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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 4: In Conversation with God


Ming Hui: A lad from modern world, he had a hidden exceptional talent in Kenjutsu.

Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: The guardian of the holy scroll, he used to be evil due to his uncontrollable evil side (Boss of the first SS game).

* * *

"Oh before you leave, I guess I'll have to cure your shortsightedness in your mortal body. This will improve your strength as a kenshi since a perfect eyesight is important," said God," Go and be assured that I'll be with you,"
With a wave of His hand, Ming Hui blacked out again, and this time, he found himself lying in a forest.
"This must be ancient Japan," mused Ming Hui, "It has been a long time since I can see properly without glasses. But where is the scroll?"
Then suddenly, he felt a holy aura pulling him towards the right side of the forest.
"This must be the scroll," he thought and he walked towards the source. Then he saw a broken down church, which in within emitted the aura.
"Continue no more, if you value your life, that is," said a voice. Then Ming Hui saw an apparition of a young man dress in a robe.
"Are you Amakusa-san," questioned Ming Hui.
"Yes, I am. What do you want? The scroll?"
"God told me to look for you regarding the scroll. I'm sure you know the meaning,"
"Then let me see your strength. I won't fight a weaponless man," with that a sword appeared before Ming Hui. He knew what Amakusa was driving at. He picked up the sword and with a cry, he lunged towards Amakusa. Amakusa warped away and appeared behind him. A bolt of energy shot out from the orb that he was holding and paralyzed Ming Hui instantly. Amakusa turned his back on him and said, "It seems that you're just an ordinary man. Don't ever think of…"
Before he could finish his sentence, Ming Hui slowly, but surely, standing up.
"Don't ever underestimate your opponent. This is the first step to being a successful kenshi, Aqua- sang!" retorted Ming Hui. (Means male cross dresser or transvestite. See Amakusa's scarlet lips and you'll know why I decide to write that down. No offense to his fans though. Gomen! ^_^)
"I don't know what you're talking about, but you do seems to have a tremendous will power since you can overcome my attack," smiled Amakusa, "You're starting to interest me,"
With that, another bolt of energy shot out, this time bounding Ming Hui.
"Let's see whether you can overcome this," he smiled. The bond was indeed strong and Ming Hui was starting to give in to fatigue since the previous act had drain him much of his will power. The orb's power isn't to be trifled with. Then God's words came back to him, "Before you finish your destined journey, you mustn't give up living on,"
With that, he gritted his teeth and a sudden burst of will power erupted from his mind and the bond was broken. Ming Hui knew he don't have much strength left since the previous two acts has worn him down. He closed his eyes and concentrated on all his senses.
"End of the game," whispered Amakusa. With that a bolt of energy shot out, faster than the previous two. However, this time, the situation has changed. With tremendous speed, Ming Hui evaded the attack and lunged towards a shocked Amakusa. He struck Amakusa on the side with a powerful blow. Then he blacked out.
When Ming Hui regained consciousness, he saw Amakusa looking down kindly at him.
"A genius in Kenjutsu. You seem to have the born ability to wield a sword skillfully. Tell me, did you concentrate your senses and hit me out of your instinct?"
He nodded. Amakusa smiled. "A genius you are, I was right,"
With that, Amakusa led Ming Hui to a hidden chamber and open a chest. In it was a scroll.
"Take it. It's rightfully yours," said Amakusa. Ming Hui opened the scroll and read the contents.
"The sentences, they are actually basic Kenjutsu moves which every swordsman knows," said Amakusa, "However, beneath the words lies an inspiration to create a sword style belonging to you. Read the scroll, meditate, depend on the Father and you'll able create your own sword style within a year or so,"
"Got it, Aqua-sang,"
"What's the meaning of that word anyway?"

Chapter 5: Amakusa's Past

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