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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 1 - New things in old places

       It was a gloomy,foggy day when Nicotine went to the temple to worship.Nicotine worships there every day,Nicotine knows almost every nook and cranny of this temple.One day he was eating by the temple when he dropped a rice ball and it rolled into the temple and he didnt want to leave a mess so he went after it.
       "I am getting too old to chase rice balls." said Nicotine,who was starting to get tired.
       "{PANT,PANT} I gotta rest,I will lean on this wall."said Nicotine,leaning on the wall,trying tocatch his breath.Suddenly the wall collapsed and revealed a secret room.In the secret room was a strange glow.
       "How strange,in this temple,I didnt know of this room,What is this..."said Nicotine,Looking at a strange glowwing katana.There were strange symbols and a suit of armor,unlike anything nicotine has ever seen before,it had a cape,steel plating, spikes on te shoulders,the whole nine yards.
But as Nicotine approached the armor and katana he bumped a symbol on the wall and the sound was extremly loud,then,abox fell from the ceiling,the bricks gave from the vibrations form the symbol.
       Nicotine look at the box and then opened it,he found a book and a map of the entire temple.He looked at the map first,it revealed to him that in this secret room was a secret he found it behind a old cloth.It revealed a large metal circle with old writings on it,and also had a slot or a hole in the center of the metal seal.Then with out warning Hanzo popped out from the shadows.
       "Old man,what have you found,The noise from a symbol startlded me from afar."said hanzo.
       "I found this strange room and this strange katana,I was wondering about,of all the things,what kind is it?I glows like a star and looks crafted of nothing of this world."said Nicotine.
       "I do not know old man."replied Hanzo.
       "I Know you prefere to be alone but could you help an old man get to his monastary?"said Nicotine.
       "Why the hell not." replied Hanzo.
       But in the distance was a person spying on them,but not visable,hidden in the shadows.
Then the spy lunged out from the darkness,it was Gen-an.Gen-an shot a Poison cloud at Nicotine and Hanzo.The cloud prevented them from seeing who or what it was that was attacking.Gen-an swipes the katana and runs off.
       "He he he he eh he he he he,I can sell this and get lots of money!" boasted Gen-an.
       The cloud of smoke clears and hanzo and Nicotine regain focus.
       "That laugh....I reconised that dumb,horrible laugh,It was Gen-an,he always laughs at others pain."said Nicotine.
       "I will be around old man,I prefere being alone but until you figure what all this stuff means I am not going to leave right now."said Hanzo.
       Suddenly Hanzo disapears and leaves no trace.
       "Hmmm, that book and map...I will take it home and read it,maybe it will supply a clue to this strange room and that strange seal..."said Nicotine.Then Nicotine went to his monastry and went to his room and began to read the book in candle light.It took him a while but was able to figure out how to read the old writtings.But Nicotine decided to take a quik look at the map first considering he was getting tired and didnt want to read something that he to translate first.
       "Hmmmmm.acording to this map,the temple is more than it seems,it holds valued artifacts."said Nicotine.
       "Acording to this there is one other secret room, will check it out in the morning."said Nicotine,exasted from his long day.
       Then,in the morning,Nicotine went to the temple,totaly forgotten that he discovered the room.
       "Ah,time to pray and then eat rice balls."said Nicotine,as he walked into the temple.
Then nicotine noticed the hole in the wall.The remembering what he had done yesterday he looked for the second room.He found it and pressed with all his might and managed to make it give.
       "My word!"shouted Nicotine.He saw a strange object on a pedistal,I was shaped like a slot ,like a key,and also very shiny like silver.
       "The seal!I remeber that there was a slot or key hole on the seal.'' said Nicotine.
Nicotine rushed to the other room.Suddenly Gen-an jumped from the shadows and stole the key.
       "He he eh he he,Now this will go nice with my pocket of money,selling that katana was the best think to take and sell."boasted Gen-an.
       "Now,I heard what you said about a seal,that metal thing..well,I am going to put this shiny key in the hole and see if more richs are in side!"shouted Gen-an.
       Then Hanzo appeared and charged Gen-an at top speed,But right before he could Slash Gen-an,Gen-an put the key in the hole.Then a flash of light came from the seal.Then,after the light cleared the Armor moved,then stood up.
       "What in the world is this...."shouted Gen-an.Gen-an stared at the moving armor,then it faced him,There was something inside the armor,all you could see though was his eyes,glowing,like flames the flames of hell.
       "Wheres my Katana!"shouted the Armored creature.In fear,Gen-an spilled his gutts.
       "I sold it to a dealer by gate out of the nearest town from here......he paid me 20000 for it...."
       Then The Armored creature picked Gen-an up by his throat and threw through the wall.
While the others where disoreanted from the bright light he ran like the wind out of the temple.
       "I hope you know what in this world was that thing?"asked Hanzo.

Chapter 2 - Book of Eternal Spirits

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