot cooking there…"
"I understand, Boss, I'll stop it at all costs,"
"Very well, there's a holy scroll of Kenjutsu at a church. Many a swordsman sought it. However, all failed to get it. None could get past my servant, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada. I shall see if you can get the scroll. You can still back out if…"
"Say no more, Boss, I'll do it,"
"Very well. I'll take out your mortal body and revive you, however, before you go, remember two things. One is that you must kill in order to survive. I allow you to wipe out evil in My name, but let the Holy Spirit guide you to whom you should kill. Another is that when a human is born, I have chosen a path for him or her. If the person has step into the path, he must continue the journey and must have the will to live on as long as his journey isn't complete. These are the two things I want you to remember. Now go and fulfil your journey and beliefs,"
"Got it, Boss,"

Chapter 4: Guardian. Amakusa Shiro Tokisada

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