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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 5: Amakusa's Past


Ming Hui: After reading of the scroll, he managed to create a true sword style of his own. A genius in the field of Kenjutsu.

Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Guardian of the scroll, he used to be evil due to his uncontrollable evil side.

* * *

      It was early in the morning at a forest. The surroundings were quiet and secluded with only a young man with long hair up to his waist. He was standing under a waterfall with his eyes closed. After a pausing moment, he gave a loud cry and the leaves of the surrounding trees began to split instantly, all at the same time.
"A burst of powerful sword ki nonetheless," said a familiar voice.
"Oh hi! Aqua-sang," said the young man
"You better watch your tongue, or else you will get to offend lots of people, Ming Hui,"
"I'll remember your lesson," winked Ming Hui, "And by the way, I guess my training is at end now since I have create a true sword style of my own, Aqua-sang," Amakusa ignored the last word of Ming Hui's words.
"I also think so. I presume your quest for your own sword style is at end now." Amakusa sighed, "A year had passed and you have improved vastly. A genius indeed," he paused and said, "Come with me. I have something for you," with that, Ming Hui followed him back to the church.
      At the church's secret chamber, Amakusa open another chest. In it was a set of clothes. It consisted of a traditional Japanese Gi or shirt, a pair of gloves, pair of traditional pants, belt and a pair of sandals. "You'll need proper clothing or else others will see you as an alien. And by the way, you'll look more handsome if you tie up your hair," Then he opened another chest. In it was a tachi or a traditional Japanese sword. "Take it. It's rightfully yours,"
Ming Hui draw the sword and a faint blue aura surrounded the sword.
"Say, Aqua-sang, can you tell me about your past?" Ming Hui suddenly asked
"Why do you want to know?"
"Let's just say I'm curious,"
Amakusa sighed, "Very well. Do you know that the Bakufu still persecutes Christianity from the past up till now?"
Ming Hui nodded his head.
"Very well. It all began at Shimabara. My parents are Christians and they brought me up despite warnings from the pastor,"
"He warned them that should I live, I will cause trouble in the world. How true he is. After the failed rebellion of Shimabara and my death, my soul was filled with the feeling of hatred and blame towards God. Blame towards God that why he let His children and me to be slaughtered. The hatred in me triggered off the uncontrollable dark side of myself. Drunken by the dark force in myself, I began a plan to exact vengeance upon not only on Japan, but also on the entire world. After my initial defeat under Haomaru, I was filled with even more hate,"
"The legendary swordsman, Haomaru?" asked Ming Hui excitedly.
"Yes," then Amakusa continued, "Then I resurrected the demon Zankurou and tried to harness his powers for my own purposes. Then, by miracle or coincidence, I regained part of my humane side. However, I fail to notice it. Then just as I was trying conduct a ritual to harness Zankurou's power using Kazama Hazuki, sister of the two greatest ninjas of the Kazama clan, Kazuki and Sogetsu, a famed swordsman named Tachibana Ukyo arrived to the castle at Shimabara to stop the evil that if left to nurture, will harm his fiancée Odagiri Kei. Just as I was winning the battle with Ukyo, a thought came to my mind. Why I must continue my unscrupulous quest for power if all it resulted in death, destruction and pain for all. Isn't the death of my fellowmen enough for me? Then I remember a verse in the Scriptures. It said that as God's children, all must undergo trials and persecutions. For Christ had suffered persecutions and pain and so must His believers in order to strengthen their faith in God. Should they preserver, they will be deemed as worthy children of God, for no servant is above his master as no disciple is above his teacher. With that thought in mind, I willingly let Ukyo end my life as atonement to my sins. However, God had other plans for me. He told that although I had realized my errors and had been forgiven, He had another job for me. To protect the scroll from men of greed…"
"So that's the case, eh?"
"Ming Hui,"
"Before you set on your quest, you'll have to fight me. As a test whether are you worthy of the quest God had given to you. Are you ready?"
"If that's what you want, it'll be what you get," he grinned. A grin of excitement of fighting his first opponent.

Chapter 6: Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu. Kenkawa Raipuu

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