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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 6: Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu. Kenkawa Raipuu


Kenkawa Raipuu: Creator of Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu. A genius in Kenjutsu who has a powerful hidden potential in him.

Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Guardian of the scroll, servant of God.

* * *

      "Why don't you mind your own business? You didn't play the game and you ask questions concerning it. Just seeing your face and hearing your voice puts me off!" he snapped at Ming Hui.

Ming Hui remembered it only too well as he finished wearing his socks and tying the straps of his sandals. This was only one of the memories he had during his ITE days. Although he wasn't some abomination in the eyes of his classmates, some of them just treated him like an alien. Of course there were some good friends of his. People like Bao Feng, Jimmy and Dennis, who had immigrated to Canada. Where he was treated like an alien in ITE, he was treated like a moron in his secondary school days. He also remembered Yu Fen, the first girl that caught his eyes in his secondary school days. Then he was teased by his classmates over her especially Fu Ming, Jia Jie, and Kim Leong. This went on for two and a half years, which after that he was under MC for half a year and had to repeat his sec 3 course. There he met Ming Zhou and the gang. He admits that they didn't get along well. But after a few months of understanding, they got along just fine especially Ming Zhou. Then there was Gary "wrestling baka" Koh who treat him as a wrestling guinea pig. He remembered that there was an occasion where he bumped his head against the doorframe. To think of it, he found it humorous as time went by. Then after Yu Fen graduated, he had a crush on another girl named Ya Li. Of course his classmates teased him over her. Some of them including Kai Ye and Wallace even went to the extent of telling him that she reciprocated his feelings. Of course he didn't believe them (All right, if you were him, would you believe them?). Then there were his friends in his uniform group. Albert "Duck Meat" Ng, Peh "Small Guy" Ngee Keong, Lim "The Singer" Wing Cheong, Tiong Seng and the rest. However, there was no way that he could relive the memories except thinking of them. The price for being God's soldier? Maybe that's the case. However there was no turning back, neither did he regret it. He sighed as he tied his hair and prepared himself for Amakusa's test.

* * *

"I see you're in proper clothing now. I presume you're ready for the test," said Amakusa. He paused, and said, "Do you know that a spirit can't be harmed physically unless he has a physical body?"
"Yes… oh damn, then how, I mean you're a spirit…"
"Don't worry. In order to use their powers to the max, they need to have a mortal body. I'm not excluded. In other words, I also have a mortal body," smiled Amakusa
"Good. That means I have a chance then," said Ming Hui.
"Very well. Then we'll begin," with that, Amakusa emitted his ki. With the contact of ki upon him, Ming Hui began to sweat profusely. Then he knew. It was no ordinary ki. In fact, it was a gust of killer ki. Then he finally understood. The test that God intended for him is no ordinary test He intended for ordinary Christians where it's the persevere-and-you-succeed type. In fact, it was a test of death. An either-you-win-or-die test. With a roar, Amakusa lunged towards Ming Hui, attacking ferociously and driving Ming Hui back. "What a strength…is this the true strength of Amakusa Shiro Tokisada? Am I destined to die here?" thought Ming Hui, "No. My mission is that of God's glory. I can't lose!" With that, he gave a cry and began to retaliate.
And he strikes six times at Amakusa with his electrified sword. Although Amakusa managed to block all six strikes, he was driven back five yards back with his hand trembling. However, his face shows no surprise. "Funny," mused Ming Hui, "When I used any sword, the power isn't as great as this sword…" Before he knew it, Amakusa was advancing towards him quickly and perform an air diving strike.
And he gave a rising uppercut, which strike Amakusa on the side.
And Amakusa hit the ground with a resounding crash.
And he dived down to strike Amakusa. However, this time he was prepared. With his eyes closed, he reached out his hand and nine bolts of energy shot out and struck Ming Hui on his nine vital acupoints. The force sent him flying off and crash into a tree. Then he blacked out…

* * *

      An elderly man appeared before him, looking at him with a mixture of concern and hope.
"You're not Boss, aren't you?" questioned Ming Hui.
"I'm not God. Rather, I'm the forger of this sword,"
"The strength you've just execute with this sword is excellent. I presume you're the one I'm looking for,"
"What do you mean by that?"
"If you best Amakusa, he'll tell you. Think of your future and beliefs. Do you want to forfeit them so easily? Do you want evil to spread throughout the world? What about those suffering people? Don't you want to help them? Remember your purpose of coming here and the hopes of the innocent that awaits you," With that the old man faded away.
"I don't know who you are, but you're right. The suffering people that I wanted to help. Although I can't help all of them, but I'll try my best to help them. No. I can't die here," said Ming Hui quietly, "I must get back and beat that Aqua-sang. For the Lord's sake and myself,"

* * *

"What a pity," said Amakusa with regret, "A genius in Kenjutsu to end up like this. O Lord, may You bless this child of Yours,"
Then he closed his eyes and started to pray for Ming Hui. But before he could start praying, he felt an enormous force surrounding Ming Hui. He stared in shock as Ming Hui stood up slowly. Then with a sudden roar, he was enshrouded by a swirl of blue energy, his hair and eyes turned lightning blue and a blue kanji for Tamashii or soul appeared on his forehead. With a roar, he teleported towards Amakusa.
And he thrust his sword into Amakusa and Amakusa fly off under the impact of the blast of electrical energy exploding out of his sword.
And three tornadoes fly out as he swings his sword and struck Amakusa. However, it was far from finished.
And he performed three slashes, released a Senpuu Renzan and finished with a rising spinning uppercut. This time for real, Amakusa was defeated. Then to Ming Hui's shock, Amakusa stood up. However, this time, he had lost all his attacking strength.
"You have passed the test given to you. I now can go without regrets,"
Then Ming Hui went down to his knees out of exhaustion, his hair and eyes returned to normal and the kanji disappeared from his forehead.
"Hold it, Aqua-sang. I have lots of things to talk to you. Can you ask Boss to grant you time?"
Amakusa closed his eyes and after a while, he opened them and said, "Very well,"
"Good. Firstly, what is the origin of this sword?"
"Why do you want to know?"
Then Ming Hui told Amakusa about the encounter with the old man and what he said. Amakusa paused, and said, "The old man whom you saw is none other than the great warrior-cum-sword maker, Kuki Kenjurou,"
"Cookie? The type that we all eat? Well, I miss my favorite Hershy's cookies' n cream. And not to forget my favorite Oreo cookies…"
"Don't try to act stupid,"
"Sorry. Just joking,"
"As I had said before, he was a great warrior and he forged two much sought swords, Seiou and Kouou, which are the ancestral swords of the Kuki clan. The reason that he forged the swords has something to do with the rebellion of Shimabara, which is led by me…"
"Well, do continue,"
"At a young age of 17, he was enrolled into the army due to his prowess in Kenjutsu. When the Bakufu told him that they have to crush the rebellion under the excuse of resuming peace in Japan. He believed them for real and thus, he forged Seiou and Kouou to restore the so-called "peace". After my death and the end of rebellion, he finally realized the truth behind the rebellion and the lies that the Bakufu told the civilians about the Christians of Shimabara that they are the accursed children of Japan. Out of regret, remorse and a glimpse of hope, he prayed towards the heavens that should there be a true Christian God, He must answer his pleas. Then, the Lord appeared before him and said, 'Kenjurou, your request is heard. I know that you are duped into crushing the rebellion. I forgive you and be assured that one day, My wrath shall come upon those who despise and maltreat My children. But before this happens, you must forge a sword. A sword which can only be wielded by a child of Mine, who knows how to forgive.' With that, He departed. Then for 60 days, he forged his final sword, Raiou. After that, he continues to write a scroll using his faith for God, a scroll that will inspire the destined one to create a true sword style of his own. Of course after that, his soul was taken away to heaven with God. The scroll which he created is the very same scroll that you have read,"
"Then who protect the scroll while you're ain't here?"
"His angels. After that, God told me to protect the scroll, but the primary purpose is to test you,"
"Another thing. Do you know what the Japanese soldiers did in China and other colonies they took by force during war time in my world?"
"Yes, I know,"
"Then what are your views?"
"One word. Ashamed. Why do you ask?"
"I'm just trying to get your opinion,"
"I see. Then what do you think of the atomic bomb incident in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,"
"According to Japanese books, they themselves are victims of war. I pity them, but I can't forgive what Japanese militarism had done to other countries and the fact that Japanese right-wingers deny these acts. The people of these colonies suffered much under the Japanese's cruel rule. It is they who are the real victims. I guess that the atomic bombing is actually the price that Boss wanted the Japanese to pay for their acts. As for the victims' souls, I guess that Boss knows how to deal with them. If possible, I hope that may they find peace in Boss' Kingdom,"
"Very well. I shall tell you the nature of the threat, which God told you. In Riten-kyo, there is a group of swordsmen called the Hagyo Razor Trio. The leader, Oboro, plans to rule Japan with his boss, Yuga's evil laws. In order to do that, he must summon Yuga, who is hidden in a girl named Mikoto. Should Oboro is able to summon Yuga, none can stop him except for the Savior's Child,"
"Savior… God, don't tell me it's GM!"
"I mean Lord Jesus,"
"Yes. Only one who inherited Lord Jesus' blood can seal Yuga should he break loose. But to play safe, consult the Holy Maiden, Nakoruru. She'll teach you how to prevent Yuga from being let loose. However, before that, you must have companions whom you will hold dear. Ming Hui, I beseech you, don't let Oboro control Japan. Don't let what had happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki repeat in here,"
"Even if you don't tell me, I'll still do it, Aqua-sang. You know, during this one year, I've thought of a name for my sword style and a new name for myself as a symbol of a new life,"
"And may I know what's the name?"
"Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu is the name of my sword style. And my new name's Kenkawa Raipuu,"
"Very well then. Go in peace that God will be with you, Kenkawa Raipuu,"
"Oh, and one thing, Aqua-sang. Is the strength that I released just now my real potential?"
"Yes. And it is unlimited. The intensity of your potential and the duration of sustaining this condition depend on your will to live. However, when this power is released, it is also taxing on your body. That's where the Holy Spirit sustains you for the duration. This is also the reason why you feel tired after the battle, but as each occasion where your potential is released goes on, you become stronger,"
"Then why Boss chose me? I mean…"
"I'm in no condition to tell you that," Amakusa paused, "Rest well. I'm going to the Lord's side now," With that, he vanished and Raipuu fell asleep.

* * *

"Why don't you allow me to tell him, Lord?"
"As powerful as he is, he is still immature in the way of the sword. Don't worry, I'll tell him when the time is ripe,"

* * *

When Raipuu awoke, it was morning. He slung his sword over his shoulder and walked out of the forest.
"Wait and see, Aqua-sang. I'll fulfil Boss' mission for me, for I am creator of Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu, Kenkawa Raipuu,"

Chapter 7: Swordmaster. Haomaru

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