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Kami no Kenshi Den
by Kami no Senshi

Chapter 7: Swordmaster. Haomaru


Kenkawa Raipuu: Creator of Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu. A young sword warrior with a powerful hidden potential within him.

Haomaru: The legendary sword master with a sword style of his own which is bold and yet delicate.

* * *

It was a cool day in small town of Edo. Amongst the mass of people around was a long hair young man with a tachi slung over his shoulder. "Mid autumn now. If I'm not wrong that is," thought the young man, smiling. Then he heard the rumbling of his stomach. Hours had passed since his last meal. He then began to search for an inn where he could have his meal and put up for the night. Finally, he found a cozy inn near a bunch of stalls selling miscellaneous stuff. He entered the inn and a bell tinkled as he opened the door.
"Welcome Sir. May I know what you want? A room, just a delicious meal straight from our kitchen, or both?" asked a buxom serving girl.
"Both. Just give me a simple room and some rice with grilled eel. And give some sake, please,"
"That will be 4 gold pieces, please,"
He gave the money and after a while, a bowl of rice topped with grilled eel fillet and a small jug of sake was brought before him. Just as he was about to tuck in…
"Please don't make trouble here please,"
"Aww, come on. Just talk to us, will ya? You'll enjoy the talk with us, we guarantee you," followed by a stream of raucous laughter.
He turned his head around and saw three swaggering ruffians attempting to take liberties with the same serving girl who welcomed him.
"Excuse me, but isn't it inappropriate to speak to a girl in this manner? If you want company, I'll play with you," commented the young man in mixture of impudence and contempt. The largest of the trio, a bald hulking man, obviously the leader, came swaggering towards him and slam his hand against the table where he is sitting.
"Don't try to act hero, kid. You'll find the price too much to pay," growled the ruffian
"Ever since I had chosen the path I wanted to take, nothing means too much for me to pay,"
"You'll regret this," he said in a menacing tone, "Wanna have a duel outside?"
"Be my guest,"
       A crowd of people had gathered by the time the two men met each other outside.
"Don't cry for mercy if you lose," grinned the leader. With that he raised his fist and smashed into the lad's face… only to find that he had already been standing behind the ruffian. With blurring speed, he draws his sword and hit the boor with the hilt of his sword, sending him flying upwards and landed with a crash.
"Hmph, oruka," commented the lad in contempt. The remaining two, seeing what had happened to their boss, stayed rooted to the ground with a mix of awe, shock and fear.
"So, what do you guys want to talk about?" asked the lad. The words triggered the two off and they ran off as fast as they could.
"Alright, it's over," said the lad as he pat the girl on the head.
"Arigatou," said the serving girl, "What's your name anyway?"
"Raipuu. Kenkawa Raipuu,"
"Thank you, Raipuu-san," with that, she kissed a shocked Raipuu on the lips.
"Er, I think I have to go back to my room after my meal," with that, he went back to his table.

* * *

It was about an hour after daybreak and Raipuu woke up and took his sword and prepared to set off. Just as he approached the door, he saw the very same girl he aided yesterday.
"Yes, anything wrong?"
"You're leaving, aren't you?"
He sensed the disappointment in her.
"We weren't made out for each other. Go and find one who will truly be yours,"
"Then when will we meet again?"
"If Fate permits it," with that, he left.

* * *

It was the third day since he left Amakusa.
"That Aqua-sang… wonder how's he doing in Boss's world now," he thought to himself as he was roasting a pheasant, "I guess every things fine with the guys at Boss's Kingdom now. Perhaps Aqua-sang's appearance will turn things a bit upside down for them…"
Then he started on his roast pheasant. Just as he finished his meal and was ready to set off, he heard voices nearby. He went to the direction of the source and found a group of bandits and an old man in his late forties.
"Hand over your money, pal, or else you'll eat a blade from each of us,"
"I recognized you lot. You're those bandits infamous in this region for cruelty. You rape innocent women and orphaned children. Worst of all, you demented bastards even kill those who gave you their money,"
"You're right, pal. Hand over y'money and you'll die more painlessly,"
"What if I said no?" with that, the old man draws his sword, a finely crafted katana.
"So y' wanna fight, huh?"
"Yes. So what?"
"You'll regret it," said one of the bandits with a sadistic smile.
"Yeah. Just give ya best shot. But let me warn ya, underestimate y' opponents and you might end up as corpses," with that he charge at them at breathtaking speed. Within minutes all lain dead except for one.
"All right, you win. Just let me off, will you? I know I'm wrong and…"
"Cut the crap. I'll let you go that is," with that he turned his back and started to leave
Then the bandit drew his dagger, preparing to strike, but no further, for the old man had appeared behind him.
And the felon was sent flying in the air and was dead before he hit the ground.
"Ha! Just as I thought. A coward who only know how to back-stab."
Raipuu was awed by the old warrior's strength and skill. Then the feeling came. The very same feeling he had when he knew that he had to fight Amakusa to prove his worth to God.
"Greetings there, sempai. I have seen your prowess…"
"You're ain't one of those morons, are you?"
"Nope. It's a nature of a sword warrior to fight those at least his equal," he smiled.
"I see…" the old man got his meaning, "You took up the Way of Sword for what purpose? Quit it while you can. This is no joke, young man. The Way of Sword causes nothing but pain to those who died under it and of course, their kin,"
"I took up the Way of Sword for one purpose. To exercise my beliefs and aid those who are suffering under the torrent of times. This is my answer,"
The old man smiled, "Your personality resembles that of mine when I was young," with that, he performed a fighting stance, "You ask for it, kid. Don't regret it,"
Raipuu smile as he drew Raiou, "Never in my whole life,"
Then they crossed their swords. Then…
"WATCH OUT! KID! ZANTETSU SEN!!!" And he performed a downward slash, which Raipuu could hardly parry.
"KUMEI SEN!!!" And he perform a mid body thrust.
"SENPUU SEN. KAZASUGI!!!" And Raipuu evaded and slashed the old man on the legs. The old man staggered back. "You got a bit of prowess there," he smiled. With that, he charged at Raipuu.
"RAIJIN GA!!!" And Raipuu teleported and slash at the old man. The impact of their colliding swords send them staggering; but it was far from finish.
"RAIHA ROKU DAN KEN!!!" And he slashed six times which the old man blocked with ease.
"KAZATACHI!!!" And Raipuu took the full force of the slash.
"KUURAI ZAN!!!" and the old man was sent flying in the air.
"KUURAI ZAN. SOURAI!!!" and he was sent crashing to the ground.
"ARASHI BAKU!!!" And Raipuu thrust his sword, which the old man block hastily as he pick himself up.
"KAKATO NAGI!!!" And the old man slash down, but Raipuu had already jumped up into the air.
and he did a diving slash.
"KOGETSU ZAN!!!" and the two swordsmen were repelled by the sheer force of their blades.
"KOGETSU ZAN. SAKUKOU!!!" And again, Raipuu caught the full force of the slash… this time on his blade and gave an expression showing thrill and respect. The old man smiled as they land.
"GOUHA TENKOU ZAN!!!" And the old man rammed at Raipuu with his arm and finish with a slash and sent him flying. To his surprise, Raipuu propelled himself towards him by pushing a rock with his foot and charged forward crouching as he did that.
"SHIIKUU NO ROUGA!!!" And he did an upward slash, which injured and disarming the old man at the same time. The old man expecting the final slash closed his eyes smiling as he did that. However, it did not come.
"What is the meaning of that?" the old man widening his eyes in surprise.
"I respect you as an opponent, not despising you as an enemy. Pick up your sword and fight till the finish,"
The old man smiled, "A promising youth. Let's get this done, shall we?
"Very well. RAIJIN GA!!!"
"TENHA HASHIN KEN!!!" And the old man grabbed Raipuu with one hand as he approached, slammed him down to the ground and finish with a cyclone slash.
"It's over now," thought the old man, but he was wrong.
To his surprise, Raipuu stood up, his eyes showing determination.
"It's not over yet, pal. One strike. One strike to end this fight,"
"Let's begin now,"
However, this time was different. The old man grabbed Raipuu. His illusion, nothing else. Before he knew it…
"RAIJIN RYU'HOU KEN!!!" And Raipuu released a barrage of slashes after which he released three cyclones and end with a rising spinning uppercut. It was the end. The fight was finished.
Then Raipuu approached the old man and offer his hand to him. The old man smiled and helped himself up with Raipuu's help.
"Well, I guess we better do something about our wounds," commented Raipuu.
"You're right. My, it must have been an hour or two now,"
"You bet,"

* * *

"Wow, this roast rabbit tastes delicious," commented the old man as he dressed his wounds.
"Of course. After fighting for so long, you'll feel hungry and when you're hungry, anything edible will tastes good," said Raipuu after he had dressed his wounds.
"Well, how about some sake?"
"Our wounds haven't heal yet. Are you sure it's ok?"
"Sure! Oh shit, no sake left now,"
"Well, we can always have some after our wounds have healed,"
"Well, we'll set off for the nearest inn the next day for some sake, that is,"
Raipuu smiled. Perhaps this is a good idea.

* * *

"Well, just give us some sake, salmon fillet and some soup," said Raipuu.
"That will be five gold pieces,"
"Wait. I'll pay. And fill this up, will you?" said the old man and he gave the money and his sake jug.
After a while, a serving girl gave them two bowls of soup, rice topped with roasted salmon fillet, and two small jugs of sake.
"Say, I haven't known your name yet," said the old man as he tucked into his meal.
"Raipuu. Kenkawa Raipuu,"
"What's your style of fencing?"
"My own style. Shinmei Kasshin-ryuu,"
"My, are you a genius,"
"It's the holy scroll of kenjutsu,"
The old man's eyes widen with shock, "No one can get past the guardian. How did you do it anyway?"
"Let's just say I'm blessed by my Boss, God,"
"You're a Christian?"
"Then the sword which you wield, I feel something funny about it. A holy aura surrounds it…"
"Have you heard of Raiou?"
"You bet. But I guess this is a legend… holy smoke! Don't tell me…"
Raipuu nodded.
"No one can wield it successfully. Not even those of the Kuki clan!"
"Only a true Christian can wield it," said Raipuu.
"The coming of Raiou. I think it means only one thing. Something's gonna happen to the world,"
"You bet. By the way, what's your name?"
"Eh? The legendary Haomaru? You're ain't joking are you?"
"No. You're looking at him now,"
"The guy who defeated Aqua-sang?"
"Heavens! You know him?"
"He's the guardian of the scroll, don't you know that?"
"Man, it seems like he changed for good. Say, what does Aqua-sang means?"
"Crossdresser or transvestite,"
"Well, an apt name for him," chuckled Haomaru.
"Say, can you relate to me what had happened so far?"
"About me?"
Haomaru sighed, "Ok. Here you go. When I was a kid, I dreamt to be a samurai. This dream became stronger when Yagyu Jubei defeated me when I was young. Then I traveled around Japan training myself and creating my own sword skills. This ended when I was taken in by Kafuin Nicotine and known a guy called Kibagami Genjurou who was under him. Genjurou and I are good friends. That is before Nicotine asked us to spar with each other to show who is worthy of a scroll which will enhance the user's strength. Genjurou whacked me to the point of death and due to this reason, Nicotine thought that Genjurou was not worthy due to his ferocity in kenjutsu. Genjurou was driven out and I got the scroll and a famed sword, the sword, which I'm wielding up till now, Fugudouku. I never seen Genjurou for a year and during that year, I have a rival who dreamt of besting me. A man named Tachibana Ukyo. After a twist of events, I managed to defeat the evil tormenting Japan, Amakusa. However, another evil threatened the world, this time as a demon called Rashojin Mizuki. Not only that, Genjurou reappeared to challenge me. Ukyo knew of it and told me to conclude the fight with Genjurou before I fight him. Well, Raishoujin was defeated, but I was severely injured too. Then Genjurou took this chance and prepared to finish me off, but my lover Oshizu intervened and persuaded Genjurou to let me off for now. After that incident, I left Oshizu knowing I can't give her happiness and trained to defeat Genjurou. During that time, I took in an apprentice, Hisame Shizumaru. He is a talented youth, I can say. At that time, a demon called Minazuki Zankurou tormented Japan with his ruthlessness and sword. In the end, it is Shizumaru who defeated Zankurou. Then it was peace for a year. Then Amakusa returned, to fight his own battle, to decide which side of him will prevail. It seems that he was separated into two sides and his evil side abducted Kazama Hazuki, sister of the two of the strongest ninjas of the Kazama clan, and used her to harness powers to control Zankurou who was resurrected. In the end only four reached Amakusa's castle. Genjurou, Ukyo, Kazuki and I. We were beaten badly and in the end only Ukyo was left standing. Then a guy who looks identical to Amakusa appeared. He lunged towards Amakusa and became one with him. Then, we knew it. Amakusa had became one with his two sides. Then he unleashed his fury. At the point of death, his expression changed and hesitated. Taking this chance, Ukyo killed Amakusa and Zankurou who was weaken by Amakusa's strength. It was also at this time that Shizumaru knew the truth. He was Zankurou's son. Then he went missing and no one knew where he gone. Then five years passed by and a new evil is born. A demon named Yuga wanted to rule the world and in order to do that, he must harnessed the powers of the Dark Child which will be born to a woman named Shiki who is his servant. In order to do that, he must find a man and I was chosen. Damned bad luck. Anyway Yuga was slain by me and Shiki disappeared after I spared her life due to the Holy Maiden Nakoruru's pleas. But I don't know why. That fellow kept on bugging the world and he sent his trusted aid, Hanmen no Asura to capture Shiki to fulfil his plans. At that time, a guy called Asura was wreaking havoc for Yuga due to his hatred for Yuga. Anyway, there are seven Asuras under Yuga and those two fellows were one of them. Anyway, Hanmen no Asura and Shiki fell in love with each other and have a child, my niece Mikoto. Anyway that was after the two Asuras defeated Yuga. After the war, I concluded my fight with Genjurou. He was killed during the midst of our fight when a kid stabbed him. That moron. He went against me, even though he knew that I'm ready to forgive him. In the end, I guessed he understood and went in peace. As for Ukyo, he knew that he didn't have much time left since he is down with a fatal disease. He willingly gave up the Ultimate Flower, which can cure him to me and ask me to use it cure a girl name Osaki. When I ask him why, he said that she resembles his late mother, who died after he was born. Then he died. However, Ukyo's wife, Kei died shortly after her son, Usuke's birth. Things were worsened when his village was razed to ground by bandits at an age of 14 three years ago. After that, no one knew where he went." With that, Haomaru sighed.
"Oh I see…" before Raipuu could continue, a group of ruffians swaggered into the inn and shouted, "Hey, boss of the inn! Your due is up. Return the money your brother owe us, or else we'll take your daughter!"
"Kind sirs, I don't have that much money. Spare us please,"
"Shut up," and they pushed him away, "Let's have fun with the girl before we sold her off!" with that they laughed.
The ruffians turned their head around and saw that the speaker was a young handsome with long blue hair tied up nicely and a pair of cold blue eyes. Haomaru stare in shock, not at the young man but his weapon, which is a familiar sight, "No, it can't be. Drying Pole…"
"You need some manners boy," said one of the ruffians. Before he could drew his weapon, the young man drew his sword and cut off his head with ease and blurring speed.
"That's it! Get that kid!" screamed another ruffian. A hand grabbed him and throws him off. Haomaru and Raipuu were standing in front of the ruffians.
"Sorry guys, we decided to stick our noses into this business," smiled Raipuu

Chapter 8-----Cold Blue Eyes. Tachibana Usuke

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